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Word/ Poetry 2023-01-20 Go to the Highways and Byways

Prophetic Poetry, given on 2023-01-20 at 6:00am

For better understanding of the metaphorical and poetic language, ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully for guidance and wisdom.

Beginning of Prophecy:

No matter the cost
Hold on to the lost

To snatch them out from fire and decay
If you focus your eyes to them and pray

As the high and nobles refuse to turn
Their destiny is in the place where they will burn

Repentance and pride doesn’t match together
Now I turn their hearts like Pharaoh to rock solid matter

Until they drown in their perpetual sin
Grace for them I tossed now in the rubbish bin

The same way as the look upon all others
I will cast them in the pit together with their brothers

Their time is up to enter My holy kingdom
Their future is worse than anyone can fathom

But now My children, go to all the highways and byways
As long there is light before the darkest of all days

I’ll give you favor and surprises when you go
To pick the grapes, the last ones in the row

Former generations never looked at them so well
But I don’t want them to perish in eternal hell

The poor and needy on every branch I see
Their shepherd and king I want to be

No, they don’t look pretty when you see them on the vine
But I want to set them free, healed and call them one of Mine

A smile, a hug in My love for some might be enough
While others cling a bit more to their sin and are a bit more tough

But it’s not you that will change their hearts and their minds
It’s My blood, strong enough to break their chains, all that binds

Unlike the nobles greed, arrogance and evil pride
For broken hearts I stretch My arm far, yes, far and wide

To rescue them and carry them along the sandy shore
I promised you by the cross I do not ignore

The poor and needy shall be put in the basket
While the wicked with Jezebel I will throw into the casket

But now go My children and do not delay
Another dark plot is on the way

Darker than anything seen before is coming
Listen how the wicked train is humming

The just finished their meal in their deep dark cells
Where the devil with many demons dwells

Innocent meat was put on their plates
The rocky fellows behind the hidden gates

Their smiles and smirks I will turn to fear
Because their end will come so very clear

My wrath they will not be able to escape
Then they will realize how much they’re out of shape

I will chase and hunt them one by one
For all the evil they have done under the sun

No mercy for them anymore will be given
Until to hell they will all have been driven

Remember how much mercy I had with those in Noachs time
Those outside the ark because of all their crime

Corrupted their hearts, their all and all
The day will come for their final fall

Until that day their actions will sweep many away
Sorcery is the source how they will lead many astray

Be awake My Beloved as their next plan is subtle and cunning
Stay with Me or else you will be constantly running

Yet from their surveillance system you can’t hide
Because beside that, demons are on their side

These AI entities will report if the system will fail
And soon you will find yourself be cast into their jail

The only hiding place is under My sheltering wings
The ancient rock, Lord of Lords and King of Kings

End of prophecy

Matthew 22:1-14
Matthew 24:37-39, Luke 17:26-27

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