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Word/ Poetry 2022-10-16 The diabolic green agenda

Prophetic Word received in Month 10, day 16 year 2022 around 6:10 in the morning – dropped down out of the blue, around my breakfast time.

As this is more like a poem with rhymes, so it can sound like here and there some words missing and also consider the metaphors.
So, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word

Beginning of Prophecy:

All the animals are watching the scene
With politics so utterly insane in green

Not as green as they know how grass ought to be
When they kill all the birds and fish in the sea

The price they will pay, those who play the game
In witchcraft dark evil their minds, aligned all the same

Driven by powers of hell so deep and dark
Pushing the deceptive poisonous mark

The source from the system the pit and the beast
In cruelty their force of deceit so to say at least

No exemption not even for animals on the farmers field
But for those of My flock, My servants, the ones be sealed

A special protection from the controlling powers
From diabolic A.I. and all their cunning towers

A cave and a brook again with waters alive
Not raves but angelic hosts to feed them until I arrive

My witnesses waiting to appear soon in time
To address all the wickedness and expose their crime

When their season is finished then all people rejoice
While many gifts, still unboxed, they will hear My voice

Come up, Come up My friends let them see their end
How they will find a way from demonic powers to defend

Screaming and yelling and more disaster
In an instant all people will know their master

Too late, too late will it be for those outside the ark
Their fate, their fate will be in the deepest dark

True light they will never see anymore nor any beautiful green
The same for those with the altered gene, and dragged by the queen

Fear not My children, hold on til the end
I was and will remain your lover and eternal friend

There’s nothing to worry if you cling to Me
In great joy you will stretch your worn out knee

While all your enemies will bend their knees before My throne
With gnashing teeth and a painful aching of each and every bone

Yet for you My beloved, I will be like a refreshing breath so fresh
When straight after that the wicked will smell their rotten flesh

Eternal pain for fake politics and lies in green
When all their companions in hell will be seen

For deceptive sorcery and witchcraft, preserved is more pain
Including all those behind, who performed all that is insane

Gnashing teeth and worms that will never die
Blazing flames of fire for adultery and every single lie

Time is running out to repent
As everything is coming to an end

When not far from now My bride is going to fly
The wicked will stare up in emptiness to the sky

Higher and higher than missiles and UFO’s can reach
Then their ears will hear one message one single speech

Streamed from every station blasting the voice of the Beast
One united message of nations from north, south, west and east

A man you will see that is not who he claims to be
He came out of the pit, rising out of the roaring sea

Only those who keep My commandments he can’t touch
Regardless how hard he tries and his servants so much

My rock is your fortress safe and secure
For all My children and this is for sure

Never will I leave nor forsake My righteous ones
More precious than silver and gold are My daughters and sons

One day all the tyrants and wicked I will remember no more
No matter how much they cry for relief, deep from their evil core

Hold on just a minute, yes, it’s almost done
Remember My victory, the ancient battle already won

My blood and the cross, My grace is all you need
The final end is coming with warp- and hyper sonic speed

It will come much sooner than all theology
And faster than tons of theory in eschatology

I am not a man that I can lie
My word is true, look up to the sky

Watch My hand and outstretched arm, My works and words and see
The sun, the moon, the stars and every single bumble bee

My miracles, that science try to ignore
As their knowledge is from the whore

Filled with many wicked brains under deception and sin
From the tree they ate and still they think, their lies will win

The souls of men by sorcery and diabolic gain
The function was for profit yet completely in vain

Their time is up, soon be erased and gone
Then with the clouds will come the Holy One

End of prophetic Poetry

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