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Word/ Poetry 2022-08-09 The battle of the flesh and corruption

Prophetic word, given on 2022/08/09 in a poetic form

Though most in this prophecy is relative straight forward, but as always, please ask the Holy Spirit for deeper understanding and insight.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The battle of the flesh
It’s the mind that’s full of trash

A clever idea came up with a conclusion
As it dropped on the floor, left only an illusion

The truth buried under a green ideology
Nature corrupted by toxic technology

Birds and bees won’t fly much longer
Because the floating powder in the sky gets stronger

And the trees, flowers and the seas
Start crying for their final release

From oppression of defiled design my men
Those who spin the deal in the pitch black den

A word came forth in the beginning of time
Before the world got saturated with filth and crime

The rats rattling cage will rage when I rattle the cage
And then the book will turn to the next nearing page

When things will change and shift and shake
As wicked plans of destruction shall break

A kingdom divided is not able to remain
But during it’s fall it cause a lot of pain

Everyone around will be affected as well
Because division is based on doctrines of hell

A drop of lies is enough to kill
Eternally all decisions of all men’s free will

Freedom I gave you but what’s your decision
Rebellion and death, all friends of derision

The sons of Korach, a lesson they learned for you
Their story is known and all of it is true

Swallowed up as the earth opened it’s jaw
Sowing and reaping is a common law

Common sense got lost already since centuries
Increasingly insane now, no more boundaries

The signs of Noach, all of them are now here
Soon an unusual fire will cause a lot of fear

A fear it will be but not for the Holy One
But the Holy One will speak, His will be done

The seals being broken one by one
All by the power of the anointed son

Sorrows and pain will follow the horse
All four are running in rage their destined course

Yet for the righteous there is another tour
Under My wings and guide, which is for sure

Don’t wait too long unless you miss the boat
And stay away from the destructive wide road

All I want is to bring you safely home
Away from burning Rome, up there, above the dome

The door is still open but not much longer now
At the end of the road before My throne all shall bow

There, every tongue will confess I am King
But only the righteous, praises will sing

Judgment will show two doors for two roads
One for My sheep the other the goats

End of Prophecy

Matthew 12:25-26, Mark 3:24-26, Luke 11:17-18
Numbers 16:1-34, Numbers 26:8-10
Matthew 24:37-39, Luke 17:26-29
Revelation 5:1-10, Revelation 6, Revelation 8:1-6
Romans 14:11, Philippians 2:9-11

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