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Word/ Poetry 2022-06-05 The world falls apart

Prophetic Poetry given on June the 5th around 8:20 in the morning during prayer.

Please ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and understanding, especially since this word contains a lot of metaphorical elements, also pray that there will be no misunderstanding.

Beginning of the Prophetic Poetry

The world is falling apart
But this is just the start

As ashes will be turned to beauty and joy
While the evil ones desperate orchestrate their next dark ploy

A show of big distractions and of pain
On a level that is absurd and insane

Minds who over and over so many have rejected Me
Not numbered into Me but as numerous as the sand of the sea

Their hearts of stone are flying in the house of glass
In chambers for another holocaust to produce another gas

Trying to eliminate My children, from great to small
The pit they dig the end will be their own big final fall

Not tomorrow, in a week or two or three
But very soon, sooner as you think, it shall be

Their house built on sand in midst the storm
It will wash them all away, remaining void without a form

The people on My rock will not even pay attention
In faith their lives already placed in another dimension

The sand being shifted back and forth
From east to west and south to north

Countries, borders soon will cease to exist
Rumbling crumbling shaking, that will be the catalyst

Many then will start to bow their knees in holy fear
Quickly all it will be done within less than a year

A rushing wind will sweep across the earth and families
Before they all will get a visit by the world police

To separate the right and left the sheep and goats
To place them by an evil force on two different roads

The resistance ones into the camps and to be sliced
The others to be marked as it is urgently advised

The faithful ones will all receive their eternal crown of grace
The goats will find eternal torment, as this is what they face

One group to be transformed into great Glory
The other then shall know My word was not a fantasy story

The price is paid with My own blood eternally forever
But only righteous sheep will be with Me together

United, One with Me to be My Holy Bride
No separation ever more but always by My side

While the heavy price remain for those who reject my final call
A place prepared for the devil and his angels not for people, not at all

No life, no love, no truth, no way, no nothing to escape
A worm that never dies in human bodies out of shape

The blood poured out for everyone it is for free
But sadly only few who wants to drink the cup of love from Me

In paradise on golden roads My children all will walk
While side by side with Me and have a great long talk

Then in midst the garden wondering where the knowledge tree is gone
But leaves for healing for all nations, there is left, the only one

There is no need for evil knowledge as it cease to be
The place where evil burns with fire is the hot big wicked sea

The lake is far away from those who called upon My name
They will not see not know it anymore since I took the blame

Love and peace and joy will reign and no more pain and sorrow
In My time and presence it will feel as it will be tomorrow

There is no time in heaven My word remains for all eternity
And all the life on earth will disappear as human history

Remembrance even for the deepest sin be washed away
Heaven parts and earth will fall, so very soon will be that day

End of Prophecy

Though there are some time frames given in this word, there is no indication when start to count.
It could be anytime sooner or later, only time will tell.

Isaiah 61:3
Genesis 1:2, Jeremiah 4:23 (figuratively)
Matthew 7:24-27
James 1:12
Matthew 25:29-34
Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:44-48
Revelation 22:2
Revelation 19:20, 20:10-15, 21:8
Hebrews 8:12, 10:17
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