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Word/ Dream 2021-04-24 The days of Noach

Word/ Dream 2021-04-24 20:40

The dream and the following word came in the evening while I was on the couch and took a short nap.

The word actually came straight out of a dream or better say, it began in the dream while still sleeping in the nap.

First I share the the dream where I only know the last short section
and then later I will go into the word…

I am together with a group of people. This might be a spiritual meeting, like a prayer group or something like that.
I am extremely tired and fighting to keep my eyes open.
Every now and then I can manage to open my eyes.
Yet my consciousness is fully awake and know and see all what is going on, only my eyes keep on dropping and the body is also very tired.
I need to shake myself to open the eyes and stay up. This went on for a while,repeating a couple of times.
I am asked to do something , maybe to play an instrument or something like that.
I try hard with my eyes closed to go where I should go and try to avoid the other people to realize too much of how tired I really am.
But it ends up that I totter around and finally end up falling down somehow. Where actually I did not fall down completely but went down into kind of a squat, or like a embryo position. I also hold my knees.
The others around realize it and think, something is wrong with me.
Though I have my eyes closed and even not looking up but I can see everything how they surround me thinking to comfort me.
It took them quiet a while until they realized something spiritual is happening.
I stay there in that position for a while with different emotional reactions yet not able to speak a single word.
With a lot of shaking (of myself) I wake up
While being in that squat/ embryo position the first words already came to me – even before I fully woke up.
As the journal and the pen was already beside the couch it was easy for me to start write down the rest of the word.
Note: I think it is very important to make a connection of the dream and the word.

Now the Word:
As like in the days of Noach, they were sitting (together), eating and drinking…
(this first sentence were the words I already had in the dream).
But NO:
You are not in those days, you are already far beyond.
These days have passed.
You are (now) closer to Sodom and Gomorrah than you realize.
(You are) in-midst of Sodom and Perversion, that I (YHWH) will no longer watch.
Wake up My people, arise and shine for your time has come.
I will lift you up on the hilltops and you will watch what I will do with the ones who sit in the valleys and eat (devour) their children.
Next year the word will not be the same anymore. There will be a time of darkness as never before (before next year). But My light will shine through, and you My righteous (people) will stand in Glory.
No, it won’t be long (the time of darkness). But you will be under the shelter of my wings and I will protect you because I am the I am.
Have I not told you fear not, for you will see My Salvation come quickly?
I have my hand on the wicked and only/just a little while (little longer) and they will be no more, for I will deal with them (says YHWH).
My words are pure, My words are true.
And before you will open your eyes you will see a blue sky as never before.
Men has spoiled the sly but I will wash their filth away within a twinkling of an eye.
Say no more, you can’t stand this anymore. You WILL stand and conquer because I am with you – whether you will feel it nor not.
I have set My hand upon your life (Soul) to keep you from all evil though you may think you are surrounded by death.
My blood is poured our an still the same and it changes not, nor will it ever dry out.
The ocean may dry out but My word will never run dry as it is alive as the living waters.