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Word+Dream 2021/03/30 changings

Word 2021/03/30 + Dream 5:25

I got the word right after I woke up from a dream
The dream itself I post just below

First the word (though it came after the dream):
The next couple of months (few months) I will take everything (wicked) down.
And then it takes a while until everything (good) is built up (again).

The dream… might not be related to the word – may it is, I don’t know. I only put them together because there was literally no gap, except the time to wake up between the dream and the word. I only remember the last section of the dream.

I was in a hotel or restaurant. There in a room (likely dining room for breakfast) with a buffet,
As I came to the line with the food there was one person in front of me and he took literally the last piece that was there.
The last piece that he put on his tray was a small round plastic container with maybe about 300gram (10,5 oz?) of some kind of a cream – not sure exantly what it was.
So, everything were literally empty at the buffet.
But there was a service were we could go to tell what is missing.
The way it works is by a small piece of paper (like those sticky notes) size about 3x5cm (1 by 2 inch).
On that slip we just write what we want/ need, go to a certain person and then, he brings that ingredient to the buffet.

So, in front of me there were 4 other people in the line also with their notes/ requests.
I don’t know how many different items each one of them were asking.
Now, as I reached to that person (very quickly) I gave him my 5 papers.
Actually, I cannot remember everything what I wrote down. I only remember two of these, which are all basic things for breakfast.
All I know is, the one was Bread and the other Butter.
After I handed my papers to this person (looks like a very friendly man), he asked me if there is anything else I like to have.
And I said: Yes, Chumus (Humus). I said it with a Hebrew pronunciation.
He looked at me with a big bright smile and gave me my 5 slips back.
Then he went to the back to get these items.

more I could not remember – and woke up…