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Word and Dream 2022-12-01b the Cup of sin, nothing new

Prophetic Word from 2022-12-01 around 10pm – Includes a dream that I had between, when I was in midst writing the prophecy.

For proper understanding, ask the Holy Spirit. He is more than willing to give wisdom to get the fullness of the word and the dream if you ask Him with a humble heart.

It might become a bit long, but hold on til the end, the best wine for last – I pray it will encourage you even with all personal the stuff in there.

Beginning of Prophecy:

What are you dreaming about?
It (the world) will not go back to how it was.
You can dream all night and fantasize all day long about that human laws you would implement to stop insanity.
Even the best intentions will not change anything.
The cup of sin is overflowing.

I found Noach to re-start without corruption.
And afterwards when the waters went back to their given borders, mankind quickly ran into deception and built another tower of self righteousness.

Yes, there have been times and local regions where people started to call upon My holy name.
But look at Lot.
By force I needed to take him out of the city of sin.
My people Israel whom I have called to be a holy people have defiled themselves and have designed a religious tower where they thought to be able to reach heaven.
Their heaven ended up in captivity.

Warnings over warnings through My prophets.
But over and over infiltrated with corruption of those who once obeyed My commandments and were blessed.
But through that infiltration the truth got more and more watered down to the point that there was hardly any difference between My people and the nations.
Same festivals, same rituals, same worship (& style), same ideologies, same dirty jokes, same behavior, same everything.

When only a handful of righteous can be found in a city.
Do you think, because you have been taught we live now in the age of grace, I will spare that city?
I am the same yesterday today and forever and grace was always where or else Lot would not have been taken out.
When I took him away…

*** Here at this point I fell asleep while writing the word and had a dream.
The dream itself is written after the prophetic word at the bottom, including an interpretation.

The Prophecy continues:

What you think shall I do with this world where the people are corrupt like in the days of Noach and lawlessness and perversion is abound like in Sodom and Gomorrah?

Where is someone like Yonah to walk a big city with a cry for repentance?
Even Nineveh, after they repented, later they turned back to their vomit of idolatry.
Continue listening to ear tickling prophets and teachers and you will soon enough see how their oil will burn in your lamp-
Black dark smoke for 3 days in fear and terror, Times and a time and half a time in agony.
The flame of that lamps will not give light, but only heat that will heat up your spirit with the reminder of the words I have spoken.

Get out of Babylon that you will not be consumed with her.
Don’t dream about the old normal, but dream about Me and My kingdom.
I am going to deal with the wicked in My ways that are higher than your ways.
If you are standing in the way between Me and them, your dream of a better world will turn into a nightmare of bitterness.

Leave the world behind and don’t look back as Lot’s wife, or else My fire against the wicked will bring disaster upon you.
Come to Me and stay in Me in worship and thanksgiving.
So to be ready to board when I send the ark to collect My beloved.

End of the prophecy.

Is this not funny…?
It starts: what are you dreaming about…
As if the Lord knew that I will fall asleep in midst writing – actually this is not the first time I fell asleep while writing, but never before I had a dream between the writings…

The dream:
It does not appear that the word and the dream are related together – but maybe it is somehow.
The dream might have lasted only a few seconds, but it was simply somehow odd in midst of writing.

The dream is actually very personal but as an exception I want to share this for a reason.
More details especially the full interpretation you will find in the video.

Beginning of dream:
So in the dream I was very tired.
There I am working on a certain car (which is an Audi 200, that I had once many years ago). It got named Teresa – not because of a girl but because of the brand of the tuning the car had (more info’s about it in the video).

While I am working, Reinhard Bonnke comes along and speaks to me.
I can’t remember what he said yet I keep on working on the car.
Reinhard is also in the car with someone else.
He does not work on the car and the other person is the driver.
Then I see him coming to me to talk with me personally.
As I realize it, I stop to work on the car.
Besides that I have some hassle with the keys that are on a Cubase hanger.
I don’t know the proper name for these things (these keys people hang around their necks – I show it in the video).
This thing gets a bit entangled around the area with the handbrake.
But I go out of the car, thinking – oh oh, now it gets serious.
As mentioned, in the dream I am physically very tired, that’s why I can’t remember what Bonnke said – the only thing I know clearly, it was something very important and significant.
Just as he is near the car I wake up.

End of dream.

Now step by step into some details for information and then an interpretation.
And as always remember, that several different interpretations can be possible and correct.

Important is the information for interpretation about the certain car where I was working on in the dream – Its not just a car, it has it’s own special story that I will share for better understanding.
Sorry when it gets a bit long winding but try to break it down as much as possible.

The Audi 200 I had in the 80’s. That was the C3 model and the tuning was from Treser – that’s why someone just came up with Teresa. Audi don’t produce that car anymore.
So a friend of mine by that time was working as a mechanic in a garage (specifically Audi and Volkswagen).
I bought it used and one day when he saw me coming with this car his hairs were standing up.
It was a very unique fairly attractive car, usually a very reliable model.
But this very one I picked was known by literally ″every″ garage in the whole region, maybe in a range of 30 or even 50 Kilometers.
It had an unknown error where nobody was able to fix.
My friend brought one day it to the Audi training center where he had a seminary and there the best engineers of Audi teach and explain how to search and fix problems on cars – whether mechanical or electronic issues – they were the real experts.
For me it would actually mean, I get a fix for free through this training session.
With a huge smile he came back and said they could not find the problem and basically blamed themselves in front of the class, searching for many hours.
Well, my smile was anything but great with that information.
The error was actually not fatal, but very annoying – and it was not only one issue, but a serial of strange things or behaviors if I can say it this way.

However, though I am not a mechanic, I have a relative good technical basic understanding.
So I took the car literally completely apart with all the electric wires and especially the engine.
Then I cleaned up everything very thoroughly and assembled it back.
And surprise:
At the end the problems were almost solved.
Only the electronic system gave occasionally an error message of low oil pressure though the pressure was perfect and even the sensor itself was okay.
I can’t remember if the electronic black box, or whatever the proper term got replaced or not.

So this non car mechanic could fix what the best car engineers could not do.

Enough the car, now some information about Reinhard Bonnke:
I know him and have seen him several times preaching.
I always loved his simple and clear messages.

However, back to the interpretation of the dream:
It’s actually not really possible to explain how Bonnke is inside the car but at the same time outside
And I don’t know who the other person is, which is the driver.

A car usually represents a vehicle where I need to get and a means for the vision – and I am working on that vision.
With that specific car and the problems with it the metaphorical meaning change somehow the meaning.
And the reason I was able to fix this car shows that I am gifted to do something that nobody else can do.
It means, this gifting is also related to what Reinhard Bonnke is known for, basically for putting the word of God out in the world in a unique way.

The Spirit of the Evangelist is coming to me while I am working on the vehicle for my vision.
I have some hassle while working on the car, it’s difficult but I am qualified because I already fixed this car and my unconscious knows that: I did it.
But it gets serious.
It’s not important what Bonnke said, it’s important who Bonnke is.
Bonnke represents in my conscious and unconscious mind the release the word of God unto salvation.
The car is a vehicle, it’s the vehicle of my vision.
My vision goes along to the possibility for the vision of wherever God will send me to go which is to the Greeks and that means to the gentiles (this is not in the dream, but I mention it to connect the vision).

I have a hassle with the keys and they are around my neck.
Things are not easy, to get the car started, to get it going and the fact that I am working on it shows the preparations are not yet done.
For one thing the car is broken or at least needs some work, the other thing is not easy to get the keys where they supposed to go, into the ignition.

Above all of that I am very tired.
And I don’t know the word from the evangelist, the only thing I know it is important.
It does not seem to be so important the details, it’s enough to know it is important and significant to do something regarding the Word of Elohim, which is important.

And this has to do with the vessel, the vehicle of the vision.
And the vision is to go.
It connects possibly to the preparation of the boat, where I am currently working on and it does not go so smooth as I wish.

Consider also the Cubase key hanger (what Cubase is I explain later).
It is entangled around the handbrake.
It can be that there needs to be a kind of disconnection of the technical aspect of the music because this is is connected to the thing that stops the vehicle.
I know it is hard for me to disconnect from music or even from the ministry of music recording.
Since the 70’s I am in music and basically almost from the beginning I got entangled with the technical aspect of mixing and recording.
Why? Because nobody else wanted to do it
Yes, music recording changed a lot.

Cubase is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), basically software for recording music.

I remember analogue times for example Porta Studio ping-pong recording, then later multitrack tape and the early digital recording started in 92.
All of it til this very day today – I also worked with ProTools, Studio One, Logic and Reaper, yet Cubase is the main DAW as it matches the best my personal workflow.
Well, beside Cubase I have also Harrison which I truly like, yet I can’t use it for all things because it’s somehow hard on the CPU of my system.

To let it go is not an easy step.
You can replace it with almost everything to understand the impact.
If you like to do something for over 40 years and then so stop because it is stops the things Adonai wants to do for you.
Okay, somehow I would like to get rid of all of this, maybe it will make this step easier.
Only I don’t know how, because its really a lot – and some pretty good stuff.
I have no clue where to sell all the recording and music software and how it works with the licenses?

But basically it’s all about to get to another vision, another type of ministry which has to do with releasing the word of Elohim.
So I hope I will be able to prepare the new vessel, the boat in the way I was able to fix the car.
The only difference between then and now, back in the 80’s I had a job with a real good salary – but by the grace of Adonai and miracles I will be able to make it somehow to get into the final destination, wherever it might be.

So with this dream I want to encourage you to check, if there is anything in the way that stops you to come into the fullness of your calling.
Even if it’s something your like – or it’s something you don’t enjoy but have to do because for whatever reason.
Check it out in prayer and I hope and pray you will be very fruitful in the final last season of this world before it all falls apart.
Time is short

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