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Word 2024/06/18 Bye, bye, bye American pie

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-06-18 around 6AM

This word arrived, triggered by a song and turned into a form of a poem.
I only remember roughly the melody and one line of that old song but haven’t heard it since decades at least not consciously and don’t know really the lyrics anyway – singing lalalala.
Actually, one word even missed from that short line, which might give it another direction, but could be inserted with different alternatives. I have some in parentheses here in the transcript… (not spoken in the video).

Now, before you listen or read the word, prepare yourself and ask prayerfully that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you to give you wisdom and understanding to get all details of this word especially in all the poetic and metaphorical colors.

Beginning of prophecy:

Bye, bye bye (miss/this/his) American pie
Your well is broken, your oil ran dry

The day and hour is coming soon
Ending your lies like exploring the moon

All wickedness you have spread, will return
Many cities in your land shall burn

Into ashes like Rome to the ground
That’s the price for your pride and greedy sound

From north to south and east to west
A dagger in your back, My sword in your chest

Down to the ground, deep in the dust
Miss liberty drowned in the sea, rotten to rust

For repentance I pleaded, you rejected My call
Finished and established is already your fall

I gave you time but now it’s too late
Your idolatry and evil sealed your fate

Never again from the ashes you will rise
For your sins have reached heavens, so your lies

The only ones surviving will be My bride
When I take her home in My love to be by My side

Doom and gloom worse than everything known
Sodom and Gomorrah in your place be shown

Fire brimstones and demons flying in the air
Destruction, devastation, desperation everywhere

Your dollar’s value less than paper shall be
As you cast out gold from your land but also Me

Your value to Me was once greater than gold
Souls dedicated in faith but for prosperity-profit sold

How much you plundered the world, had never enough
So before your very end it will get very rough

Meddled in politics now all nations suffer your creed
But your faith for Me disappeared in warp speed

Your war machine invaded every place
Sowing and reaping is what you shall face

It’s the face of judgment for the lawless one
Unless you repent in ashes it shall be done

Your Trump may sound, but My angels will blow
To announce the plagues, the end of your show

Woe, woe, woe is the only thing I can say
I wish you would turn to Me, on your knees and pray

It’s done, its over, bye, bye My old friend
The second is near of your very end

A few will rest in peace but many in pain
Just one reason you took My name in vain

The constant plead to turn from sin you heard
But your heart of ice can’t bear anymore My word

Babylon has fallen, soon the smoke will rise
Your rebellion against Me shall pay the price

Those who worship you, will look from afar
Fallen you are, like the morning star

Weeping for those whose pockets you filled
Endless prostitution and blood of babies spilled

No more you shall prosper, I say no more
Stars and stripes disappeared from shore to shore

A desolate place be left for vultures and rats
Demons will be flying around like gnats

So much blood you poured out like rain
But it was your own decision to become insane

Warnings and warnings I sent all the time
Not only against your atrocities and demonic crime

But because you left My holy ways long ago
And toxic arrows you sent to nations by a medical bow

All things shall be coming back now by My wrath
In hope a few more of you will find the narrow path

You nation is finished, some people I save
But Babylon has to go into her final grave

Bye bye to the short American dream
Washed away in the diabolic stream

Preachers and presidents both alike
Peddling for money on a shiny bike

You say the show must go on by your laws
And all nations shall be under your claws

My commandments you constantly trample(d) down
Elections to change the face of your clown

Cook and bull stories about the world and Me
Amen says your audience no license to disagree

Prophecies from pulpits on political smoke
Churches became a comedy religion, a joke

About holiness a sound of silence they preach
On repentance you give a once saved always saved speech

I already vomit the lukewarm out of My mouth
And fill the pews with those from the south

Not for listening to a one man show
But to give your hypnosis the final blow

For those who love Me, hope shall remain
Soon to be free from sorrow and pain

Don’t worry about doctrines or traditions of men
I Am the final solution with a perfect plan

Out of slavery you shall come very soon
Whether at night in the morning or at noon

Like the children of Israel in Egypt land
By My outstretched arm and mighty hand

Not a weary 40 years walk anymore it will be
But within 40 seconds you shall be with Me

Rejoice for your redemption draws near
Have eyes to see and ears to hear

I will prepare you if you cling to Me
Don’t forget what I’ve done, when I hung on the tree

Cursed and broken, but in triumphant glory
I finished the ultimate salvation story

Death o death where is your sting
Swallowed up in victory by Me the king

Babylon goes down, My bride goes up the sky
It’s time to say good bye, bye bye ol’ American pie

End of Prophecy

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