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Word 2024/06/12 Hitler, yesterday and today

Prophetic Word 2024-06-12 Hitler, yesterday and today

in this video I have a word that took quite a while to write it down because I was definitely not pleased to hear about this guy and additionally some people might think or say, oh, this is just made up stuff because I watched too many movies or read too many books or whatever, when actually, I have no TV, and no time or any motivation to watch a lot on my dinosaur laptop.

However, more if not the most reluctance came because it includes personal words and I have history of family and extended family of that time and the subject.

Anyway, finally I wrote down a few lines and then I had enough, but the Lord said: tomorrow I will tell you more. So, next day a bit more writing, then getting tired, I said, I will kiss my pillow. Before I fell asleep He said, tomorrow I will tell you more… and so the story went on for almost a whole week – never had something like that – and I was not really excited about.
So the date and time of this word is just randomly picked for technical reasons.
Not so crucial as I don’t have a timeline .

Anyway, I will share what I received and leave it up to you to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you for more wisdom and understanding or whatever, especially in the metaphors, symbols and figurative parts.
I could talk more about details, but I don’t want to mess it up with my personal opinions or comments, or lead you into something the Lord have not told me (long enough in itself).
Some personal things are surely only for me but maybe someone can relate to a few bits and pieces here and there.
The personal things are marked Italic font and in purple, but there is not always a clear cut where it starts and ends.
And remember: we prophesy in part.

Beginning of Prophecy

Hitler, a man, a controversy, a label.
Some say he was one of the worst evil people in all human history.
Others say he was a saint, fighting against the worst evil system of Zionists who defiled all human history.

Adolf Hitler, a man, an actor, a fool.
Your godfather praised him to the highest, you remember his end.
Your earthly father knew his girl (E.Braun) personally, you saw his end.
Day and night, night and day, black and white.
Before you were born into this nation by two foreigners, a man and a woman, most people followed this leader but with history repeating and people never learn from it, there is nothing new under the sun, the same old story goes on to this very day.
A lot of the lies about it’s rise and fall and the end of it’s end was published, yet only a little is known about the real truth during the time when Adolf’s boots stirred up some dust on German soil.
At the end of his walk in that land, I did not saw his boots on his feet but only some bloody dust in a bunker.
Do you know what happened?

I never knew him but I hear all over the world people talking about him to this very day.
How can that be?
Most people in this world believe they know Hitler even as they’ve never met him face to face.
But on the other side, even of those who believe in Me, only a few truly know Me.
Most people in this world don’t know Me at all and some never heard about Me, and they don’t know or see how wide I have My arms open including the door for them to meet Me every day at any time, while Hitler they can’t meet anymore in this world, yet somehow they still meet him on every corner in different variations in all nations.

Some claim Hitler committed suicide, others say he left the country of destruction on the day his task was accomplished to live in golden luxury with many children, boys and girls.

Adolf Hitler, a man, a pedophile, a hero.
A hero like Nero his father?
Just like Nero and Nero’s father Nimrod, so Hitler in the genealogy of earthly rulers.
They all are still very alive and active today, multiplied, each one in his unique way.

The Media use his name and found a way to play a deceptive game with the people’s minds.
They use useless definitions, invented to bring confusion with their result to bring the solution with order out of chaos, generated as a concept of politics, separated into categories to divide and conquer.
A sinister plan to separate left from right, cutting even families apart.

As their plan, using mental illusion, worked already centuries ago, so they also shifted Hitler from far left to far right.
Inventing laws to outlaw the right side of the brain to think left instead of right.
How can it be, when they put Hitler on the right, where I will have My sheep, and more so when the definition of right by the game-masters supposedly equals evil?
How many evil sheep have you seen that are not wolfs in sheep clothing?
How can he be right when I never knew him?
A right sheep who is left for the right slaughter… or is the right view of the left Main Stream Machine (MSM) simply perverted?
Try to find one who does right in My sight out of all managers in the bread and circus tent.
Searching for needles in the haystack will give you more success.

Hitler, a man, a word, a number.
I numbered his days on earth before he was born as I number the days of each single soul in this world.
Only a very few finish their days in fullness and satisfied at good old age.
Most people never reach the completion of their days, even if I don’t count those who are being murdered in their mothers wombs or confiscated and eaten by wicked people as young children, boys and girls.
Many years are missing by the majority of souls for multiple reasons.

Now you may ask: was Hitler a good or a bad guy?
You want to know?
Ask and it will be given!

If you have ears to hear, listen,
but if walk that far left, far away from My presence or even back in a left behind mentality, or far out in darkness on the right, or like the ruling class with their propaganda loudspeakers, according to their definition of left and right… then… yes then… you will not be able to hear the truth about a certain man named Adolf Hitler, nor any truth at all.

Who chose his name?
Was it by his earthly father or by My Father in heaven, or did his grandmother knew anything beforehand that he was chosen to become a puppet by dark players to fulfill their dirty duty and agenda, so to have a specific name according to their destruction books that are locked down at the steps of family Rockefeller, and was sealed for public?

Hitler, a man, a vessel, a vapor.
Indeed he was a vessel unto Me, to fulfill the word, spoken by My prophet IsaYahu for a nation to be born in one day.
Though he was just one of the dominoes to fall in line of many, but it was perfectly in time and season for the purpose to declare the last generation to arrive.
Though this nation, that was born, was not founded by righteous men.
It was a nation established by people that are not My people but it was for a faithful remnant who are My precious ones who received their inheritance by the father of faith in ancient times.
And though by evil people, it was My perfect will!

I wrestled with the grandson of Avraham a whole night, and so his name was given.
His name was long forgotten, but Hitler did an ″excellent″ job to bring the name back to remembrance… for all people in this world.
But like left and right, black and white, day and night, some love it, others hate it and the world is divided about it.
How many people know small cities comparable in size like Jerusalem far away from their homeland?
But everyone, small and great knows My earthly holy place, whether they believe it is the proper location or not, or whether they believe it’s Mine or not.
It is the city where I laid the precious chief corner stone, the one that the builders have rejected, the same place where I laid My body down for all mankind, and all those who want to lift it will see quickly the result of My word.
Woe to those who will divide it or want to destroy it again, like Damascus they will become a heap of rubble.
There will be no other Adolf coming again, yet someone written in My scrolls when the final division takes place. Some will love him others will despise him.

Twisted turned around throughout history, copy and paste, replaced, modified as often as possible to let all be baffled, done by those who have no legitimate authority given by Me, but I let it happen for the fulfillment of My perfect plan.
And My plan is always to safe as many as possible, even though I wish, all people would come into My glorious kingdom.
Sadly most will reject the offer of My saving grace like the ones who did not enter Noachs ark.

Why did I chose such a foolish vessel you may ask?
Tell Me, how many would follow a truly righteous man?
Throughout all history wicked men always appeared to be most attractive as the law of attraction spoke to the subconsciousness of the inhabitants from the day when Adam left the garden til today – and it has not changed.
Persecution will be left for the righteous, but once they are in My arms, all their sorrow and pain will be forgotten as I wipe away all their tears.

Remember how often I used wicked men or evil systems to bring the maximum of people to repentance?
You don’t see it, but I do!
But how much more I wish, mankind would turn to Me through blessings, prosperity and goodness.
But as soon things turn easy, most turn away, fall asleep or completely fall away from the narrow path and quickly forget whom to give thanks for everything.

Was it your own effort or idea that you can breathe?
Have you designed your ears to hear and eyes to see and mouth to speak?
With an artificial theory wicked men try to imitate the crown of My creation, but without a soul the only connection the supposed intelligent entities have to imaginary life is by the counterfeit and his army. Their end is destined for the lake of fire.
Can you decide in your own strength as a baby how many days shall be the complete number of your time on earth?
Can you give advice to the stars and they listen to you?
Do you counsel and command the sun, when to dim and the moon, when to turn red?
Men try to do that with fake deceptive tools, but without my permission how far are they able to reach?
Have you been diving down to examine the foundations of the earth?
Have you been there when I gave life to Hitler?
Did you gave him permission to do what he did?

Do you know how often I give individually people permission to do evil things and how often and why I don’t give wickedness permission to do what it wants to do?
Do you know how often I give people to do good, great and right things and they don’t do it or do you know why they don’t do it, even after I have asked them several times?
Answer Me if you have wisdom.

Hitler, a man, a son and a father.
Look around how many children he has.
His brown agenda with his brown shirts have turned green as nothing is new under the sun, but only the viewpoint changed.

But his spirit is more alive today than ever before, only the definition of the political position has changed by a very elastic decision of the Elites.
I look and see a generation like in the days of Noach ruling the nations in the former brown spirit.
Like dogs who turned back to their vomit their greed are never satisfied.
Same country, same tribe and tongue and people and nation, yet in the same way as my people were scattered, the Hitler minds are now in all countries, united in all nations, instructed by the same script, clocked by one diabolic frequency.
Once cleansed, but not sanctified they invited 7 other spirits more evil than the former one and the condition will be seen one day soon.

The man of sin out of his loins is waiting for his day to come as Yehuda Skaryota patiently waited for the moment to activate his 30 coins.
With a soup of lentils all leaders have satisfied their hunger for greed and power.
But they despise My blessings and hate Yaacov whom I have loved and chosen.

Adolf’s blood runs in their veins.
Their minds have been taught the ways of Sodom and Perversion.
They married Gomorrah and breed a brood of vipers, small and great, all lined up in worship, heads up towards the statue of blasphemy.

You of the manufacturers of lies point your fingers toward Hitler how evil he was, and you knew, and wrote long before he lifted his finger in parliament that he will kill 6 million Jews, but a the same time, your brainwashed activists praise the mothers who eliminate their precious life in their wombs.
And even in your new born nation, way more of your own (Jews) lost their lives before they were born, more than what Hitlers squadrons were able to perform.
Instead to stop this madness you poured fuel into the fire by inviting the seed of Hitlers companion Mengele into your re-born nation, to inject a diabolic liquid into your own people’s bodies to erase them from the face of the earth. And this was not only a recommendation with some honorable or even naive intentions, but knowingly of earthly and eternal consequences with the most evil nefarious tricks you were a master in deception to the masses.
Did you complete now the 6 million, or is your goal at least as many as Stalin together with Mao?
Has your thirst for death any limits or is it infinite?
How can you point your finger constantly against Hitler when you, yourself are worse than him?

You hypocrites who.. (WHO) are full of extortion inside, do you think I will hear your long prayers in your synagogues?
Do you think I will let you into My kingdom when you deny the entry to those who want to come to Me, hinder the children by your laws and persecute those who speak about My love?
You try to give proof to men by which woman you were born, supposedly indicating, you are a descendant of Yehuda.
With documents scripted by men and confirmed by a letter of a rabbi you believe it gives reference to My inheritance as the offspring of Avraham and the legitimate right to live in the land I’ve promised him?
If you would have a tiny slice of righteousness like Avraham, I would be willing even in your blindness to invite you into My presence and into My kingdom.
But far away I look at you in your selfishness and pride.
I see of which seed you are, and know, how many of you are members of the Synagogue of HaSatan and traitors in the Temple of Babylon.
Come out of her, repent and turn to Me and then I will cleanse you from deep within and make you a true descendant as My chosen, faithful and righteous ones through Me and in Me.
How far have you traveled away from the love Avraham had for Me. Repent and turn to your first love or else I will move your Menorah from it’s place.
And you, once righteous walked from My mountain HarEl into your man made Tower that you built on sand but higher than the one in Babel, you moved from My right and righteousness to the left of this world to be left without Me, where the origins of Hitler came from and from his left to My left, where you will be send to the place where he met his true friend and companions between gnashing of teeth.

Hitler, a man, a snake, a dog.
The fox was was one of his companion and like him, is still more alive than ever before. Slowly but surely it grew and developed into a beast like a roaring lion, a Beast like Tyrant-saurus Rex, Baphomet some say, searching to devour as many as possible by it’s fanfares with noisy puffery through indoctrination, misinformation, disinformation, and your so-called fact checkers together with slithering satanic lies and deception.
In comparison to you, Göbbels was a little cub.
Most people back in his days were not able to discern black from white and even less lies from truth… less today.

While it grew into a gigantic undeniable monster that are so clear obvious like the sun in the middle of a day without a single conscious cloud, too many people are still blind and running behind the fox and his vast family.
They are blind to lies, but more blind to My truth, which is the only truth, because I Am the only truth.
If they would know My truth, it would set them free and open their eyes and ears to see and hear what I want to show and tell them, whether it is big like a mountain or small like a mustard seed.

Hitler in America, Hitler in France, Hitler in Pakistan, Hitler in Guatemala, Hitler in Somalia, Hitler in Canada, Hitler in UK, Hitler in the fabricated down under, Hitler with his foundation by the Gates of hell, Hitler in UN, together with all those WHO signed their playbook to lead the nations into the slaughter.
Hitler as male, female and all sort of ideological characters, all across the face of the earth.
I know each one of them but truly I never knew any of them.

For such a time like this, ten kings are getting ready to grow their individual mustache.
They already Put in a man who are called to prepare the stage to be set for these new reorganized kingdoms.
Don’t be surprised when the mark of the beast one day will display a distorted swastika and some will receive additionally the double ″S″ on their shoulder and all assembled together inside to communicate with 5 and 6 Globalists under it’s spirit of deceit.

Hitler met the pope and many people came to believe…″he must be a saint″.
Many have met or even followed Me for a while, during My walk the earth when I came in the flesh, yet many became everything but saints.
Far less anyone will become a saint by meeting the false prophet or even a true righteous prophet.
Only your own decision will make it possible to become a saint.
And to remain in holiness will only go alongside with great fear and trembling.
Above it all, this walk is not an easy one, when you have to deny yourself, take up your staff and come and follow Me.
You will be hated like they hate Me for no reason.
And without true honest repentance you won’t see the eternal light.

By their fruits you shall know them.
There is nothing further you have to look, but what fruit Hitler produced, to know whether he was a good or bad guy, a charlatan or a saint, a clown or a tamer.
You better don’t look into history books with all their manipulations from cover to cover. How much truth you find there?
Using paper of libraries, or digital letters, you can morph him into anything you like, whatever your wildest fantasy is able to do.
If you find too many contradictions in his story, look into My word and then, ask Me to send you the helper – He, My Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth.
May you will, may you will not hear things about the secrets in high society, may you don’t hear details about the coming plague or a revelation about some staged events, whether with a fake label as terror attacks, shooting, looting, cyber booting or whatever, but all truth you hear and need to know for your eternal salvation will be in the package of love in My word, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, where the Holy Spirit will lead you, if you ask.
Doctrines of men will only lead you into a loop of endless pointless moonshine.

Hitler came and went, Hitler comes and goes, but those in Me will shine forever.
I gave all kings plenty of time to repent, but instead coming to Me in fear to gain heart of wisdom, they chose hate, rejection and rebellion, just like their father of all lies, the one whom they adore.

Adolf from Braunau, a man, a pawn, a puppet.
The pawns today were born in ″Grünau″ and raised by Wicked Evil Fools who dwell in their rotten ivory towers without respect of humanity, and less without understanding and knowledge of My power but a lot of ignorance about My coming wrath.
Many of them don’t know even if they are a man or a woman anymore.
It is easier for a herd of camels to jump in joy through the eye of a needle than for even one of them to enter My kingdom.
Deluded, defiled to the core with the blood of innocent children still around their jaws, they look into a mirror and don’t know what it is, what they see.
They are not able to see themselves the way I created them, so the less they are able to see their neighbor, where I commanded to love them.
They see a hull, made of corrupted flesh, thinking in their pride, this is something glorious but My image is blurred away in their perverted demented brains.

Hitler with his whole heart was thinking and believed he is doing something great and good for his race, in his race into the abyss, in the heart of Europe and nation once named Deutschland/ Deutsches Reich).
His faith drove him to believe he is the anointed one who is called to deliver his people from slavery.
But in the heat of the moment he didn’t realize he was going to sacrifice the land to his puppet players who converted it into a corporation and handed it over to a foreign entity.
Til this very day almost all people don’t realize their country is in remote mode conducted by a Babylonian remote control, made in China.

Though he fought against Me but somehow he still had some sort of small fear of Me.
Today’s pawns have no fear of Me anymore at all.
They rebel against Me with almost the same mentality like Lucifer, and indeed many ask the voice of hell even for counsel, together in their meetings with the kings of the earth and conspire out the best approach in their rage, how to rebel and fight against Me and My anointed.
Driven by their own filthy religion they believe the world need to be cleansed from everything I created.
First of all from most humans, those who are created in My image, then the animals, the trees, the flowers and above all, the very air they, themselves breathe.
Not enough with that, but they believe they are higher than Me and able to reach beyond My ability to create. The very deep pit they dug is waiting for themselves.
I already gave them over to a depraved mind.
The green agenda will never ever be able to enter My green pastures and so their followers.

All the supposed sustainable colorful fake fabricated rainbows and goals is but for a minority throughout the world’s population, but the grown spirit of Göbbel saturate the airwaves with their abomination that will soon lead into desolation.
An offspring of Hitler will they praise like your godfather the man from Braunau, as soon as I give him permission to enter the arena.
And indeed it will be very soon.

An artificially designed beast with instructions from the abyss, where Abaddon watch the gate, not in My image but worship of this image will become compulsory.
But this will not be holy worship and adoration dedicated to the most High in heaven who is pure love, but idolatry in the highest form, that will erase every possibility to get saved by My grace.
Will Hitler or someone else rise from the sea or will he give life to the image?

Hitler, a man, a spirit, a symbol.
The man of sin, a combination of Nimrod, King Saul, Rehoboam, Jezebel’s guided Ahab, Nero, Constantine, Pius, 33, Stalin, Mao, Bush and Obama…
With 666 signs, wonders and miracles he will perform.
As a symbol of peace he arrives, but his true spiritual identity will be revealed for those who have eyes to see and to those whose veil will be lifted, so they shall see whom they have pierced and mourn, and recognize in pain and agony their true Mashiach, which is not an image, produced artificially in outer darkness.

Hitlers offspring will arrive handsome like King Saul, but right from the beginning with the intention to pin the rightful offspring of King David, the man after My own heart, the anointed and all My faithful friends with his toxic javelin.

The day is near for the world to be shaken and separated between those who worship Me and those who worship the Beast.
Hitler will be forgotten, when the man of sin will take over.
By that time, completed shall be the operation when all good has turned to evil and evil into good.
Holocaust will morph into many people’s bodies while all things that are concealed shall be revealed.
Following all mountains of lies to come out from their dark hiding places and their followers will be stripped, naked, bare.
A time a great reckoning is coming.

For such a time like this I have prepared My bride, for the purpose that My glory can be shown to the world once more in a way that will wake up many from their deep slumber and dismay the lukewarm in the pews.

Hitler, a man, a mystery, a grain of dust in the wind, blown away through human history, forgotten in My eternal kingdom, the place I have prepared for those who love Me and keep My commandments.
Green pastures instead green religion for My children with a table prepared where there will be no more presence of their enemy, overflowing cups of My holy blood, that does not intoxicate them, but bring the power of My resurrection into eternal remembrance.
Your home, a place prepared by incomprehensible love to dwell in unity with all My beloved, where flowers and trees join the boundless glorious worship.
Rejoice for this is the season of the long awaited day and hour, as this generation will not pass away until all things have come to pass, of which I have spoken.
Heaven and earth shall pass away like the person Hitler passed away in his derision and his spirit shall not pass the gates of heaven, but My words will remain forever – and you who are born by My Spirit shall also remain and dwell forever and ever in My house.

Hold on to My words as they are life eternal.
Let no man, no woman, no Hitler, nor the man of perdition steal My words out of your hearts.
Have My words inscribed on your right hand and forehead that no other inscription can be made in these places.
Many of you will, one day, have to make a clear decision whether to stand on My right or My left.
No compromise, no lukewarm will be able to be glorified.
Don’t be deceived with left and right by definition of men or political comedy but get right with Me.
Trust Me, that I will deliver you from trials and Hitlers seed.
Trials and tests have to come like the flood in Noachs days, yet not in the form of water, but as a stream of dreadful wickedness, upon the entire world.
Trust and obey My words, the only place where you can find real peace and safety.
Under the shelter of My wings there is a lot of space and I wish it would be filled.
False peace and security is already published on every corner of the earth, but that will lead only into sudden destruction.
Those who are Mine will not be deceived and even my chosen ones will make it through all their days because I already cut them short.
Currency Based on Deception and Cheat will come, but I will come too and My provision for My people come with Me. It will be much greater than like for the children of Israel in the wilderness, lest you rebel against Me.
Rejoice in persecution and affliction because it will show you how the day of your final redemption is near.

I have brought you through many storms, and the journey through your entire life shall be a testimony how I can carry My people through distress, anxiety, loneliness, desperation trials and hardship.
Though you have lost almost everything on your way, but not your life and not your faith.
The footprints in the sand witness of My patience and loving kindness.
If I would not have prayed for you, would have already disappeared long ago.
As you honored your father and mother, I extended your days and it is well with you in the land I have placed you.
Though your parents have not taught you My ways, but you did not reject Me when I found you.
I have seen you already before you were born and appointed you to be the tool in My hand, the way I created you – not as you desired but for My desire.
As no-one else can take your position, you can’t take the position of anyone else.
Don’t tolerate Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess but truly she is a witch and tries to teach you as my servant with deceptive tricks of the serpent, with permanent strong intentions to carry you into places of fornication and on tables with menus dedicated to idols.
You fought her once and had victory but you have to fight her again to cast her down the walls where the dogs will lick her blood and I throw her into her eternal coffin.
Though you are at the right place in this time but still not at the end where I will place you and need you.
When all things in this world will fall apart you shall not be shaken, but trust that I continue to lead and guide you by My mighty hand and outstretched arm.
Make yourself ready in spirit and soul, because in a moment of time when you don’t expect anything, I will carry you above all impossible obstacles to bring you to your final section in true freedom for My glory.
Praise shall always remain on your lips, and in My time I will deliver your worship to the 4 corners of the earth, to the small spots that have not yet heard My word.

As for you and all My disciples, I don’t need your sacrifices, I have more than enough, but I want your trust and obedience in faith and patience like Avraham who did receive his promise.
Offer your Yzchak (laughter) to Me and I will give you My life and fill you with My laughter so you can see the political Punch and Judy show in the same way as I do, while I laugh from heaven.
Laugh, when all the little Hitlers come against you and remember I have them all in derision.
A gentle breath out of My nostrils and in terror they will go crazy like if you stir up a hornet’s nest or they run around in their insanity bumping into and running over each other as if you disturb an anthill.
I gave the kings of the earth warnings over warnings, but they never listened.
Why shall they listen to you, when they have not listened to My prophets of old nor to My warnings, nor to any of My disciples?
But you have to speak, regardless if you like it or not.
I have not called you to sit silent in the corner of the constant dripping roof or in desert land but to declare My Good News and Amazing Grace.

End of Prophecy

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