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Word 2024/05/30 Your enemies & My enemies

Prophetic Word, given 2024-05-30 during the night.

This word came somewhere in the middle of the night, don’t know exactly when, but I was not excited to write it down and finally turned around to sleep – it could have been 1 o clock.
Then maybe 2 hours later I woke up again with the same word, but again no enthusiasm to get up and write it down, so again I preferred to kiss my pillow and continue to sleep.
Then later I woke up, maybe 5 in the morning and as a morning person I had finally enough sleep but I have forgotten the word, though I remembered Adonai said something to share.
I thought, okay so it is and slowly as usual I got up, ready for breakfast.
But then the Lord reminded me with 4 words He spoke, and everything was back.
Okay, writing down took a bit longer than a few minutes, but here it is.

And as always, please let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you through this word to give you wisdom and understanding as we prophecy in part and this word has a bunch of metaphors, parables and figurative elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Men has defined and declared who has to be your enemies but in truth they are not your enemies, and defined who shall be your friends but are not friends – not at all.

The term western nations were invented by men to declare by professional propaganda liars and their background players: ″Russia is evil, China is evil (beside others) and announce it permanently in big letters; THEY ARE YOUR ENEMIES, THEY HAVE TO BE YOUR ENEMIES!, BECAUSE WE ARE THE GOOD″
While they yell it day in day out, the same group of people whore constantly with My enemies.

Your friendship with My enemy is enmity against me.
And your friendship with My enemy grew so deep that you can’t even distinguish between black and white.
How then is your hypocrisy able to discern of who is friend and who is enemy if you can’t see even the most simple things?
And less than this… most people are not able to see My word as it is written.

The only thing remained where you are able to see are the triple six colors of your fabricated rainbow.
All witches, bitches, warlords Beelzebub and Jezebel are your friends.

Israel blames Chamas with Gaza, Chamas with Gaza blames Israel, but the leaders on both sides play in the same team where their trainer is the leader of the false Synagogue.
They point fingers at each other in the same guilt-accusing way as in the beginning in the garden when the taste of the fruit made them afraid of Me and opened their eyes to realize they were naked.

America points one finger towards China and another one towards Russia, while behind close doors the puppet players make their dirty deals and trade wickedness with each other while they laugh and watch their greedy laundry machine spinning around with the stolen money and electrify their show with the blood of the people of all nations.
But they don’t realize 6 of their own fingers are pointing against themselves, and they use the third hand (pointing) to other nations – so they tripled it in secret liquids, that the population don’t realize their sinister plan.
As you have cast me out of your country and walked far away from me, therefor your blindness have led you on broadway, where you are heading straight towards your own destruction.
Faster and faster you run there in great excitement trying to become a great nation again while your blind fake leaders lead your blind nation into the pit.
With each passing day, in joy and jubilation of peace and safety the day draws closer for your destruction.
And it will come suddenly, where you will fall into the pit you dug together with all your abominations and idolatry.
Within an hour, on the day and hour your fall will be completed.

You declared Russia as evil, but I say no, Russia is not evil and indeed I have many faithful friends there and even desire to see Vladimir Putin to enter My kingdom.
Your view of China is the same, but there I have way more friends than in your country.
I would love also Xi Jingping too, joining My family of love.
I wish you would be hot or cold, but most people in your country are lukewarm.
Though I wait and see, if Donald Trump turns from his carnal deceptive mouth confession and truly surrender to Me.

Hypocrisy and lies rule all nations of this world, and My enemies are the ones who give them their daily bread together with new orders for the world.
I have a fast growing number of friends in Gaza, Iran, and the Arab world, while once faithful ones in the so-called Christian west are falling away more and more.

Slowly I am about to lift the veil in Israel to reveal them of who I am and will open their minds to know, there is neither Jew nor gentile but only those in Me who will enter the Kingdom of heaven.
The true children of Israel are scattered all over the face of the earth together with the vast number of those who are grafted in, from ALL tongues, tribes and nations.
If you like it or not, this includes people in Russia, China, Iran and Gaza.

Hear oh people, your enemy is not a territory called Russia, China or wherever on your fabricated fake globe, regardless of the amount of the bombardment by schizophrenic propaganda and lies.
Your enemies are not the people who live in these countries or elsewhere, even not their leaders.

As long your enemies are not the same as Mine, you are ready to be deceived and at the end will be ground to dust.
You love the money changers, I turned their tables, and will do it again for the reason that the root of all evil will become visible for all people in this world, in a way it will freeze the blood in your veins and shake your bones to the core.

Though money, one day will become technically somehow invisible for your eyes, the worship of it will increase.
The golden calves will be inside people and the Orchestra will play in the holy place and make it mandatory for all, great and small, to sing along with their melody, or be silenced by the sword.

The majority of mankind has been virtually but in some ways literally disabled to see My truth.
My enemies are generally invisible for human eyes, though on purpose, from time to time I open the eyes of a very few selected ones to see them.
But all those who reject My offer for salvation as a free gift, will eternally face the reality of My real enemies.
And those enemies are the ones who rebelled against Me in the heavenly places.
At the end of this age the fantasy world will also disappear.

All the people who repent and turn away from their wicked ways in daily repentance and forgiveness, those who are truly Mine will never ever in all eternity face My true enemies – and not remember any enemy anymore.
I will keep My children under the shelter of My wings
Most of My children have been, and still are killed, slaughtered or martyred by those who praise and worship My enemies.
But some do indeed pray, for those who persecutes them, like Stephanas before I take/ took them home into My kingdom.
There are people out in this world like Rav Shaul who are furious against My friends and against Me, but til today nothing changed and almost everyone still has the opportunity to come to the knowledge of My truth when they repent and turn from their destructive mindsets, yet the door for salvation is about to close.

Above that, resist My enemies as they come in all forms of temptations and deceptions.
Don’t comply to their requests regardless how lucrative it appears nor, fear any personal consequences.
Don’t sign a covenant with the head of My enemies, because he is the father of all lies.

Fix your eyes on Me and look at ALL people with My eyes, so you can see that there is not one human who is your true enemy.
Though some of them are already signed into the book of eternal destruction because like Pharaoh of their persistent hardened heart, but for most there is still a tiny open window to repent and become your friend and My friend.

Your real enemy is the devil who disguise himself as an angel of light, and so the third of my angels who became his followers, also, change their outfit as it pleases them.
They all have lost completely their eternal beauty and majesty when they rebelled against Me, but appear before people often in a gentle nice form, or in disturbing dreams and thoughts in various forms.
Hate beyond your imagination, murder, lies and destruction is all they know.

The tree of life is kept guarded in the garden for those who love Me and keep My commandments.
Since the very beginning, men tried to break the gate to that place as well to My throne above the earth.
Some wicked men know exactly where this gate is, as they interact with the fallen ones who once have been dancing in the garden.
Yet none of them will ever be able to break in, or to steal the tree of life with the additional intention to utterly devastate the place itself.

As for you My children, there is no need to you to know the physical location of the gate to the garden.
I am your gate I am the way to Paradise, the only way to My Father in heaven.
It is your home that I have prepared for you to be with Me forever and ever without a single enemy.

But for those who don’t repent and turn their face from My enemy I will become their weeping enemy for a short moment in judgment before they will be handed over to their eternal enemy where there will be darkness and gnashing of teeth.

End of prophecy.

Just to clarify; though Yeshua said in Matthew 5:44, love your enemies, but please look at it in context within this word with the root and type of our enemies (His enemies) and discern in love, because he also don’t want anyone to perish.
The enemies He’s pointing to are basically pointing to the ones who are not redeemable and so never be able to become friends of Yeshua or our friends.

It says enemies as plural, though the main enemy is technically the devil, or instead enemy also named adversary, but Yeshua counts all the angels who initially rebelled against Him as His enemies – and they surely are still His enemies.

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