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Word 2024-05-24 Wonders on fire, Babel and Babylon falling

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-05-24 ~18:00 (during worship)

Please consider that this word has a good amount of metaphors and figurative wordings/ elements.
So make sure you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you for wisdom and discernment about meaning, interpretations and so on.
Though there is a reference to the coming fall which is basically only a couple of months away, at least from my location, but it also could be metaphorical as human seasons don’t necessarily match the seasons of Adonai.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The world is so full of wonders, yet men focus on vanity and insanity.
Every person is a miracle, individually and wonderfully woven in the mothers womb, according to Me the master potter.
Try to imagine every second an arrow will hit and pierce your heart.
So is the pain I feel when every second a baby got destroyed before it is born.

But more and more now are not designed anymore by My hands in love and virtuous artistry.
Diabolic influence like in the days of Noach where men meddled in creation to the depths of the human being.
Lifeforms are growing in mothers wombs that are not redeemable anymore.
Entities that look like humans but are not in My image.
Superbabies, science will call them, with knowledge and intelligence that surpasses everything known before.
Programmed for a time like this.
When they reach the age of Kindergarten, no teacher, even not all the teachers combined together come close to their knowledge, to the knowledge of one of these childrens.

The bridge is burning – it’s the bridge over troubled waters.
And there people standing, crowded, one beside another, with their smartphones, eyes and mouths wide open to catch all scenes.
But they don’t realize the foundation and the pillars of the very same bridge are close to collapse from the fervent heat of the false fire men brought into My temple.

Only a few voices shout and warn them like Noach to repent and leave the bridge, even if they will lose their beloved toys in their hands.
When they are engulfed by the fire of the beast it will be too late to escape.

The smoke covers all the screens but the majority hold on to the lies as if they are one of the most precious and valuable things.
Except Noach and his family all people in his days were holding on to the lie it will never rain and ignored the warnings of Noach.

Today most people don’t believe My word is true.
My beloved even though you are tired, weary and getting more and more harassed and intimidated, keep on telling them that I am the way, the truth and the life.
I am THE word that will never pass away, and My word never change.

Though they try to dim My word as they try to dim the sun where I said one day it will happen, but never ever men nor any other powers will be able to erase My word.
Let My Holy Spirit write it into your hearts, so when the beast takes away all books and digital forms of My scrolls it will remain in your heart for all eternity.

Work and share My word in words and deeds as long there is a little light left .
The hour comes when the night will come and your words will disappear in the darkness.
It is painful for Me to see how many hearts have grown to ice in a selfie attitude.
The sled loaded with lawlessness slides down towards the fiery pit where their ice will be converted into burning sulfur and brimstone, where demonic voices will be yelling on top of the noise of pain to those who don’t jump off the sled before it’s too late.

Tell them that repentance and forgiveness works like a catapult that will propel souls into the arms of My kingdom.
The thief on the cross next to Me jumped off at the last second, so the centurion at my feet, though he still had to go for a little while, but he realized to leave the wide road to destruction and walk the narrow path that leads to life.

Yet the time comes when those people who start to follow me will be able only to safe their own soul, and not others anymore.
It’s the time when there will be no more need to speak about My grace and mercy because there will be hardly anyone anymore who are not marked into the Beast and even most will be born already with the mark.
They are getting programmed to hunt you down if you dare to speak of My name.

Hurry My children, bring your house in order or else I come unexpected like a thief in the night and find you unprepared.
Time is running out for you but not for Me as I live and work outside (your) time.

If I would (want to) I could turn everything around in an instant and give you hundreds or even thousands of more years to see if you obey My voice.
But sin has reached heavens, the Tower of Babel and Babylon must fall.
For Babel and Babylon their time is up.
Only for a short time I will allow them to play their evil games but most of those who are on the steering wheel of that system, are already counted on My left with the goats.

The delay is only for those who are My faithful disciples.
I need to re-position some of them before everything to be shaken and sifted.
Don’t expect an ordinary summer.
And after that let fall fall for the big fall when dominions in the heavenlies will shift, shake and fall.
It will not remain only in the heavens, but break through the visible realm for human eyes.
Dominoes already falling, one after the other with wars and rumors of wars.
All according to My word.

Though wicked men hate Me, I will use them to bring forth My will in perfect alignment with My word.
Their attempt to stop sun and moon from moving always failed.
That’s why they created their own suns and moons to deceive mankind with fake signs in the sky.

As much the wicked players ask their father for more tricks and lies they themselves are the ones who are the most deceived.
They don’t believe the devil, the one whom they worship hate them as much as he hates anyone and anything I created.

But I will shake the foundations of heaven and earth and give every person noe more chance, another chance to see the foundation of My truth.
From the sky to the land and sea and beneath all shall hear My voice who have ears to hear.
When creation groans it will cause to let mankind see clearly once more My hand of eternal power, so they will have no excuse.

End of Prophecy

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