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Word 2024/05/11 HE came and will return

Prophetic Word 2024-05-11 18:00 during worship

Before you listen or read this word, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for further wisdom and understanding in all things according to Yeshuas grace.
The more as it contains some metaphors and figurative elements.

There are some names in this word you may not be so familiar with. I use the Hebrew names and not the translated or transliterated ones. But you’ll find the English equivalents in parentheses.

Beginning of Prophecy:

He came in clothing of camel’s hair and the pharisees rejected him.
He spoke about righteousness and repentance but they mocked him.
He spoke about Me, the One to come after him, who will not only immerse with water but with the Holy Spirit and with fire.
Unbelief and laughter was the response from those in fine clothing.
The same brood of vipers today rule the nations.

My servants, My true disciples are dressed in love, but the same brood of vipers, the pharaohs of these last days reject them.
My righteous ones speak of righteousness by My grace and mercy with a plea for repentance but they get mocked by celebrities and media as the whitewashed tombs mocked Me when I poured out My blood.
My beloved speak about Me and My soon return and warn about the place of eternal fire where I will cast all the unbelieving, lawless and all unrepentant people together with their wickedness.
In pride they laugh from their high balconies of selfishness that are mounted on their house of cards, built on quick sand.
The storm will come and there will be no escape for them.

A game they play with My creation and drive My crown of creation like animals through their circus arena, yet the masters behind the plot don’t realize, they themselves wear the costume of the jester.
They think they can do whatever they want without any consequences.
They believe in their delusion one day everything will be theirs and nobody ever will bother them anymore with My truth.
They know My truth, but the devil has blinded their minds and harden their hearts, and they can’t see their own eternal destruction.

I don’t have a salvation plan for those who attend the synagogue of HaSatan, but I will use them and their evil plans and minds to fulfill My plan for the salvation of many.
Truth they hate but one day, all of them, one by one will stand before Me like Pilatus (Pilate) with the same thought of the question ″what is truth″ but the words will not slip from their tongues.
In fear of knowing what will come their knees will melt like wax.
The smell of the second death will be (is) already around their necks.
Like all liars, they will be hanging on hooks by their tongues, and carried away like animals at a butchery, yet at the end not as meat on the table of someone, but into their eternal destination the never ending torment with fire.

And while they are being carried away on rusty hooks, they shall see how I will crown My faithful ones, all those who love Me and keep My holy commandments, the ones who have been slaughtered like animals at a butcher by the wickedness of these pharisees, those who clean outside cup and dishes but inside they are full of hypocrisy.

Prepare My bride, prepare.
Prepare yourself for My wedding.
The day is not far anymore when you will rejoice with Me.
My handpicked disciples 2000 years ago were eagerly waiting for My return, in daily expectation (in their lifetime)…
But why do you, people in church, quarrel about the day and the hour?

You know that you don’t know the day and the hour, but you are far away from being properly prepared for anything holy at all.
One day and hour you will find yourself in front of a door that is locked before you while trying to figure out, how and where to get the oil for your lamps.
Many of you I urge, before it’s too late, go into your prayer closet and ask Me for guidance, under which bushel you hid your lamp that you have completely forgotten where it supposed to be.
When you meet the ones who are on the way to buy oil, you can discuss or quarrel of what to do, but the door will not be opened for lazy and disobedient servants.

Why do you not believe I can take some or many out of this world like Chanoch (Enoch) or Eliyahu (Elijah)?
Am I not the same anymore that I have been yesterday?
Is there any reason I should listen to your doctrines or your doctrines about false and supposed false doctrines?
I don’t need your ideologies or eschatologies… I need your heart and your obedience.
But when I take some or many out of this corrupt fallen world like Yochanan (John) the Immerser, who prepared the way for Me to come and warned the pharisees from My coming wrath, do you prefer to stay away and rather join the lukewarm group?

And as the puppets and their players have not seen My wrath in their lifetime or history for so long, they believe it will never come – and so they continue with their evil deeds.
But what is it to you, if the way out of this world will be for some or many the same with their heads on a platter or simply on the ground, tossed into the worldly ditch of vanity?
Have I not formed you like a potter the clay?
Where is your head now, where are your thoughts?
Shall I receive you in My kingdom with a mind that is full of fleshly concerns or is it not better to lose your head instead your soul?
Many will be tested and have to decide what is more important for them, and which master they shall serve.

Some I take, some I will leave a bit longer on earth, but don’t tell Me who is worthy and who is not.
Only by My grace and blood you can be made worthy, and even then you are not able to judge righteously over life and death.
I am not interested in your advises or your doctrines, but in your obedience.
And there are very few who are really faithful AND obedient.

No, it’s not mainly the ones who stand in the spotlight or behind pulpits that I will snatch first.
The most are those who seek Me daily in their hidden prayer chambers.
House wives who submit to their husband, someone who fears Me, like Sarah to Avraham (Abraham).
Some are prayer warriors like Channah (Hannah), with hearts so much moved that the lips are not able to find words.
And can I find anyone who don’t care about the own life like the widow in Zarephath to give My prophet the last meal?

I hear a lot of people chattering on and on, long winded sentences and name it prayer for the sake to be heard in their congregations.
They say a lot of things that are true and important, but their hearts are far away from Me, so their words bounce on the walls, back and forth, but never reach My throne, from where I hear and respond.
I see in every heart and know every obedience, if you take My commandments serious or if you design your own laws and rules or follow traditions of men.

I don’t care about your education, title, diploma, status, or your wealth and achievements in this world.
I look and seek for those who will say faithfully and truthfully with their whole heart and every fiber of their being, like IsaYahu (Isaiah): ″(Hineni), Here am I, send me″!

I will give you all you need if you are willing to give up your selfish desires or what you, yourself think or believe you should do for Me.
Most people have no idea what I placed into their hearts or what I am able to do with anyone who is willing to deny themselves and fulfill their calling to the very last grain of mustard seed.
Open your mouth and hearts wide and I will fill it.

Let the pharisees and pharaohs mock you in their unbelief and laugh at you.
They will know one day, who laughs at them when they have to drink the cup of My indignation.
But it will only cause them to mock me more than ever before while bringing persecution against My few faithful ones like never before upon earth.
But it will be for the reason as a testimony to finally rescue the last few who can be saved; together with the separation of sheep and goats and the rod if iron.
Don’t fear the ones who can kill your body but afterwards they have nothing more they can do.
Leave it up to Me if I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth or if I need you still there, for a short season and if necessary, to bring only one more soul into My kingdom.
I tell you all heavens will rejoice for that one single soul and your rewards will be great – so great, that you will forget all trials and pain.

If you love Me, keep My commandments and obey My voice.
I have placed you as a light to the nations, so that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” .
I promised you and I will keep My promises to be with you til the ends of the earth.

End of Prophecy

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