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Word 2024/04/27 Glory beyond imagination

Prophetic Word, given 2024-04-27 around 5PM in the kitchen

And as always before listening or reading the transcript please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word to give you wisdom and understanding in all metaphors and other details as we prophesy in part.

Beginning of Prophecy:

You fight, you pray and ask: ″How long shall this battle (good against evil) continue?
Do we have 70 or 80 years in our lives or do we reach the fullness of 120 years?″

Your days oh people in this world (each one of you) are already numbered and written in My books.
Hardly anyone is able to count in his blindness til the end of the truth.
Because of sin and disobedience against My commandments most tents have already been blown away by various winds and more will be blown away by the coming storm before the numbered days of (your) history.
Most people themselves removed their own pegs, one after the other from the ground, by ignorance or on purpose by their own desire and free will.

The devil and his servants know, if they remove father and mother from the face of the earth as the foundation of a family, so there will be nothing left to honor, so I am not able to satisfy anyone anymore with a prolonged blessed life.
Modern life has convinced the people to work 24/7 without resting on My blessed Shabat – and then they wonder why they burn out many years of their lives.
Wicked leaders more and more legalize stealing and murdering, starting with the precious children in the mothers wombs, so at the end, like in the days of Noach the people don’t know right from left anymore, and even less My commandments.
Apple, Facebook, Googe, Amazon and more have become the idols of these days.
Tiktok the time is ticking faster and faster while the rug of real life is pulled away under your feet.
The same way your time will be removed.
Slowly but surely, announced and commanded by wickedness in high places.
Instructions for destruction on every corner while the number of days are cut short.

If you swim against the current of darkness and wickedness you will gain strength.
Wide is the road where the floods of evil are flowing towards the pit, narrow is the path against the mainstream agenda, the lies of this world.
No, I have not promised you a bed of roses as some preachers do or believe, but I have given you a free will to decide which way you want to go.
Don’t marvel, because you heard it already and by your choice and also your lifestyle you may figure out you arrive in a different lake as the one you would desire.
You can see My design in nature where all rivers flow into a lake or the oceans, and similar the ways into eternity ending at two very different lakes.
At the end of the narrow stream, with difficulty and exhausted you’ll reach the lake that is crystal clear.
While the wide river with ease and relaxed you will flow yourself towards the other lake that is of fire.
If you don’t know how to swim, learn with My Holy Spirit and start to bathe in My word.
There you’ll find all instructions for life.
At the end of it you’ll find My glory that is beyond comprehension.

My commandments are easy, simple, plain and clear.
Everything else is a lie.
Walk the path of righteousness and very soon you will figure out the difference between My commandments and religion.
Religion will only carry you into confusion and slavery, but I am not an author of confusion but of peace and if you love Me you will know and keep My commandments and you will know My truth and be set free.
Free from religion, free from slavery, free from this world and all the lust for the flesh is contains.

With praise and thanksgiving you can enter My courts where you will meet passion and compassion.
Dancing and singing, joy and gladness is there, all beyond measure with overflowing love.
Love, real love, not the love of this world, and everything in My kingdom will never end .
Increasing glory you can’t fathom.

If you oh men would understand what I have done at the cross and would believe that the place I prepared for you is beauty and glory beyond your imagination, then you would turn away from all evil and everything that is against My commandments.
You would stop quarreling about useless details and dwell in unity with brothers and sisters in Me.
Do you have even the slightest clue how much it hurts Me to see all the battles of small issues or doctrines of men?
Is My word so confusing that you don’t understand?
No, your minds and hearts are so confused by the laws and attractions of this world that you don’t see the simplicity of My words and commandments.
And so much of this is within the family of faith, where I wish they would have real faith in Me and My word instead in faith in men.
Wash your brain in My word and you will see clear and understand My will for you: not sacrifices but obedience.

No, you are not able to comprehend the pain I had, though many will… one day.
I took all pain upon Myself when I died for you, instead what all mankind would have deserved because of their rebellion against Me.
Try to consider the worst pain you could imagine, like what wicked people or sickness could pour out upon you.
This is but a tiny fraction of what I carried from the garden to the cross, not because I wanted to play a hero but because I love you.

Yet most of you act as the number of days will never end, no judgment, no eternity, and as if I poured out My blood in vain.
No concerns about anything you will reap what you have sown.
It seems to be no big deal for most people to eat their daily sin and refuse to repent.
You would be petrified if you could see your end and repent in sackcloth and ashes before its too late.
But there is no one as blind as the one who don’t want to see and as deaf as the one who don’t want to hear.
So the world lies in darkness and creation groans, while the door for salvation is closing.

One day, most of the many will be surprised when I will place them on My left together with the goats.
The end of sin is death.
But eternal death doesn’t mean you just die and then rest in peace.
Each one on My left will end in the place that I have prepared originally for the devil and his angels only.
I never desired anyone to perish but to have eternal life in glory.
All those who will perish will experience the truth of real pain.
All of them who rejected My grace have to bear their own pain forever.

As like in the days of Noach, only a few will see the fullness of My love and glory.
In My eternal glory, love will not be just a good feeling or a pleasant atmosphere.
Though it is beyond your comprehension but it’s like all your senses will be surrounded by My love.
You will not only feel love, but also see, hear, speak, smell and touch it beyond anything imaginable – and more so, you will breathe it all the time and forever, as it is the source of all life.

My heart broke at the cross and still today it breaks to see so many people literally running joyfully and willfully into their eternal destruction.
The pain in the place where the worm doesn’t die and the fire will not quench will be similar to what I bore at the cross, but it will be not only for a day, a week, a month or a year… it will never end.

On the other side, those who entered the ark of My salvation by repentance and a persistent plea for forgiveness of their sins will experience Glory beyond comprehension… but it will not be only for a day, a week, a month or a year… it will be never ending with ever increasing peace and joy.
There are no limits in My vocabulary.
I created heaven and earth by My word, spoken out of My mouth.
In My fathers house are many mansions and not one building on earth can be compared to them.
The glory and splendor of the greatest mansion on earth is but a grain of dust compared to what I have prepared for you.
Everything will be alive and worship Me; your neighbor, the flowers and trees in the garden and even the walls of your mansion.

It’s coming and it is coming quickly.
And indeed, I am coming quickly.
The days for this world and humanity in it’s current corrupted form are numbered and soon will come to an end.
Everything is according to My perfect order, announced generations ago by My faithful prophets of old.
And there is nothing out of My control regardless of how everything appears to you.
Calculate the cost and consider the price I paid, and more, the price you will have to pay if you will be found guilty without My grace.
Only in Me you will find Glory that is beyond your comprehension!

End of Prophecy

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