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Word 2024/04/15 Israel (What are you doing?)

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-04-15 some times late morning during work/ cleaning

May you have noticed that lately I received a word for Africa, then for Iran but now… Israel.
So the more I hesitated to share this word, because I considered people were thinking it’s my own idea because of what is going on there at the moment.
Regardless of sharing or not, the last thing I wanted to hear was something about Israel – especially in such a time as this when it looks very strong, biblical prophecy unfolding right in front of our very eyes, no matter how everything will play out.

However, the Holy Spirit pressed hard on me, that finally, when I finished cleaning, I took my block and wrote it down.
But still I am not really excited to share it.

But as always, I recommend, before you listen or read the transcript on my website, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy, to give you wisdom of how to respond, and also that you don’t misunderstand this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

What have you done?
What are you doing?
You killed and continue to kill your brothers and sisters.

What have I told you?
To be holy for I am holy and to be a people unto Me.
But you, again, have separated yourself from Me and act worse than the heathen.
If I would not have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, no-one would be able to distinguish between them and YOU.

Have I not told you to keep My commandments?
And you don’t know even what My commandments are!
But then you say, ″…of course we know, yes we know, we keep them – every Shabat we run into our synagogues and keep Torah, as we have been instructed″.
Woe to you hypocrites and breed of vipers.
You run every week on a certain day into your man-made structures and blaspheme My Holy Name by teaching traditions of men that are contrary to My Torah.
Nothing you have learned, nothing changed since I came in the flesh to meet you face to face 2000 years ago.
Your stiff necks and hard hearts are still the same, even after all what I have done for you.

You have shed your snake venom across the entire world.
But the poison will turn back to you if you don’t repent now.

Though your land (modern Israel) was artificially created by evil men, I have given them permission to do so, for scripture to be fulfilled.
Instead making all nations jealous with righteousness, your deeds have caused them to hate you.
But as your minds are still behind a veil, the unveiling of your wickedness was the only way My will and words spoken through My prophets can be accomplished.

I have told you to love Me and love your neighbor as you love yourself.
But what do you love?
Your money, your self-righteousness, your pride – all of it from the root of all evil where there is no love in it.
And so you swallow the camel and your neighbor, yet even this does not satisfy your greed.
In your zeal you kill even many of the sons and daughters of your own father Israel (Yaacov) and steal or destroy their inheritance.

There are more of your brethren outside your country than within your borders.
Is this your job to deal with them?
Have I commanded you to sneak into the camps of the heathen and steal their wickedness, so you, yourself can become more wicked than they?
How long will your secret services cause pain and misery upon others and kindle unholy fire, when I desired the living waters to flow from you?
Your filthy steam rises up before My throne and fill the bowls of wrath.
Your Mizvot is not of Me, it is according to the devils orders.

You sit at your round tables with witches and the beast where you plot wars and rumors of wars and discuss how to stir up troubles in your neighbors fields.
But you refuse to let My prophets speak so they will activate My Angel armies to keep you safe if anyone dares to attack you.
But you talk with your enemies when they shall attack you so you can stand back and shed your crocodile tears all over the world.
You trust more your iron dome instead My word and My superior power from high above the dome.
And when someone does not play your game, you blame with your antisemitic rhetoric and lies, while your associated mainstream speakers pour out all bewitching lies.
And by all of this, you in high places are not even Semites but a brood of vipers.

You claim to be the seed of Avraham but do the bidding of your father the devil to kill, steal and destroy and wherever you find opportunities, everywhere, north, west, east and south.

You desired to have a king since the time of Shaul, though I myself wanted to take care of every single matter through My prophets, shepherds and righteous judges.
But you decided to place wicked rulers over the people and corrupt judges to feed your own interests – and then you name it even the only true democracy when it has nothing to do with democracy or even the will of the people at all. Fake elections, fake kings, all just puppets in the hands of the master of deception.

Many of you and almost all of you who supposedly govern this nation, one day, yes, one day will stand before Me and I will tell you: ″I don’t know who you are, depart from Me you worker of lawlessness″.
Then, in the way you learned from the pharisees start arguing against Me, saying: ″But we are ″THE Jews″, your chosen people″.
But I will return, answering: ″No, you are the members of the Synagogue of HaSatan″.
And there is a place I have to send you, though it was never My intention to do so, but you have decided to chose that location where the worm doesn’t die and the fire will not be quenched.

If there would not be a small righteous remnant in your midst, I would have wiped you off from the face of the earth.
But for their sake and by their deep intercession for mercy as like Moshe in the wilderness I will keep My covenant, to keep this rebellious people as an inheritance.
And more, because of the pleading of the righteous I will come and fight for you the day when all nations will come against you.

I have not found enough righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah as Avraham asked.
You can be very lucky that I have found now more than 4 people in your nation that love Me with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength. They don’t love this world as you do, but they are willing to give their lives so you will not be destroyed and never remembered forever.
Fire and brimstone would be a pleasant treatment of what you would face.
But for the sake of My righteous in your midst I will still wait for you to repent.
Like as Yaacov you will come out of your fight against Me.
You will be limping until you understand what you are without My Grace, My blood and My love.

When each one of you stand before My throne, I will separate the few sheep from and plethora of goats.
Only by your honest repentance you can escape My wrath and I will snatch you out from among the goats and bring you home into My barn.

Blood, a lot of blood will flow, because of the many babies you killed in the mothers wombs.
Your Chamas against Chamas with all the hate including the atrocities against innocent people of other nations, you have committed, is insignificant in My eyes compared to the murder of your own children.

Don’t think in your pride you are better people than the rest of this world.
I only chose you because of the faithfulness of Avraham.
Hitler with his companions also thought like you, they were Übermenschen.
And while they murdered half a million of your tribe they simply believed they have a higher calling to do it, because they regarded you as Untermenschen.
But they have not seen My finger, writing on the wall.
And their fall was fatal.

Don’t think in your pride, My finger is not able to write the same message again for you.
It will, if you don’t change dramatically and turn to Me to find truth.
Don’t think you will be able to stand before Me with the same mindset as Hitler.
Into the eternal pit of fire you will be cast, the outer darkness will be your companion.

Again and again, how often do I need to tell you to be holy?
I wish your righteousness and holiness would be the reason for all nations to turn against you.
But as you have chosen to turn away from Me and decided to walk the way of Balaam and dance around the golden calf, while sacrificing your children to Moloch.
It will be hate, your hate against the innocent that will cause the nations to wage war against you.

You not only tolerate Jezebel, but let her even dance on the tables of your nobles where you eat all that is sacrificed to idols, leading you to chop off the heads of My prophets in your depraved mentality, those, who do not commit sexual immorality in rainbow-like colors.
The people in Noachs time wouldn’t be able to compete against your wickedness.

Not in holy fear, but in desperation you will cry to Me when the blood will be flowing all over your streets, that you will not be able to bury your dead.
But then, when you finally cry to Me and mourn upon him whom you have pierced I will have mercy with you and start fighting for you.

If you would have chosen Me from the very birth of your nation and lived holy righteous lives, not a single person would have lost their lives before their days were completely numbered.
You took the birth of your nation for granted, but the birth of your own children you reject and encourage anyone to do the same.

Sadly too many people have lost their lives before their time, and way too many lost their souls eternally – and many more will follow.
Do you know how my heart grieves about it?
Do you know how much pain I suffered for each single soul and shed My precious blood?
If you reject Me of what I have done for you, you will be cast at the end into the fire of Gehenna.

Yet you are blind and think, all of you Jews will enter My kingdom and the rest of the world shall go to hell.
But I tell you, no, you err in every aspect.
You blind leaders of the blind guide many in the same pit of destruction you dug and hindered too many who desired life eternal to enter My kingdom.
Millstones will come for you.
I showed you the way when I gave Myself on the cross, but you have mocked Me and still spit into My face.
And again, at the same time you hinder those who want to come to Me.

The time will come when you will become very hungry for My word.
You will seek and not find.
You had a chance to hear Me in your synagogues, at home and in the streets.
But all you did is to chase those away who spoke and still speak of My grace and mercy or try to warn you about My coming wrath.
Unless your righteousness don’t exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees the door for you to enter My kingdom will be locked forever.

Israel, listen!
Listen to Me and not to sorcerers and doctrines of devils.
I am the way the truth and the life and not one single Jew, not one son of Israel, not one descendant of Adam and Chavah will come to the Father but by Me.
I am the Alef and Tav, the beginning and end.
And I declare the end now.
My word is the only thing that remains the same yesterday, today and forever.

It is the last hour and soon the world will no longer be as you knew it used to be.
Israel, you are still the apple of My eye, but you feel to me as the beam in the eye where the gentiles are a speck compared to you.

Whether Jew or gentile, My love is for all, My salvation is for each and every person.
Heaven and hell is for both – the way to eternal life is narrow where few are walking there and the road to eternal destruction is wide with many are on this road, filled with all tribes of Israel, including the gentiles.
One day there will be many before My throne from every nation, tribe, peoples and tongues.

End of Prophecy

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