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Word 2024/04/12 Iran vs. America (west)

Prophetic word, given on 2024-04-12, 2:50am

As you read the headline you may wonder, what will it be.
But to receive deeper insight and wisdom how to look at this prophecy, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you.

Beginning of Prophecy

how the world looks on this, your country.
Brainwashed by propaganda, the western world thinks this is the axis of evil.
Are your kings and rulers better than theirs?

At the top of all evil is America.
How many wars have you (America) initiated?
How many Iran?
How many unborn babies have you murdered and how many the people in Iran?
Do you think I fall upon your deception to believe your words and definition who is good and who is evil?

Not much longer and there will be more people in Iran who follow Me as My true disciples than in America.
Let real troubles come to America and it will reveal the lukewarm faith there.
People in Iran faced already a lot of hardships, things you would never be able to handle.
But to you America and Europe I say: It will come to you and the faith of many will fail.

You have the label ″In God we trust″ on your worthless dollar papers.
Since when do I have anything in common with your Mammon god?
Never ever, from the very beginning it was not about Me, but the god of this world, the fallen powers of heaven.
When this, your god will fall, what are you gonna do in your churches?
How will you be able to convince the audience about prosperity?
What are you going to preach when the Dollar is crumbled?
Your world will fall apart but the hearts of the Iranian people will prosper in Me.

While they are attacked on all fronts, from their own wicked government and also from the western nations including Israel, they have nothing to hold on but unto Me.
Many realized their Islam idol god never gave them any Shalom in their hearts.
They recognized all their religious activities never filled their hearts with any joy and love.

From time to time I go around in Iran and reveal Myself to them of who I am in dreams and visions and even in person.
When I ask them to invite Me into their hearts, they don’t argue with logic or intellectual theology.
As soon as I visit them, their hearts start to shine bright like the sun at noon.
And once I pour out My love upon them they will never leave Me.
Even when I say that they will be persecuted, they rather are willing to die than to forsake Me.

And what will you do when I take away your possessions in America and western Europe?
When this will take place it will show the hearts of you and reveals who truly is your Elohim.
Many will fall away in the west, but the people in Iran will stay with Me once they have invited Me in their hearts, no matter what.
Yes, also in Iran there are some who hang more on their belongings, but only relatively few.
But all in all they love their (eternal) lives more than their possessions and don’t worry if all their materialistic garbage will be taken away.

So I ask you, do you still believe Iran is evil or in the axis of evil?
Look into the mirror and you will see there is none good, not one!
If you find yourself in there, adjust your mind and repent from believing a lie.
I love every person who looks into a mirror and realize who he is without Me: A lost wretched sinner who needs My forgiveness, grace and mercy.
How much more I would love if you would look at Me instead into a mirror or into your selfish rectangular toys in your hands, and ask Me for forgiveness, so I can save you from your sins.

No nation can be good or evil, only people who live there.
If you follow other gods you will cause the best land that flows with milk and honey to become a desolate place because My blessing will not be upon it.
But if you turn to Me and keep My commandments I will give rain in season, bless your land and multiply you therein.
It doesn’t matter if your land is called China, Russia, Africa, America or Iran.
I will not accept anyone to enter My kingdom who hate people only because you have been told so.
I have commanded you in love and not by force to love Me and your neighbor.
And regardless if Iran is next to you or thousands of miles away, some of them might sit next to you at My wedding feast – and will be… a very close neighbor.
You can hate the sins of those who hate Me, but better hate your own sin instead pointing the finger to anyone.
I don’t want anyone to perish but everyone have eternal life.

End of Prophecy

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