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Word 2024/04/09 Forever!

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-04-09 8:00pm

Before you listen or read, make sure you ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you to give you full understanding of this word with all metaphors and of course we prophesy in part. It speaks a lot of ″they″, let the Ruach help you to know who is addressed.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Forever… men want to live
Evil men are on the forefront to believe they, can become immortal.
They drink the blood of babies, steal the hearts and other organs of the teenagers from time to time and eat the food of their neighbors.
But they never come to Me and ask for forgiveness, so I can give them eternal life,l so that they will live forever.

They, like in Noachs time never think it would ever rain.
They laugh at My children, mock Me and blaspheme My Holy Name.
Sodom and Gomorrah is light years away in wickedness from this perverse generation today.
And indeed, it will rain; not only water, fire and sulfur but also everything what men placed or sprayed in the sky.
Above this, wormwood and finally the stars, those who didn’t obey Me and have left their place.

Oh you fools in high places, thinking you can hide in massive underground structures of concrete and steel, while you steal the hope and future of humanity.
There is a ″gift″ waiting for you unrepentant of hearts.
Five months and two witnesses!
A time, when death will flee from you, according to your desire to live forever.
But then, how comes when you will suddenly change your mind and desire to die?

Why are you not willing to feel the same pain as the ones you oppress?
You torture little children for your gluttonous greedy desire and lust.
Like the pharisees you bind laws upon the population but exclude yourself from it.

Leaders and rulers and all those behind the scenes who pull the strings, let this be known to you.
I see every step you make, and hear every word out of your mouth and know all your secret thoughts.
Nothing is hidden from Me.
Even while you think if you surround yourself with demons and wicked rulers of the heavenly places and the pit of hell, (that) they will be able to shield your dirty deeds from My eyes.

All those dark forces are nothing to Me.
Yet I will not chase them away from you.
If you would truly repent, and turn to Me, all demons around and in you would scream in fear and flee.
Then (in order) to keep your face, every now and then you say to the public: ″oh we did a little mistake″ while you intentionally murdered millions upon millions of people.
You will never be able to hide your sinister motivation from Me.

The day will come, when some of you will be eaten alive by the same demons you believe in your delusion will protect you.
And when this happens, you will the more blame Me for your misery and pain while continue blaspheme My Holy Name.
Forever these fallen ones will eat you, if you don’t repent now and change your ways.
Once the breath that I have given you is taken away from you, it will be too late to repent, whether it will be today or tomorrow, but I’ll let you know it will come.

But I have also a ″gift″ for My beloved ones, those who love Me and keep My commandments.
Five loaves and two fish in the hand of a little boy will be enough to provide everything you need – and more so, there will be a lot of leftover for the widows, orphans, poor and needy.

While the wicked elite and their friends and supporters denied even one single breadcrumb that falls from their saturated tables for the poor end needy, My beloved ones will feed them, clothe them and visit them in their desperation.
Yes, for a short while it will be to show you My great love.

Only a hand full of the power-hungry rulers will repent and accept My love and show it by the refunds they make to compensate the destruction’s to those whom they have raped.
That will cause them to be stoned to death by their former wicked buddies as it will be seen in their eyes as breaking the covenant with the devil they signed.

Furious as the devil himself the focus of the wicked elite is to erase truth and righteousness completely out of this world.
And their effort to do so will increase rapidly.
The man to accomplish all wickedness is already put in place.
But it won’t be possible for him to come on stage before I give him permission.
And indeed, this is, what makes all of them more furious against Me.

They know their time is short and the reign of the lawless one in chaos and destruction will be just for a short season.

At the end of all battles when I speak the final word, those who are Mine will be with Me forever, while those who never accepted My grace, mercy and love will be forever in the place that I originally created for the devil and his angels only.
Weeping and gnashing of teeth forever, where the worm doesn’t die and the fire will burn forever and ever.

End of Prophecy

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