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Word 2024/03/29 Africa – Money – Repent!

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-03-29 7:00am

And as always, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy to give you wisdom and understanding, especially when it comes to metaphorical and figurative elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:

All the world speaks about America, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and a bit about China and Iran, but where is Africa.
Global players spin the globe around and around, they turn and twist the map and can’t find you.
Is it canceled out of this world or hidden under the bushel?
While all the noisy, real and fake prophets focus with loud voices around the big propaganda nations, I look upon the entire world from a different perspective.
I don’t need to spin a designer globe or manipulate a map to see them all at once.

Though to you Africa, I have something to tell.
First of all I have not forgotten nor forsaken you.
Though you don’t gain a lot of media attention like the clowns in the Punch and Judy show, the so-called west, but there are still a few voices who talk about you, and to you.
From Morocco over Egypt all the way to South Africa you need to repent.
You need to decide to follow Mammon or Me.

All the glitter of Hollywood has blinded your eyes that you don’t see your neighbor and even yourself anymore.
Love and compassion instead greed and fleshly lust is what I desire from you.
Corruption grows on the same tree where you find the roots of all evil, the love of money.

Do you really desire to be completely enslaved by the beast system instead being free and spend your days with Me in a loving relationship?
Do you think I am happy with your witchcraft and Voodoo worship?
Do you believe, this brings you closer to Me?
No way you can have anything between Me and you!
I am the only middle man between heaven and earth and there is no other redeemer.
Have you never heard of My commandments that I gave for your blessings?
Do you not know that the entire Torah and the prophets hang on the two commandments of love?
How much longer do you want to live in darkness?

There is only one light that never dims.
It is My word that could be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path, if you would keep it in your hearts like nothing else and have nothing beside.
Which path are you walking?
Have you never heard about the path of righteousness?
Have you never heard about the narrow path that leads to life and the broad road with many on it that leads to destruction?

Remember in the days of King Shlomo (Solomon) when all his utensils were made of gold, and silver was accounted as nothing.
But all his wisdom which I gave him including the abundance of gold did not spare him to turn his heart to other gods.
And how many false gods, who can’t speak, hear, see and smell do you have in your house (continent) oh Africa?
You yourself are not even able to count them all, but I see them all and each one of them is disgusting in my eyes and a stumbling block for you to enter into My rest.
Repent and turn away from them or else they will drag you into everlasting destruction.

How much wealth has America accumulated or stolen from other nations including from you?
But it will not spare them from collapsing and fall into the pit of desperation and poverty.
Their fall started already when they kicked me out of their nation.
And you in Africa think wealth can save you?
Paper money, as much as the digital equivalent is less valuable than the silver in Solomon’s palace – it’s nothing at all.
He was not able to bring a tiny grain of all his gold into My kingdom – do you think I will be impressed by all the Dollars you accumulate and bring to Me?
I will not accept a single cent from all the paper blood.

Yes, I understand your human desire and envy to live in equal prosperity and comfort as those in America or Europe for example.
Many of you, especially young men flocking up to these nations, thinking it’s paradise and ye all can become millionaires in no time.

Think about the rich young man who came to Me, asking what he shall do, to have eternal life.
How sad he turned away when I asked him to sell everything and give it to the poor and then come and follow Me.
His wealth was the ultimate stumbling block and loads of treasures he could have stored in heaven but instead it became grief and sorrow.

Why do you trust more your idols and fantasies that everything will be better if you could be wealthy?
Have you never heard the word lies and liar?
The master deceiver has implanted this ideology upon the whole world and many, too many, yes almost all people worship his golden calf.
The day will come when this golden calf will be ground to powder and all who worship it have to drink it, but this time mixed with fire and sulfur.
The cup of my indignation is to be poured out soon.

You can serve only one Elohim.
Watch carefully when you worship the harlot Babylon how she will tumble down to nothing in one hour.
Do you want to be among those who will stand afar in shock when you see the smoke rising to heavens, where their sins have already reached and say: ″Alas, alas, O great city, how could you be ruined in one hour…″

Now, whom will you trust, when this world falls apart?
And indeed it is already slowly but surely crumbling as men is not willing to repent.
Jonah called out Nineveh and they repented in sackcloth and ashes from their wicked ways, and burned all their idols.
If another voice will call you Africans to repent, will you turn from your idol worship and wicked ways that lead to your ultimate demise?
And will you answer My call to become a holy people as I am holy?

Time is running out.
Not much longer and the world will become unrecognizable.
Nothing will remain as it used to be, like the temple it will be, where not one stone will be left upon another.
Society, economy, lives, all will collapse, to make room for one to come who will promise prosperity and a solution to fix all problems of the whole world.
But this man is a liar as his father is, and if you join his commandments to worship him, your future in darkness, pain and sorrow will be sealed for ever and ever.
The only thing that will remain is My word.
I am the same, yesterday, today and forever, and My word is the way, truth and life as I AM.

Now Africa, don’t mourn that you have been plundered since centuries.
Turn your hearts to Me and then you can rejoice, because if you invite Me into your lives I will change you from within, in ways you are not be able to comprehend, and more, I will sign you into My book of life.
In Me is life eternal and outside Me there is no life.

No corrupt corporation of this world, nor the strongest army of any nation, no dictator is able to plunder Me out of your heart if you allow Me to dwell there.
Only you yourself are able to cast me out of your lives as like America did in their nation.
But without honest repentance I am not able to come into your hearts.
I don’t promise you prosperity or a comfortable easy life, but I promise you forgiveness from all your sins and eternal life.
All the gold and silver of the entire world is nothing compared to a single drop of My blood – and I shed more than only one drop, so much overflowing is my grace, mercy and forgiveness.
I’ve declared it 2000 years ago at the cross where I finished it once and for all, in victory over sin and death.
But you need to decide now, on which side of Armageddon you want to fight at the end.

You may not understand everything now, but if you trust that I am who I am, one day, yes, one day you will understand and thank me forever.
The things I’ve done at the cross are for free and eternal.
I have not poured out My blood in vain.
It is the power that overcomes sin and death.

Yochanan and Shimon Kaypha (John and Peter) didn’t had silver and gold, but they had something much greater.
My Holy Spirit dwelt in them and by My word, signs and miracles followed wherever they went.

Do you want to stick with this silly thin air product that has no eternal value at all?
Even in this world it is useless but just a piece of paper with a number printed, and people have been fooled to believe this is something very precious.
What will you eat when the diabolic inspired players have successfully implanted a worldwide famine?
Silver and gold will be cast in the streets, you can’t eat them, or do you?

I provided food and water for the children of Israel all their 40 years in the wilderness, how foolish are you to set your hope in money, wealth and fame?
The widow in Zarephath had enough to eat for her house for 3.5 years from a hand full of flour and a jar of oil, because of her faithfulness as she did not care about her own life but to serve My Prophet with thanksgiving.
How much more will I care for you if you would be faithful and stop your wickedness, idolatry and selfish behavior?

My word is eternal and sharper than a double edged sword.
Do you want to see signs and miracles in your midst, true healing and deliverance?
Don’t visit the greedy entertainers in churches who put price tags on their miracles.
The magicians in Egypt were able to fool Pharaoh with their sorceries and tricks, yet only until a certain point.
Only My true and faithful servants are able to perform genuine miracles.
Regardless how real these staged miracles look like in many churches, or how much the devil beguile people with his healing tricks, but the real miracles you will find only among those who love Me and keep My commandments, those who trust and obey My voice, those who hear My voice as the sheep hear the shepherds voice.
Their fruits are witness of the hearts.

I can use anyone who is willing to pour out his soul for the very least of My brethren.
Look at my twelve disciples, a bunch of ordinary and jumbled people without diploma or church certificates, what they have done in My power, and by My name.
But before I can use you, repent, sin no more and then come, pick up your staff and follow Me, and then… I will make you to become fishers of men.
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul?
You have a choice, but don’t wait too long – the beast is rising and is coming quickly.

End of Prophecy

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