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Word 2024/03/02 Ukraine… continues / America

Ukraine… The show must go on / America, S&G

Before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word and to understand also all metaphorical elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Ukraine… will go on.
Not that they couldn’t stop it. But not one of the participants want to lose their pants and their face.
As soon someone start to speak of peace, the entire Media Mafia will collect all dirt and filth and shoot out of all available tubes – and this will be nothing but disgusting lies.

As all those in high places have a lot of blood of the innocent on their hands, each one of them who dares to speak, will also be blackmailed and thrown into the metaphorical coffin… and some straight away into a real coffin.

For Me there is no difference between the people in Russia, Italy, Zimbabwe, America, Tanzania, Australia, China or Island, basically everywhere.
Most people have been brainwashed and manipulated in their minds including their emotions to believe, there are some who are good, and others are evil. But they don’t understand even a tiny fraction of My heart.
I love all people and don’t want anyone to perish eternally, but the time is near and is now that I am about to separate the sheep from the goats.

Judgment begins in My house and those places of those who claim to be Mine.
You will see one after the other falling, but don’t be shocked or offended by this – it must come.
I wish them all to repent but any evil most be uprooted in My house before I can turn to the people of this world.
There are certain people in My house which I have called to go into specific countries, yet many of them think I can’t send them into this so-called evil country.
Remember, there is none who is good, not one, and you all fall short of My glory.

But nevertheless, when I call you to go to Russia or China or Somalia, will you argue with me and claim the things against Me, of what you have learned from TV and news that these countries are not worthy to get saved because they are evil?
And then list all nations where you believe are good democracies when I can’t even find just one?
I can send another one but I love to bless those who will say like Isaiah: ″Here am I, send me!″
Those who argue with Me about their calling and gifting will be left behind like the lazy servant who hid his one talent.

See, how many people I rescue out of the debris in Gaza, and the real number of salvation’s will not be reported or heard. Even a few of the Chamas already repented and turned to Me before they got mingled with the dust, ashes and the sword – and I will bring many more into My kingdom.

The same I can do in Russia, China, North Korea and Ukraine.
And indeed, I work in ways you don’t know and don’t see because you have no eyes to see through the wall of lies.
My ways are higher than yours and My thoughts are higher than yours.

But I simply ask you, if you will obey My voice or stick with your human made ideas?
And if I send you to your very neighbors don’t stuck in unbelieve that I can’t save them.
With Me these things are possible if you trust and obey.
Don’t think Ukraine is more important than your neighbor or the homeless at your door.
But in everything, be guided by My Holy Spirit, also when a homeless knock at your door or come into your church. Be aware of wolves in sheep clothing, even those of the appearance as homeless people, or else some like the inhabitants of Gibeon who acted craftily against Joshua the Son of Nun and deceived him because of their outer appearance and made an unbreakable covenant with him – will come to you.
Over and over I warned you not to be deceived.
These wolves can come with many tricks as much as the professional liars in leadership and in Media.
Don’t open the door for them but tell them to repent unless the Father in Heaven will humble them according to their fake appearance or deceptive heart and even lower than King Nebuchadnezzar; or at the end cast thee into Gehenna.

As of the liars, those who justify their wickedness by distracting people with the lies of war…
Their days shall be numbered and their burning eternity eternal. No liar will enter My kingdom, not one.

Ukraine is but a smokescreen.
Behind the scene the outcome is already agreed in high places on all levels.
Some of the politicians are aware of it, though no-one dares to speak out as this will be their last moment on earth. Yet some of them have no clue, but they all, each one of them have a lot of blood on their hands.

My children, forget about of what you have heard in that regard as there is no truth in it.
I know every detail, and let this be enough for you – I have send you to declare My kingdom and preach My good news of salvation into all the 4 corners of the earth that the end will come and not to waste your time to discuss about lies.

Don’t think America is better than Russia in terms of their leadership.
No, Russia with Putin doesn’t come even close to such evil and wickedness than you America (US).
You have spread your filth across the entire world.
Russia has killed only a fraction of the amount of people than you, America.
I have blessed you beyond measure but you took advantage and turned good into evil and evil into good.
Don’t think I have not seen your sin – and indeed it reaches heaven.
Higher than the tower of Babel.

Not only through war have you killed but also by abortions, assassinations, perversion and all sort of Hollywood propaganda that drove many into sin and suicide – in your country and every other nation.
My counting is different than yours.
More blood of the lives of Ukrainian people are on your hands than on the hands of the Russians, and I will hold you accountable for that.
Yet this will be but a small punishment compared to what you have done against the little children and the unborn.
Don’t think only the blood of Abel cries to me from the ground.
The blood you drink in your secret and official and public ceremonies cries much louder.
Make yourself ready for the millstones.

The place were once I was very welcome, you profaned and have cast Me out of any area of your society.
Nowhere in your land I am welcome anymore.
Only a few spots uphold My faith and love.
If they would not be there, your nation would already be gone and washed away.
And it’s even worse than you think because not only you rejected Me, but you invited demonic Spirits to cover your entire nation.

If you would have done all evil only in your own land, I would have mercy with you.
But you have exported it more than all cargo ships together into all corners of the earth.
You have built underground tunnels, bunkers and cities.
All these will not spare you from My wrath.

I have a shelter for My righteous beloved children, those who keep My commandments.
Your man-made constructions are nothing compared to My shield.
No weapon formed against My servants by my divine protection shall prosper.

Many things will change.
Not that life will become easier but it will be different.
And the difference will be seen as light and darkness.
Light will become brighter than the sun on a bright summer day.
Darkness will become darker and tangible in all aspects for those who practice wickedness, witchcraft and lawlessness.
Sodom and Gomorrah will become the home of the wicked – and the end thereof will be the same – for them.

End of prophecy.

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