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Word 2024/02/25 Lies upon lies

Prophetic Word 2024-02-25 maybe 2:00pm

I was in prayer and came with a question to Yeshua, which is mentioned in the first sentence.
Well, then it happened that He answered me.
He started out first more personal, where I think this is also good to share as it can be seen also more generally.
And then He continued with a word for all…

But before you listen or read, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

I asked (very naive) if the most in this world is a lie.
And He answered:
What a question…
Have you eyes to see and ears to hear?
Yes, you do!
Who has given you the ability to understand?
Which spirit controls the information in this world?
You ask a question that answers itself.

How many people ask Me of how I feel, especially while looking upon mankind all the time?
I tell you, it’s not difficult to count.
Not many and indeed, only a few.
Even most of those who claim to believe in Me are more tangled into politics and other news, all stuff of what is going on in this world, but don’t spend time with Me in holy communion and a sweet loving communication.

Many worship their technological gadgets instead surrender themselves completely to Me in an intimate relationship.
The world has already signed their spiritual contract of destruction.
Idol worship you hear from all propaganda towers.
Channels channeling deep dark entities.

Go, try to find truth in this world.
What will you find if you search online, especially on social media?
Where will you think, you will be are able to find a precious pearl?
In the mountains or by the sea?
Most people cast them before swine.
There, the beauty of truth got trampled to the ground.

Lies about everything on earth, lies about creation, lies of history, lies piled upon lies to cover more lies.
And indeed very much in the center of all, the lies about Me.
Man have put Me in boxes.
Each religion put Me in a certain box.
And every individual denomination did even the same.
Old rotten boxes, and worse are even many modern ones, that are already moldy and full with rats and filth.

New Bibles that talk about everything but not about Me; Philosophy and apostasy instead repentance and truth.
A grace, that is not My grace to grease the pastors pockets.

Only in Me you can find real truth because I Am the truth.
And it is true that one day soon I will return in glory and majesty.

Lies and liars can’t erase My truth.
The truth of the only begotten Son in whom the Father in heaven is well pleased; truth of the one who created heaven and earth who desires a loving relationship with the crown of all creation, (man), created in My image.

I don’t pour out My blood again as in the days when I stripped off My glory to come in the flesh, to be weak like you, yet without sin, and died for the remission of your sin.

Tyrannical dictators spread the lies, claiming that I am a tyrannical dictator.
Indeed, I am the King of Kings and they know it and I will reign forever, and no one will enter My kingdom without agreeing to My ″terms and conditions″.
But it was never my intention nor My will, that anyone shall perish, but unlike tyrannical dictators of this world, I don’t force anyone with the same brutal manner to agree to My conditions.
To repent and be holy for I am holy is the requirement to enter My kingdom.

But I have given everyone free will to chose Me, or reject Me.
When the man of sin will be in full power everyone small and great will be forced to comply to his terms and conditions with the result of everlasting damnation or to become fair game to those who don’t comply and don’t worship his image, to save their souls.

How many (young) men in this world have a real choice when their nation goes to war, to join the army or simply say no without being coerced into it?
Yet, when I ask repeatedly someone to repent and turn from their sins these liars label Me as a tyrant.
It’s My bountiful love that tries to bring people to repentance, so their soul can get saved, because sin can’t enter My kingdom.
And those people who love sin will end in the place of torment, which is originally prepared for the devil and his angels only.

Who of you who have children and love them, will not try everything to save them from destruction.
What are you gonna do when you see them walking straight towards a high cliff or try to cross a crowded highway or swim in a lake that is full with hungry crocodiles?
Will you not warn them as much as possible?
Why these liars call me all kind of names when I only try to warn them about their own eternal destruction?
See, how they twist My truth to lead people away from Me, saying I will kidnap or abuse them…

My word is clear My word is true and My love is real.
But My grace is not a free ticket to sin.
Lies have led many who once accepted My grace of salvation to continue to sin and walk the wide road that leads to destruction.
Lies, not only from professional liars, but also from people who claim to be pastors, teachers or preachers.
Their judgment will be more severe than that for tyrannical dictators of this world.

Too many people will stand before Me where I sadly have to say: ″I never knew you, depart from Me…″

I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear.
Look at Me and listen to My voice.
Let the lies of this world sound in their own dark chambers.

Come our of her My people, come out of Babylon and don’t partake in the same persistent lies with eternal consequences thereof.
Come close to Me and stay under the shelter of My wings.
Stay closer and look how I will prepare the table before you in the presence of your enemies.
Fear no evil as it can only go that far as I give permission.
Only your sin can compromise My permission and your protection.

If you would know how precious you are to Me, you would stay far away from all the lies of this world and run to My truth.
And there in my truth you would bathe and this truth will set you truly free.

End of Prophecy

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