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Word 2024/02/16 Israel – fighting hell

Prophetic Word received on 2024-02-16 ~ 11:00 AM

This is entirely addressed to Israel, specifically physical Israel, not the spiritual Israel and more detailed those who rule that nation, basically the government and the religious leaders, and perhaps those in the background in the dark chambers…

But before you listen or read, please ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding especially with the metaphorical or figurative elements.

Beginning of prophecy:

You go to war but don’t ask Me for counsel.
I’ll let you go, but don’t blame Me if it doesn’t turn out the way you desire.
Remember King David and the results when he asked me for counsel, or how it turned out when he decided to go on his own…
Yes, My angels are still there to give you some protection.
If they would not be there, you would face utter destruction and be scattered again into all nations for many generations, those who survive.

Regardless of the advanced weapon systems you designed with assistance of the fallen ones, where you think in your pride, can’t be defeated.
But you don’t understand, you don’t fight against flesh and blood against a diabolic force, the same liars who claim to help you to bring victory. They can’t be defeated by man-made military or efforts.
Even not the most sophisticated technological war machinery is able to beat and annihilate demonic entities.
This is like trying to conquer hell with weapons.
The only result will be like pouring petrol into the fire.
Though as My word need to be fulfilled you won’t be defeated, even when you will be completely surrounded by your earthly enemies.

But don’t cry and weep or spread propaganda, trying to convince how evil your enemies supposed to be.
As long as you act as much lawless as they, your tears will not be heard – not in this world, because they already see your hypocrisy nor in My kingdom and before My throne, because I see everything.
I gave you the commandments by Moshe and told you to live accordingly in righteousness.

You do not yet mourn upon Him whom you have pierced – that will come.
You don’t mourn upon all those whom you kill.
You even kill your own babies, unborn in the mothers womb, when I want them to live.
You do it to justify your evil deeds.

I showed you the way of righteousness through My blood I poured out for you at the cross.
You claim to have Avraham as your father, yet you kill your own sons and daughters, which are his descendants, instead to listen to Me and see the one in the bush who got crowned with thorns.

The fire in the bush is still burning, but all you do about it, is to call all fire brigades to come and erase the holy fire.
But I am about to make you more jealous when you will see My chosen, a small remnant walking around in the burning furnace without being harmed.
These are the ones who have not bowed down before your statues you erected, Moloch, Baal, the Obelisk and the golden calf.

I hate your religious activities, your worship in your Synagogues, which is not my Synagogue.
The stench of it rise up before Me and it’s disgusting in my nose.

You will see how I will rescue many of your enemies out of the eternal fire.
As soon they cry to Me I will not tarry, but immediately rescue and sign them into the book of life so they will be carried in time into My eternal kingdom.
At the same time many, even the most of you will be left behind.

Yaacov’s trouble is not a difficult season.
It’s all your worst nightmares combined together where you will be tried 24/7 by the real fire.
In desperation during that time, many people will run to and fro, hungry and thirsty for My word, but it will flee from before their eyes.
In increasing sorrow you have to find it.
The sorrows will remind you of your stiff necks and your hardened hearts.

No works is able to save you, only by true repentance you can find salvation.
Yochanan’s cry in the wilderness echoes still to this very day.
Will you again let Herodias daughter dance on the tables of the money changers or will you finally hear the cry for repentance and turn from your wicked ways?
Will you again agree to chop off his head because of the oath you’ve made to the warlords and sorcerers, or will you break your ties with evil so I can save your souls from eternal damnation?

Time is running out – chose life today and don’t wait til tomorrow.
Your people perish because of the lack of knowledge.
They received the knowledge of smart brains who develop smart weapons to kill, steal and destroy.
But you don’t teach your people My knowledge of forgiveness, grace and love – and even worse, you reject it.

Remember the fig tree and number the days of this last generation, a generation that is degenerated – if you have a heart of wisdom.

Don’t think your desired man of sin will bring peace and safety.
No peace, nor salvation will he bring but sudden destruction that is already in your face.
You’ve tried with money to save the world and it failed.
You want to save the world with your military machine but this too, will miserably fail.

You ask how to fight at Armageddon and how will Gog and Magog will play out.
My weapon will be a gentle breath out of My mouth which is enough to defeat all enemies including all diabolic powers within seconds.
But if you want to fight such wars out of your own strength, please, go for it…

Soon enough you will realize how high you built your tower of pride and arrogance, thinking you can control the whole world, when one day all your lies will collapse.
Then you can look back on Damascus when it’s a heap of rubble, which will remain in a much better condition as your lawless tower.
Calculate the cost of every stone you pile up if you are able to.
As you have rejected the cornerstone, which would have given you the measurements to lay your foundation properly on rock.
But no, you built your empire on sand.
The real storm will soon arrive and reveal your roots that are based on love of money with greed as the gardener.

End of Prophecy

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