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Word 2024/02/03 When the ″man″ arrives… destruction comes

Prophetic Word 2024-02-03 ~ 14:00

Before you listen or read, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you though the word for wisdom and understanding of everything including the metaphors.

Beginning of Prophecy:

When the gluttonous man arrives, everyone with a bit of brain, understanding and common sense will know, he is not a friend of humanity.
Yet many will cheer and welcome him with open arms.
The world is already upside down.
But when he comes, he will turn it inside out and outside in.

The creation groans under the heavy loads of sin.
It’s not that things called climate change, nor the poisoning of the sky and the oceans (waters), nor the plundering of all the beauty in nature, that cause everything to deteriorate.
It’s the sin of men!

Slaughtering children for their blood can not remain unpunished.
Trading body parts for sinister reasons will backfire.
Cloning will fail one day in a fatal way.

Where is the limit?
The devil has no limits in evil.
You can NOT comprehend how much greater and darker wickedness can go.

Those who worship the beast and its image and still will be alive shall face a season, which is coming upon the earth, and they (and the remaining population), will experience the worst Hollywood horror movies, will become their daily bread.
As they have not taken My offer of grace to eat the bread of life, and asked me to become a part of them, their eternity will be even worse than horror movies, because no hero or redeemer will arrive.
I am the only redeemer, but those who rejected My offer for forgiveness and didn’t walk the narrow path in righteousness that leads to life eternal will have to go all the way to the end of wickedness into their own destruction.

Oh men, how often have I called you to repent in My vast love, but so many of you have refused and still refusing My Grace, over and over.
The clock is ticking faster and faster as I shorten it for the sake of My elect, so they will not get deceived, if possible.

Deception is nothing new, it has already been here (on earth) since I breathed life into Adam.
Slowly it enhanced over thousands of years, but now as we approach the end of this age it has been exponentially increased.

Artificial intelligence, from where the source is not artificial but in the root deeply inspired and scripted by diabolical knowledge.
And it likes to take control over every human thought.
No, it won’t be able to do it on My true and faithful servants, but generally it will become very successful.
Not for the good of mankind, but as part of their destruction.

My children, learn from Me.
Wait for Me and gain wisdom in holy fear of Me.
Cling to Me and lean not on your own understanding.

Today is the day to praise Me, tomorrow might be the day when you will stand before Me.
I will bring you home, if you wait in expectation of My return with a repentant and obedient heart.

The man of sin will drag his servants and many others away, while walking beside them, telling them one lie after the other on their highway to hell.
The masses walk there on this unholy, selfish and greedy highway, straight into their eternal destruction…
Where is the cry of My children for them, that I can rescue the ignorant and those who have not heard the fullness of the true truth of the good news.

No-one knows the day and the hour but everybody who knows Me can know the season as it is written in My holy scrolls.

End of Prophecy.

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