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Word 2024/02/01 A shift is coming, Turning point

Prophetic Word (5) 2024-02-01 5:00am while waking up

The word came around 5am together while waking up, basically right out from my sleep.

Before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, for wisdom and a deep understanding of all the metaphors and everything you need to know.

Beginning of Prophecy:

A shift is coming (in this world)
It will be a good one according to My will, good for some, bad for others.
A turning point in history.
Nothing new under the sun will soon be no more.
Yes, wars and rumors of wars, eating and drinking, marrying and getting married will continue just for a little while.

Noach is in the ark and the door is about to close.
His ark will be carried above the waters, while wickedness will drown below the waters in the torrents of sin.
The ark will not settle anymore on a mountain of this earth, for another start of cycles and the continuation of the battle between good and evil, and history repeating under the sun.

The next shift will last for a short while and then there will follow another shift.
My finger is ready to point to the epicenter and when it strikes, you will know the reason which will be carried with the result of My writing on the wall for My word to be fulfilled.

Sin reached heavens and the selfish pride that built the tower will fall.
Confusion not only of languages but it will be confusion of minds.
You see the shadows of it already.

Will those who carry the brick-stones of pride to the construction site of the tower of cards repent, so I can save them?
Look, how many needles you are able to find in the haystack of evil and then you’ll know.

My children, make yourself ready to enter the ark, yet don’t forget to continue to warn the people of the coming shift with floods of evil.
Be ready at the door in persistent repentance, intercession, forgiveness, thanks, praise, worship and in My word.
Have your lamp burning and enough spare oil in a can that does not leak.

Seek My kingdom first and don’t worry what you will eat and drink and about your clothing.
Eat of My flesh, drink of My blood and be clothed with My righteousness.

Tell your beloved ones about the days of Noach.
Let them know these days now are the last days and there is no more turning back to a so-called normal unless entire nations repent.

A small remnant always ask Me to hold on and give more time for people to turn to Me.
Have I not already extended My grace several times?
How much longer you desire to live in Sodom and Gomorrah?
Like Lot?
But unlike him, I will not take you out by force, before deep darkness shall fall upon this world.

Like Noach, I expect you to enter My ark and to stay there until I shut the door.
Before the rain comes, you will hear and see My rushing wind blowing upon all flesh.
A short season where wings will be given to My righteous and faithful servants, to all those who stay under the shelter of My wings.

Be holy for I am holy and by that I can move you in ways you’ve never thought it will be possible.
A time and a season for only one reason that scripture will be fulfilled

End of Prophecy

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