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Word 2024/01/21 The 4th Epidemic is coming

Prophetic word, given on 2024-01-21 around 9:00pm

at the end I will share briefly a dream I had the following night, more towards morning, which will be then the 22nd.
Eventually there is a connection to some extend of the word and the dream.

As always, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word, especially with the metaphors. And remember, we prophesy in part, so let the Lord give you the rest of what you need to know.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The 4th epidemic is coming.
It’s all in the books of the accuser.
And it ‘s coming fast, but it will not come unless I give permission and will not arrive before I open the door.
The plan will be rolled out, yet this coming epidemic will not be that successful as planned and desired from the wicked ones.

My children: When a thousand fall on your side and ten thousand on your right, it shall not come near you, nor touch you, unless you walk in the greatest epidemic of all times, which is sin.
This is the true epidemic.

Flu, fever and diarrhea have ″some″ impact, but compared to sin it is nothing.
If your body dies from a disease, it can’t do anything afterwards.
But if you die in sin and without Me, your ″afterwards″ will be in the place where I don’t want you to be – where I don’t want anyone to be.

The world in total chaos, war, pestilence, famine, hunger and death.
Oh yes, all of this is what the devil desires, and his servants are (currently) celebrating the next (planned) generation of destruction, a generator of evil with spinning fear.

Oh what fools they are, without oil in their lamps and they even don’t want to have any oil anymore, except for their exhaustive parties and gathering around the golden calf.
They own nothing, yet believe they will one day own everything and you will own nothing.
Without Me you ARE nothing and earthly wealth is nothing for me as it has no value in My kingdom.
But they never calculated My righteousness and judgment.
Look closely and you see how blind they are running into the pit they dug and continue to dig deeper into the abyss.

False prophets not only from churches but also the devil, he has sent false prophets for himself.
And he will send more out for the time to come of big deception and the great falling away.

Aliens and Fantasies will flood the world with lies.
My children, be still and know that I am Elohim.
Stop listening to any alien propaganda or else you will also fall into the trap of fear.
It’s not physical but a spiritual power and this is what will grip your soul and contaminate it with subtle fearful thinking, regardless of how much you will push it away, or you want to push it away.
It is not the fear of Me so it will take your anointing and the mantle of protection away.
Demons are they, but have no power to harm those who are washed in My blood.

Stay close to Me and be holy according to My holy word.
If you do so, the enemy is not able to touch you.
But you also must stay humble and holy in My commandments.

The return of the Nephilim is here, some say.
Let them claim it, but you, listen to Me.
Who are these uncircumcised giants against Me, the Rock of your salvation?
Have the stones and the sling ready when they come against you and your family.

My word is sharper than a double edged sword and even beyond the cutting of the soul and the spirit.
It will cut every demonic forces and their attacks in pieces, if you truly love Me and keep My commandments.

There is no more time to play with the snake or else she will eat you up – alive to death.
If you do so, repent and turn.
Remember, My kingdom is not of this world.
Hold on to the promises I have given you to keep you from trial.
I will not leave nor forsake you – never ever, if you don’t run away from me by your own free will, that I have given you.

End of Prophecy – beginning of Dream.

In the dream there was actually a focus of the wicked ones to go against the believers, Christians or disciples, however you name them, those who walk in faith of Yeshua.

In the dream I saw many new laws have been be implemented to go against truth and against those who speak about the truth.
Though the wicked ones in high places never mention specific the believers, but they know they are the only ones who really speak truth.
They are not so much afraid of the ones who reveal truth in politics and society, but they are very afraid of those who speak of biblical truth, which is actually only the real truth (regardless translation weakness).
So this is basically what I saw in the dream.

Time will tell if this is literal or not and when these laws might be implemented.

End of dream.

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