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Word 2023/12/29 When you stand before Yeshua

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-12-29 around 4:00pm

Another country, another couch – or some sort of…
In a few days I will be again in another place, whether with or without a couch I don’t know yet.
But since I have a bit time now in 2023 I pre-record it now.
Whenever it will be posted…

But as usual, before you read the transcript or listen to my speech, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you prayerfully for more wisdom and understanding in every detail, also the metaphorical elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Imagine, you stand before Me… now…
Try to imagine how you would feel.
And indeed, one day you will truly stand before Me!
It will be much sooner than you desire, because your life is just a vapor.

You are not able to negotiate about the number of your days as they are already written in My books.
You can only cut them short by not keeping My commandments like not honoring your father and mother.
Also all unholy deeds takes away the number of your days.

Then you may ask, why are the most wicked people, almost all those in high places – why do they have (always) such a long life?
It is not for you to know the answer about the number of others peoples lives and why some can go away on earth for a long time with their evil deeds and others don’t.
Most of them will not enter My kingdom like the man who walked away from Me in sadness because of all his wealth he did not wanted to share with the poor.
Is it not My decision to whom I have a bit mercy?
Consider the place where they will end – and I am still the same today as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

So many children are being slaughtered before they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel of the mothers womb.
While humans have not yet started to count their days… I start to number the days of any person from the moment of conception.
And though it sounds bizarre, by My grace I let it happen.
But this only because that they don’t have to suffer eternal separation from M e as I know their parents would raise them up from day one after birth to follow Beelzebub or Mammon and how to walk successfully on the wide road that leads to destruction.

Most of those, who see their own seed as a unbearable burden, refuse to come to Me and receive forgiveness of their murder, and then, be able to see their children (again), after their days are numbered.
Woe to those who refuse to repent.
Their eternal regret will follow them and rip their bodies in the same way apart as their children have been torn in their womb.

Because of their manipulated corrupted mindset they believe they have not done anything wrong.
But the moment they stand before Me, they will know and realize – and there, they will hear the (real) cry of their baby for mercy.
Babies in the mothers wombs never have been given a voice.
Regardless how much they cry, society don’t like to hear them.
But I hear them and I respond, regardless if people understand, agree or not.

Black life matters, white life matters, green life matters, blue life matters, red is My blood that has been poured out for all life.
Human life, animals, plants, sea-life, all creation.
In heaven everything is alive, even the roads and your home.
In hell, everything is dead and death.

Those who repent and turn from their wicked ways will enter My kingdom through agony, pain and suffering.
But then, after the gate, there will be no more pain and suffering but exceeding joy beyond comprehension.
Their daily bread will be love joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.
Those who dance in fleshly joy through their lives and ignore the warning to repent will be cast into the outer darkness, where there will be gnashing of teeth.
Unrepentant people might dance in exceeding carnal joy through their lives but the moment they enter the gates of hell they will face permanent never ending agony, pain and suffering beyond comprehension.
Their daily bread will be made of fire, brimstone and sulfur in unbearable measures.

The righteous and the unrighteous, both will bow their knees before Me.
The righteous in adoration, the unrighteous in grief.
The moment they stand before Me, I will open the window of their lives (that has passed).
In a twinkling of an eye every individual will know everything of their lives the way I see.

Like a mighty hammer pounding down their soul, the unrighteous will feel their own transgressions, each single sin.
Each person is given at least two or three clear warnings in their lives to repent.
There is no-one without any excuse because creation speaks about Me.
In My presence they don’t need a teacher, preacher, prophet or apostle to explain them what sin is.

They will know everything in detail and will know as well the eternal consequences of they have done inasmuch everything they have not done to one of these little ones, they also did not do it for Me.
Depart from Me, depart from Me into the everlasting fire they will hear.

The righteous ones, those who are washed in My blood and signed into the book of life also will see the window of their lives opened.
And when I have raised them up from their knees, holding them in My arms, in tears they will be astonished and marvel of what they will see in their window.
With big eyes and a face like a question mark they will turn to Me and wonder where all of their sins they committed have disappeared.
They will bombard Me with many memories, as little or much they can remember things where they know they have done against My commandments, against My will – even in full consciousness doing so.

Then I’ll look into their eyes and say:
There is nothing you have done wrong – you are prefect in my sight!
Look at all the great deeds you have done to one of the very least of these My brothers, this all you have done to Me.
And I can’t remember a single sin in your entire life on earth.
The only thing I see is a red trail of My blood like as a red thread that flows up the narrow path you walked with Me.

As soon they enter the gates of heaven, the mantle of earthly evil memories will be taken off and cast into the everlasting lake of fire.
A white garment of purity and love will be given that will never be taken off anymore .

Remember you lawless ones: You will stand before Me and you will be alone.
No (human) lawyer will help you.
No money, no gold or silver, no bribery will be able to buy you free.
Alone, stripped and naked you will be.
No insurance can grant you salvation.
No army or any highly armed forces are able to rescue you.

Once you live, once you die and then the judgment.

Only My blood can save you.
I paid the price for your sins when I came in the flesh.
If you don’t accept My salvation and don’t repent and turn away from your sins, there is no way to enter My kingdom.
I am the way, I am the Truth and I am the life that is eternal – I am the door, the only way to My Father who is in Heaven.
Except the sin against the Holy Spirit, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that I can’t forgive.

But it’s you decision by your free will and choice I have given you.
The way to eternal life is to leave the dirty, filthy wide road of fleshly desires, turn around, accept my offer for salvation and walk all the way to the end of the narrow path in righteousness and holiness, the path that leads to eternal life.
A narrow path according to My commandments.
Though you may sin and stumble on that path many times, but forgiveness is always there like as your daily bread.
If you fall or crawl exhausted your way on that path; remember: I will never leave nor forsake you.

When you stand at the end before Me, you will rejoice for all the difficulties, sufferings and challenges you faced on your walk with Me and in Me.
At the end or your race you will say AMEN, it was worthy every single step.

End of Prophecy

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