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Word 2023-12-07 The twinkling of an eye and THE Lie

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-12-07 around 9:30pm

As always, I advice you to ask the Holy Spirit in prayer to lead and guide you through this prophecy for understanding and wisdom.
This word contains a pile of metaphors, so please be very vigilant to read so you won’t misunderstand the things.

Beginning of prophecy:

In the twinkling of an eye.
Watch out, (how) the world will bring the twinkling of a lie.
Not 100, not 1000 not a million of lies but one single lie.
From evening to evening, day after day only one and the same lie.
It’s the lie that you surely won’t die, which came from the very beginning of time, when the snake poured out his lie as he is the father thereof.
Chava (Eve) believed the lie and Adam swallowed the same.
In a twinkling of an eye the realized their nakedness and in shame their eyes have seen the gate to the garden being closed.

The same lie followed mankind to this very day.
You have heard the saying: if you let the needle pass your skin you surely won’t die, and even your family, relatives and friends will not die.
Yet in a twinkling of an eye, eyes have been opened and lives have been closed as they believed the lie, and swallowed it up, while their bodies died.
Most of them had no time to repent before the reaper carried their soul out of this world into the outer darkness.

And indeed, he is not finished yet, but still roams around, seeking to whom he can devour.
The color of the intake gives the reaper the light to see, who is marked.
There will be still millions who will find themselves in a twinkling of an eye in front of the truth of eternity.
So many too many separated from My Glory and love forever and ever.
Do you not have one tear to shed about it for even one of them?
Repent My people for not letting them know to repent and don’t believe the lie before the reaper stands at their door – or your door, which could be in a twinkling of an eye.
Like a flood the wicked ones poured out the lie upon mankind as commanded by their master and many drowned under the blanket of the lie that they surely won’t die.

There after the twinkling of an eye when their eyes see the truth, those who have not repented of their sin, blinded by the lie will see the light quickly disappear before their very eyes.
I am the light of this world, but I will not shine forever for those who reject My grace and mercy and My blood, I poured out for them.
It’s given men once to live, once to die and then the judgment.
A tinkling of an eye will be the judgment for those who followed the lie.
Though in that moment they will see the truth of what they believed and why the lie has not kept them from having to die.

Wicked rulers want to make you believe by wars and rumors of wars you will gain peace and safety.
Yet it is a war machinery of propaganda with the same lie as from the beginning to fool people.
You will surely not die while watching your children being prepared to kill steal and destroy first through computer games, a virtual enemy and later invited to join the army in the real world.
Emotions and empathy have already been erased, and then they see the enemy as human animals on screens.
Being convinced they will surely not die for it is a good fight for a good purpose for the good people against evil people where the enemy is being portrait as the same enemy they learned to kill.
Children against children while the collateral babies will be wiped off the face of the world history, and memory for the sake to keep the lie alive which they declared as truth.
No remorse, no repentance but only evil will be in the hearts of men in the latter days.
But then, one day in a twinkling of an eye everything will change.
Too late, too late it will be to escape the lie for all eternity.

Many people have been warned, over and over again but believed the lie that they won’t die.
They are the same as those who have not believed My prophets of old when they spoke about My coming, My death and resurrection.
Many did not want to believe I died for them, so they can keep going to believe the lie that the don’t have to die, yet when in truth they have to die one day the second death.

And how many will believe that I am coming back soon?
Yes, even less, than those who believed in ancient times.
Mankind prefer to spend their time in eating, drinking, marrying and getting married wallowing in sin and everyone is doing what seem to be right in their own eyes, instead to fill their lamps with oil, be ready and prepared for the great wedding.

False teachers and prophets promise false promises.
Yet, when I come (back) like a thief in the night in a twinkling of an eye their eyes will be opened and ashamed the will realize the door to the wedding feast have been closed.
Some will never believe but some will realize their repentance was only a tinkling of an eye too late a tiny fraction away from the truth.
Many will be weeping bitterly like Shimon Kaypha (Peter) after he denied me three times.
When I have snatched out My bride, many will stare after them like they looked into the sky when I ascended to My Father who is in heaven.

So many people love to live the lie and others abide in it.
Those who repent after the shaking and awaking and the coming of the man of sin, the one with the lie, have to decide either to live in the lie and die against the lie.
As I restored Shimon Kaypha after he denied me I can restore anyone who repents before their last twinkling of an eye.
The betrayers who hang themselves on the lie on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will find themselves in a twinkling of an eye in the outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth..

Who will say ″hineni″ send me of the question ″whom shall I send and who will go for Us?″
Are you ready my children to stand up against the lie?
To go against the lie is not a battle in the flesh but against the rulers, against the powers, against the worldly forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Remember, you are not alone, go in obedience to My commandments while you trust that I will go before you accompanied by My heavenly army.
You may think this is an endless battle, but no, I tell you, it takes me only a twinkling of an eye to defeat your enemy.

End of prophecy:

Don’t believe the lie that you will surely not die
You will die if you don’t repent before the last twinkling of your eye

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