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Word 2023/11/24 At the end of the day

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-11-24 around 8:00pm

First of all I want to thank those who have been supporting me in prayer and also a few with donations.
I don’t take it for granted but don’t like to make a big fuss or long sermon out of it, like some prosperity preachers, but I am just say I am very grateful for that.

As of this word, as always, ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding and insight, because first of all we prophecy in part and some things can be metaphorical or symbolic.

Beginning of prophecy:

At the end of the day… comes the night.
My children, it’s time to lay down all things that are not important.
Not much time is left to do My work.
You have but a little light, yet the night is on the horizon.
Once the night arrives, you won’t be able to work anymore.

Prepare your homes to become refuges of light.
While people in the dark run to and fro in panic, fear and desperation, you, My beloved, stay in Me and My word as it is a lamp on your feet and a light to My path.
A narrow path you walk.

Don’t turn back or even look back, like Lot’s wife.
Whether your past was blessed, cursed, good or bad, well organized or a complete mess doesn’t matter.
Have your focus on your Future.
And there exist but only one future, and this is in Me alone, your beloved redeemer.

If you believe you can survive the coming darkness in your own strength, good luck (so to say).
Good shoes, very food shoes you would need to run 24/7, even run on water to escape all tyranny, insanity and evil.
There will be no more place left to hide in safety by human effort.
The only safe place is in Me, under the shelter of My wings.

What will you eat oh wicked men, of you have finished to poison everything on earth?
Fruits, vegetables, animals, fish, water and air…
Do you think, all the tons of food you stored in your massive underground bunkers will save you?
You fools…
As much as your hearts and minds are rotten, so will your food turn against yourself.

If you would have used your resources to feed the hungry and the poor, I would promise you to give you from My manna from heaven and you would never be hungry.
But as you have stolen the very little bit from the poor they have, I will ask the worms to steal your destiny, and I will erase your names from the possibility to be written in My book of life.

I gave you plenty of time to repent, but you refused over and over.
Only a very few of you super wealthy people I will hear when they cry out in their distress. Those who cry for mercy and forgiveness and truly repent I will hear, but all others who cry to just keep their wealth, will drown in their own wickedness like Pharaoh, as much as I will harden the hearts.

When the plagues of Egypt will return, you will know!
Darkness will be for the Egyptians but My children will have light.
If you don’t believe the plagues of Egypt were real, I will let you know by your suffering til the last one and then, ask you again.
And if you still don’t believe, you will see death before you die with a heart of stone that is as cold as ice.

My children, enjoy and benefit from Internet as long as you can.
When AI has taken control over it, truth will vanish completely from the web.
It will not happen in an instant or within one hour: but in a very subtle way, truth will slip away.
Then you will see and realize… when the time comes while you write words and they change before your eyes… (then) you will know.
Auto-correction you call it now, Auto-Improvement it will be labeled then.
Improvement, improved by the AI-Enhancement-protocol (as law) of the Beast system.

While at the same time, slowly bibles, those of My truth, will disappear.
First from online shops, then from bookstores, finally confiscated from churches – at the end of the line are private homes.
As soon one of the many smart ″Spy-Eyes″ in your home will detect a real bible, within 24 hours AI troops and beast-forces will stand at the door and you can chose.
Either you give them voluntarily all the bibles in your house or you run – immediately before you open the door or before they break in, without taking any of your possessions with you.

Surely, you can keep the new Universal United bible, because they are registered and send signals to AI for legal use.
Or, if you still have a true Bible in your home and they stand at your door, you can exchange them with the global version (to show them your submission).
But this works only if your DNA is registered in the global-database with their number.
By that you will be granted to continue to live your numbered days.
Church obedience is similar.

Anyone who refuse the disinformation management will be marked as dissidents or in some cases as global state terrorists.
Bank accounts can be frozen or confiscated, and if this does not change the behavior, social credit downgraded to the lowest level.
Traveling, shopping, electricity, water, everything very, very limited.

My beloved, don’t fear but prepare now.
Don’t let the bibles gain dust on the shelves.
Ask Me and I will write My words into your heart, while your read, a place deep in the heart where the devil is not able to access, even not with all his technological lies and tools of deception.
He does not have the keys to all the chambers of your heart.
Only you yourself can give him the keys.

Today is the day to ask, tomorrow it might be to late when the darkness is at the door.
If you think all of this can’t happen, listen to what I have told My prophet Amos in ancient times.
A famine for hearing My word will come!

The AI inspired global bible will NOT be My word, it is deception.
Yes, that bible will sound very much humanistic and from Me, but everything is twisted very sophisticated and subtle with the diabolic agenda to deceive even the elect if were possible.

Your body can die from hunger, pestilence or sword…
But if your souls is fed with My word and your mouth will not deny My name before men, I will also not deny you before My father, and your names will not be blotted out from My book of life.
Stay in Me and My word and the devil will not be able to do anything above your body.
In Me you have everlasting life, regardless if I’ll take you home like Chanoch or EliYahu, of if you will arrive before My throne like Estephanos (Stephen) or Shimon Kaypha (Peter) – or if you wake up from your sleep like Avraham in My bosom.

I can teach you to number your days if you ask, so you can gain a heart of wisdom.
The days of the devil are numbered and he knows it, though he has no wisdom.
The only thing he has is hate.
Wherever he goes, darkness and destruction follows.
In day of old I have given him limits with righteous Job.
He was furious that he was not permitted to kill him.
But the more in the coming season when he is not permitted to kill the ones I have marked with My holy seal – and that will be many… and he will have even less permission to go as far as he afflicted Job.

Only those who take his number he will not target the same way as he knows they are already his.
They might fall by hunger, pestilence or the sword.
Deception increases since the beginning, but when the day declines and dawn knocks at th e door, it will exponentially explode.

Like a lion the devil roams around seeking to devour everything on his way.
Bloodthirsty is he, more like any animal.
Without human blood he is not able to survive and keep his power.
As water for humans so is human blood for the demons.
Only a few days and they will die, thought the demons can’t die but they dry out and lose their ability to see.
Yet there is one blood the devil and his demons can’t survive and this is My blood that I poured out at the cross.
If you are covered in My blood he might only be able to kill your body but afterwards he is not able to do anything anymore.
When you plead My blood upon you, your family, your neighbors, it will be like a shield, compared like very spicy hot spices on food.
Yes, he still might devour those people, but he will feel the heat of My blood, that is pleaded upon you and the people you prayed for on his lying tongue, which will slow down his next plot.
Yet, once a person is written in My book of life, the devil is not able to eat or steal their soul.

Many say, it’s soo bad already…
I tell you, you have not seen the limits of evil yet.
All famines, wars and pestilences throughout history are nothing compared to the coming darkness.
And for those who end up in eternal punishment My wrath compared to that will be pleasant.
In view of the entire human history, My wrath will be very short to give men the last opportunity to repent and accept Me as their Lord and Savior.
The lake of fire burns forever, where all those who are not written in My book of life will be cast.
These are the ones who did not repent, the unbelieving, abominable, murderers, fornicators, sorcerers and liars.
There they all will meet the Father of all lies, Death and Hades.
Make sure that your name is written in My book of life before the end of your day!

End of Prophecy

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