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Word 2023/11/21 Lies, lies and more lies

Prophetic Word, given 2023-11-21 around 1:00pm

Now before you listen or read this word, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word for wisdom and full understanding (we prophecy in part).

Beginning of Prophecy:

Lies, lies and more lies
Where is the truth in this world?
The devil and his servants are working relentless to achieve the goal of world domination.
But they are running out of patience and out of time.
The devil knows it, his servants are left in the dark with lies upon lies.
His servants have set different goals: 2030, 2040, 2050, even some to the next century, they all think and believe they will soon manage to make themselves immortal.
And yes, somehow they will become immortal.
Their soul will burn forever in immortal death if they don’t repent before it’s too late.

In stone they write their agendas and laws, yet they deny My law (commandments), written as the ancient rock of salvation.
They reject and refuse to accept the only truth.
I gave them time and times to repent but they don’t want to listen.
I sent My prophets and servants to warn them from My wrath that will be poured out upon them.
Their hearts are like stone, cold and growing colder because of their constant wickedness and lawlessness.
Lies fill the propaganda machinery for the purpose to fill the hearts of men with fear.
All mankind is under a blanket of their lies though they know the truth yet they reject it.
Blinded by lies they know nothing but lies.

As much there is no truth in any war, the truth you see in TV is simply the same.
My children, stay away from all lies because they will drag you into the wide road that leads to destruction.
Listen or read My word, open your ears to My voice and your hearts to receive My truth.
I am the truth.
My word is life.
The world and all its lies will pass away, but My word will last forever.

I’ve told you I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind.
Use your sound mind together with My wisdom, which you can gain in fear of Me, to discern between lies and ″lies″ and between truth and ″truth″.
There are many false teachers and prophets out to deceive others without knowing they themselves have been deceived.
I have sent My Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and teach you how and what it means to live in holy fear before Me.
There is nothing to fear if you fear Me in holiness.

The coming pandemic will drive many into fear of men, presented by lies of a pandemic that has to be feared as a scary fear, yet it is a diabolic lie of fear.
Many again, will fall into the trap of more lies even without realizing they have been lied to already.
I have foretold you everything.
War, hunger and pestilence will come and are always a tool of destruction.

My word is complete, yet men have defiled and twisted it to an extend that it became almost unrecognizable.
When I speak to My righteous prophets and servants today I’ll give them nothing new but show them more details in a language people understand today.
And I will use little children to speak – My words they don’t know (from their own understanding).
These will be the children who have been conceived through parents who walk in their holy covenant of a marriage as one man and one woman, those who walk in My ways and obey My commandments.
Their children, born under their prayers in holiness and righteousness.
There are not so many as I wish but there are, and I will use them for My Glory.
Taught what it truly means to fear Me by My Holy Spirit, I filled them with wisdom.

And now is the time when I will brig them forth to speak truth while the children of wickedness grow deeper and deeper into lies and falsehood.
If you neglect it, then you have not heard My words, that out of babies and infants I have ordained praise.
It is a praise that Glorify My Holy Name, the Name that is above all other names, the only Name in which everyone can be saved.
I will show you where and who they are if you humbly seek My face and ask.
Ask and it will be given to you.
Don’t ask in selfishness but according to My Holy Name.

Gently, subtle but rapidly the beast system introduces it’s 999-payment scheme, before it will turn upside down in a mandatory instant.
There is no turning back from that form of slavery out of human effort.
The majority of people have accepted already since decades the slavery system they named and camouflaged as democracy instead to follow the King of Kings who is able to set up righteous judges, similar to the ones who judged on small matters the children of Israel in their 40 years walk in the wilderness.
And the big matters, they can just directly receive from Me.
Righteous judges today who are able to judge in wisdom according to My commandments are very few, they are like the needles in a corrupt seed of a huge mountain of the hay-stack of self anointed judges.
Men decided to live without Me, so they will die without Me.
I came to give them life but given them the free will to decide whom they want to worship.
But those who worship idols will never ever enter My kingdom.

End of Prophecy

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