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Word 2023/10/27 Breakthrough, Fire and Light

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-10-27 around 8:00pm (during worship)

As always, before you read or listen to this word, ask the Holy Spirit got counsel and to give you wisdom and understanding.
This word contains a number of metaphors, though some of them look like rather direct, though they might be not…
The more ask counsel by the Holy Spirit, not to misunderstand the word, and remember, we prophecy in part.

Beginning of prophecy:

Many of My children are waiting for a real breakthrough.
Darkness grows more and more yet many wondering, where is the light, what is wrong.
Here and there a sparkle but not a real flaming firework.

You look into the book of acts and marvel at the fire of the early disciples.
3000 in one day…
You question yourself what could be the potential today in a city with many millions of people.

All you see (there) are diabolic fires of looting, rape, crime, blasphemy, prostitution, perversion and lawlessness.
How can a fire burn in midst all the hearts of ice?
Have you prayed for those who do these things?
Have you pleaded My blood upon their lives?

How much time do you spend to pray for corrupt politicians and leaders who work and establish laws and rules only for their own benefits?
How much time do you spend to stare at all the clowns in the circus and all the entertainment while desperate people got devoured by the lion who roams around to kill, steal and destroy.

Are they all Untermenschen (they say) while your eyes are fixed on all the Übermenschen and think they are the ones who deserve all your attention and all your prayers.
Turn around and go to the fences and highways and byways and invite those who are standing there around, idle in their delusion and desperation.
Invite them to My wedding.
There is still time to invite them.
I have still work for them to do.

Pray for those girls under the bridges of slavery, the boys in the slums of their anger and frustration.
Turn your fervent prayers for those in high places to those on the very bottom of society.
Look at those, who are standing way back in the corners of the congregations, invite them to sit in front, so the ones in fine clothing who placed themselves in the front rows, have to stand up and have to go ashamed to the back.

Teach them the fear of Me and what it means to be washed in My blood, with their sins and demons being cast into the outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth.
Teach them to give thanks in everything.

Sit at My feet and listen to My words.
In front of television, Tiktok and whatever snap-app you’ll find only deception.
You may find rather find 100 needles in a haystack , high as a mountain up to the clouds than truth in TV or social media.
Real truth you’ll find only in Me and My word.
Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you all My truth.
I have not sent Him to have a feel-good church service or a hilarious laughter- or a dropping show.
And indeed, He does not dwell in many churches anymore.
Conviction of sin He will bring – and if you don’t see that, it might be another spirit but not My Holy one.

Without Him there will be no real fire, not even a little sparkling of repentance and salvation.
Without Him, the devil has plenty of room to pick some of his burning sulfur from hell and present it in a deceiving manner before the people, so they will drink his poison of false religion.
Some of it sounds even charismatic and real but it will only drag the queens and the people into eternal destruction of their souls.
Pray for them, and let the pastors and preachers alone, so I can open their eyes, so they will realize how deceived they have been.
And then… I will lead them out to the road of repentance, there they will find the narrow path that leads to life.
If some of the pastors then realize when the pews got empty, I might find the one or the other who finally repents and turn away from their selfish deceptive ways, and I can save them.

Do you think I can’t use those deceived minds (at the bottom of society) to ignite a real bright firework that will kindle a whole forest of souls.

All the world stares towards the war in Israel and My children… together with them.
But at the same time they have forgotten that I have told them not to be alarmed of wars and rumors of wars as this is not the end but only the beginning of birth pains.

Do you think I am more concerned for the people who live in Israel or Gaza territory than for those in Congo or Malaysia for example?
Or do you think I am not concerned about those who got washed away by violence in Indonesia and Liberia, by a flood in Bolivia or buried under the debris and persecution in Afghanistan or Somalia?

Most My children care of the things that the media present them regardless if this is true or a blatant lie.
But then they forget their very next neighbors, the children without shoes in the streets.
Do you think I am not able to give them shoes of fire to preach My true word if you would pray for them and share your bread with those who are hungry and those who are hungry for righteousness?

There are many places in this world that could burn and sparkle in holy flames.
There is enough dry wood that could be placed by your prayers on the altar of My grace.
Yet you have built you own altars and dance around the golden calf that you placed there.
And more you stare at the Baals priest’s show and forget to offer yourself as a living sacrifice.

What is darkness before My throne?
Do you think any darkness can stand before Me without being obliterated by My glory?

Repent My people, repent and turn your eyes away from the dark distractive spectacles of wicked rulers to lull you into their games.
Turn your whole heart towards Me and ask for forgiveness for your ignorance and rebellion, when you put politics before the relationship with Me.
Pray with your whole heart for those who are oppressed by dark forces, so I can say to them: ″arise and shine″.
Throw your TV’s out of your homes and replace them by My holy scriptures, you named bibles.

Bind My word upon your hearts and foreheads and meditate upon it day and night.
When darkness tries to comes near you and sees My word in your heart and the light of My word in your thoughts, it will not be able to come close to you.

The same Ruach (the Holy Wind) that ignited the early disciples is still available and has not diminished.
Only man has diminished Him, by refusing to trust and believe that I am still the same as I have been yesterday and will be forever.
Walk in the same way as I have commanded the early disciples to carry nothing on your journey, but freely you received, freely give.
Go in the way I sent the early disciples and preach the truth of My word and trust Me that I will confirm it with signs to follow the same as back then.
They did not had a special privilege, nor any special education, labels or certificates, but they simply obeyed.
The signs and miracle followed have not been to boast, but to give glory to Me.

Let My light shine and your tongue kindle holy fires in all nations upon the face of the earth.
Remember, I will not leave nor forsake you – you can only run away from Me.
If you obey you will break through barriers through faith and by faith in holiness and righteousness.
And one day soon you will break through the gates of heaven.

End of prophecy.

I pray and wish you all to have a major breakthrough wherever you need it and come into the fullness of Yeshua’s word, light and glory.

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