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Word 2023/10/12 It’s here – It’s done (+ Irony Dome)

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-10-12 around noon, 12:00

Before you read or listen to the word, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and give you wisdom and understanding, especially with the metaphors to get all the pearls out of it.

Beginning of Prophecy:

It’s here, it’s done
People may ask what is here, what is done?
Those who have eyes to see can see!

When I walked the earth in the flesh, those who should know asked for signs but none sign was given except the sign of Jonah the prophet.
For three days and three nights Jonah was in the belly of the fish, so Me, the son of man, three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
Three days of darkness, three days to repent, three signs for the end, the Spirit, the water and the blood.
But the same way how they were not able to see the sign, so the people today, whether scribes, pharisees or ordinary people.
Most people can’t see what I am doing because their eyes are fixed on politics, wars and rumors of wars.
I have told you that these are the beginning of the birth pains and it must come to pass, yet this is not the end.

People ask: ″How many more wars shall come; did we not had already enough?″
Do not be deceived of what is being declared as war and what isn’t.
Look up to heavens and the war that is going on there.
The earth is but a shadow.
There in the heavenlies is a war upon each and every soul.

Do not be deceived by what you hear or even see with your physical eyes.
Look at Me and I will show you what is truly going on.
I’ll show you My ways if you have eyes to see and a heart to perceive.
Yes, arrived has the battle between light and darkness and it’s about to be unleashed upon this world in a way never seen before.
That’s here now.

Preppers prep for the things of the flesh with the expectation of what is to come according to their own understanding.
And yes, it’s basically not a bad idea.
I understand perfectly what it meant to be hungry, very hungry, and preparation to avoid hunger is some sort of a a legitimate natural motivation – and a ″why not?″ answer in view of troubling times ahead.

But there will be a hunger coming not for food but for My word.
Is anyone prepared for that?
You have just a little time left to eat My word – and I advice you to eat as much as possible, so your soul will not starve when famine is coming, when suddenly My word will disappear in front of everyone’s eyes.
Prepare now because the time is short and evil.

The day and hour when heavens declare ″it’s done″, the world will tumble down into utter darkness.
Arise and shine My bride for your time has arrived to be a light in the world.
A short moment to rejoice and to declare the truth of My salvation to the lost in this world, in My authority, greater than ever before.

Don’t miss the boat and listen to My instructions while you sit at My feet.
I’ll send you, don’t go alone in your own strength.
You will fail if you step out of My will and appointed time for you.
But also don’t miss the boat then I will call you home.
And this will be in a moment you would never expect.

I’ll leave some behind to do the final cleansing, to bring in the final harvest.
Many are called, but few are chosen.
I will chose the best of My ″soldiers″ the real farmers who know how to harvest.
Many of them will be people you’ve never heard of, nor less expected.
I don’t look upon their diplomas, certificates or supposedly successful ministries in this world.
I will look upon hearts and give them all they need to finish the race upon the face of the earth.
And one day they all will say: ″it’s done″

End of Prophecy

want to mention something that is actually not related to this word (maybe a little bit) but it might be somehow ″funny″ if it would not be so sad.

Someone recommended me to watch a video about the war in Israel – gladly not too long, or else I would not have watched it.
uuuuh, not again this stufff…. uuuuuh uuuh

Hey, no, listen,
He mentioned something about the iron dome and all kind of stuff that is going on there.
I know my ears are not the best anymore though I am a sound guy, maybe because of that, or too many years of drumming…
However, when he mentioned the iron dome I had to rewind and listen again.
Because I thought, what did he say?
Well, I heard him saying irony dome – but no, he said iron dome.
But as I was thinking about the whole thing, I thought, yes, we can name it now irony dome, because when you look at all the details you can truly say this is pure irony what is going on there.
The sad part is just that too many people dying without a chance to repent before it’s too late.
Israelis as well Arabs, doesn’t matter.
There is where the real battle in the heavenlies is all about – all those souls.

For me this war in Israel looks more like bread and circus – and yes, many people enjoy watching people dying.
Possibly many have been numbed down so much by all the horror movies or more by decades playing shooting games.
Lost all contact to empathy, compassion and love as it is written the increase of lawlessness lead to cold soulish hearts of selfishness and hate.

And something else, when I read in the headline about the beheading of babies by the Hamas,
Don’t trust ″the″ news nor anyone in high places and don’t continue reading these lies.
I had that subject here with this family yesterday and I said: don’t forget: before a single shot is fired, the first thing that dies in every war is truth.
If the Hamas truly slaughter them in public, and if so, anyway only the girls, because they need the boys for their army. Yet the ones who slaughter the babies in secret are the ones who drain them first of their adrenochrome – but we won’t hear anything in public about it because they control the news – and what’s being published.

Read the bible, or if you have weak eyes, listen to an audio bible, as long as it’s available and you will not hunger nor thirst.

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