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Word 2023-09-27 As the beginning so the end

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-27 8:30am

Peace be with you and Grace from Elohim our Father.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your though this word to give you wisdom and understanding also in the metaphorical and symbolic language.

It started out as a normal word and then it turned into a poem.

Beginning of Prophecy.

People pointing the finger saying:
it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault.
As in the beginning so in the end.
It gets hot, yes increasingly hot.
No, it’s not climate change they claim but lawlessness.
If their hearts would not grow cold and soulish and selfish, their temper would rise even more.

Forgotten is the past, as all people stare at the bear,
But don’t see the tiger and then the dragon having an affair

Day after day they shoot arrows in the sky
The eagle is sleeping and went completely astray

Far away, away far from My word
So far as if they have never heard

My voice utters to repent and turn back to me
Sin has piled so much as the sand of the sea

Under clefts and rocks is where they want to hide
My wrath will come against those who are not on My side

A sheltered place for My beloved under My wings will be
Yet evil will drown in the filthy deep dark sea

A sea of people soon you will see dropping like flies
The ones remain standing with oil are the wise

Those who wait on Me day and night
Expect My coming in great Glory and Light

It’s not your power to overcome the beast and the liar
It’s by My Spirit, poured out as holy fire

Ask and it will be given to you, more than you can hold
Let your seed die in My soil and you’ll see hundred fold

The fruit you planted in My Word shall grow
Even in these last days there is still little time to sow

Soon I’ll send my angels out with sickles in their hand
Gleaning out the fields in every single land

The fruit into My barn the weeds to be burned
I heard your prayers things you are concerned

Beauty for ashes I make way for My Bride
For sure the day will come, she will be by My side

Watch out how things will make a turn
Unexpected out of the blue, words will start to burn

The narrative to shift more deception will come in
And people will be asking, is this the man of sin?

Don’t be deceived My children it comes it has to be
My prophets of old wrote down the heavenly decree

Like the flood in Noachs time, so the same today
The wise will know when daily on their knees they pray

In time they know to look up for My return
Babylon be vanished and Rome will burn

In all give thanks for the Glory of Elohim
Wisdom and strength for those who listen to Him

The Word of life every word there is true
While the fools without oil they have no clue

Running around to and fro they don’t seek My face
My desire is still all to be saved by My grace

The broad road is full on the narrow path I see a few
One day for sure I will make everything new

End of Prophecy

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