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Word 2023-09-25 Nothing to worry – The end is near

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-25 around 4:30pm while writing on my book

Before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and give you wisdom and understanding, because we prophecy in part and also it contains some metaphors.

Beginning of Prophecy.

Don’t worry and fear the wicked people.
I’ve made them blind that they can’t see the truth anymore.
Driven by greed and hunger for power they run into their own destruction.

Stay close to Me and you will laugh with Me.
Their spirit is confusion and delusion with a depraved mind.
They have nothing but destruction of truth in their pockets as their greatest desire.

I hear them only from afar.
In their pride they are not able to come close to Me.
Yes, they know My word very well but reject it out of deep hate, from the belly of their evil heart.
One day, I will pour out My wrath upon them.
And this will drive them even more wild against Me as they are already now.
Like wild beasts pushed in the corner they make foolish decisions like the one who cuts off the branch he is sitting on.
And their tree is very, very tall, yet without leaves, showing no life.
No beautiful bird wants to nest in their branches but only filthy vultures.

Not much time is left until they all will fall down.
Humanity is on it’s end, of the way you know it.
Not much longer and a big shift will come.
Even when everything around will fall apart, these wicked rulers will still go on with their destructive tyranny.

They never have learned to love their neighbors and will never learn it.
They don’t know even who is their neighbor.
Less they care about anyone, even less than the priest and the Levite who passed by the man who was robbed and left half dead on his way to Jericho. (Luke 10:25-37)
No love, no empathy, no compassion for anyone but for themselves.

As I leave them alone and let them destroy themselves they will mock and blaspheme Me the more.
They don’t realize, how their own sins shovels their own grave.
Yes, their eternal grave.

Wisdom they don’t have because they don’t respect Me, nor do they fear Me.
Yet they will cry and mourn when the hour will come and things will become very hot and then they will assign a superintendent global leader to take over everything, which I will allow them to have.
Even when they will become themselves under oppression, they will not stop mocking and blaming Me, as if it would be My fault, yet it is their own failure.

But you My beloved, as you fear Me, I fill you will more and more, with all wisdom you need for the remaining seconds of this world.
Don’t fear those who want to kill your bodies.
And more, don’t get deceived by all means.
Only in Me and My word you’ll find answers and solutions not to get deceived.

You are walking a very narrow path and it will get more and more narrow the closer you come to the end of this age.
Your narrow path is not like the one where Balaam’s donkey stopped before My Angel with walls on each side.
Your narrow path has deep canyons on each – and this without borders – like you’re balancing on the ridge of a mountain.

The devil and his servants are not able to walk on that path, but they are able to throw rocks and all kinds of nasty things against you. Even words like arrows of trickery full with poisons of lies they shoot against you.
By that they try to knock you off the road.

Remember, My word is your shield, but also trust and obey, so that My messengers can keep you safe on your walk.
Each sin that is not forgiven is like a hole in the shield.
Most rocks and arrows bounce off the shield but if one of them will pass the way through a hole, even if it’s small, it can knock you down the narrow path.
And the closer you come to the end also the steeper and higher you will walk.
And remember, the higher you walk, the deeper you can fall.

Don’t take any sin lightly.
Not a single sin can enter My kingdom – not one single sin!
Everyone with a hole on his shield is useless in My army.
I have allowed it in the past, but it will be not much longer.
Those who have not repented and turned away from all sin will no longer be able to join my victorious army and they will be on their own in the coming battles.

Walk with and in Me and I will bring you home.
There is nothing to worry in My presence.
I am the same yesterday today and forever and the battle is already won.
I paid the price, so you can have victory in and with Me.
I did it for all, but keep My sheep with special care, those who love and follow Me.
You will be able to see things you’ve never dreamed nor imagined you could do, you would see.
But you must obey My voice and cling to Me.
It will not be an easy battle, but you will rejoice when you stay close to Me.

It’s not yet too late to come to me and join My family.
Repentance is still available and so forgiveness of sins.
Yet, it will become harder and harder to find the narrow path that leads to life.
And more harder the journey will get, as the arrows of the enemy will increase.

Yes, the devil will not cease in his attempts to steal your soul.
Until you enter the final door into your eternal redemption he will come after you.
If you feel, there is no way to continue, trust Me and hold on to your faith.
I will make a way where there is no way – and I will make it possible even if I need to give you wings like of an eagle.
There is nothing I could not do or would not do for My beloved children if necessary.
And I am willing to bring you to higher grounds where your fight against the rulers and dark powers of spiritual forces in heavenly places will be more efficient.
Remove all distractions that blocks your view to My Word.

Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer.
The end is just around the corner.
One day you will wake up like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon and will be amazed of all the things I have prepared for you.
Beautiful flowers waiting for you to greet you with their colorful fragrance and their singing.

End of Prophecy

Don’t worry, trust in Yeshua

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