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Word 2023-09-18 Time is up, Worship of good or evil, Repent

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-18 around 6:30am

This word jumps back and forth between two groups of people.
So listen carefully of who is addressed and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word for wisdom and understanding, especially with the metaphorical elements.

Just a disclaimer as I do every now and then.
When it speaks about Me, My, I, Mine (in the transcript in capital letters) it is not this goofball her on the couch but the Lord Yeshua through His Holy Spirit.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Day after day, morning til evening you all stare at the beast.
Article after article you read about the horrible things they do and their plans to destroy the future of humanity.
You name them names and yet you don’t give them their real names.
From Nimrod through the Gates of death and the ones who guard the van up to the man, the man of sin between all sinful men.
Bombshell after bombshell, exposing more and more is all you look for.
The law of attraction leads you to the mountain of scandals and wickedness.
And there you find yourself in a maze of mirrors where you don’t know anymore what is what and what is true and what is lies.
How will you be able find the way out?
Have I not warned you over and over again not to climb up to that place or even come too close there?
If you have not heard my warning before, let this be your last warning!

In all of this you don’t think about Me anymore.
You praise evil by spending more time with it than with Me.

Who are they?
Who are these uncircumcised dogs whose mouths are full with blasphemy against My holy name.
A small smooth stone and the big black rock will be shattered in pieces and turned into dust.
They will be FED to the myriad of swine and all the herds will run down the cliffs and drown in perversion.
They try to cull the herd but as long there are righteous shepherds around, their attempts will vanish like a vapor.
But is there anyone around like My beloved David the King?

Where are those who praise Me day after day, morning til evening and even at night?
Come out of her My people, out of Babylon and Rome, come out behind your screens the blackout background screening screens, the cameras of the diabolic system.
Leave these uncircumcised foxes in their holes but you My children, sit at My feet.
There is no reason to follow their every step with your mouth big wide open.

I laugh at them and have them in derision.
Their time is up and has come near destruction because I will deal with them.
If you would spend more time with Me and listen to My words I would shorten the days of those who constantly try to interrupt your worship and squeeze you like a lemon.
As you all, they are but dust of the earth.

Yet you My children are My dust and they are filthy dust. Dirt, contaminated with poison from the pit and rotten cream from the outer darkness.

You are called to produce good fruit.
And if you are good soil, you will produce good fruit surrounded with beautiful flowers, where the bees and butterflies enjoy as their dancing platform to worship Me.
If your soil is contaminated with all the filth you watch day and night, there is no way good fruit can ever sprout.
Or in the best case you have a lot of weeds between some good fruit.

All those who lead the world into disaster, including the ones who lead the leaders to mislead the citizen of their land will never produce any fruitful fruit.

The only fruit they produce are thorns and thistles packed full with ugly unclean bugs.
That soil will one day be burned in the fire that burns forever together with their father, the father of all lies.

Come to Me My beloved and spend time with Me.
Praise Me with all your heart mind, soul and strength.
By that angels will come down and dance to your worship.
They will sing with you and the more and deeper you dive into praise and worship, the more you will hear My voice and even the angels voices when they start singing with you.

No matter what the bug lovers whisper with their snake tongues, what they say or plan.
If you stay in Me, the rock of your salvation and under the shelter of My wings, they can do nothing against your soul.
Most of them are already appointed to eternal death, but you are destined for eternal life.

Don’t fear them as they can’t do anything without My permission and nothing beyond your bodies.
Fear Me and I will show you ways you never knew.
Hidden secrets I will show you and fill you with wisdom to know everything you need to know and make you able to be always a step ahead of the devils schemes.
Regardless how fast things will shift, in Me you will find the energy to run faster.
It’s like a father running against his 3 year old son.
And even the 7 year old son is not able to beat him.
So the devil, though he is much older than his servants on earth he is no competition against you if you run in My power, and in My will to be obedient and keep My commandments.

Spend time with Me that I can fill you with My glory.
So often I was willing to pour out my cups of glory upon you, but then you went away and stared at the wicked and what they want to do, just before I had the cup ready to pour out upon you.
Wait for Me as the 120 in the upper room.
Not only My fire of the Holy Spirit but wisdom, Glory and healing and all good blessings will come.
If your soil is weak, but if you spend time with Me I will pour out holy fertilizer upon and within it so you will be more fruitful than you could ever imagine.

Repent of your sins.
Repent and turn from your worship of idols.
Where is that worship, who are these idols? (you ask)
It is the ones you find on the screens of your electronic devices.
There is where the beast controls your minds and actions.
Very subtle, slowly you dive deep and deeper into the fascinating presentation of evil, regardless how good it appears when some people reveal disgusting things or destructive actions and plans – or plan things to go against it.
But like magnets they all pull you away from Me.

I know who they are, each single one, I also know those you don’t know – who they are.
But remember, one day you will stand before Me and to some I sadly have to say I never knew you.
Don’t be so foolish like the virgins without oil.
Sit at My feet and learn to know Me so I will know you.
And the deeper I know you the more you will know Me.

There has never been a time in history than now.
Now is the time to be close to Me.
Learn from Me My ways and I will bring you home.
Don’t learn from the wicked ones, they know nothing but to kill steal and to destroy.
They learned it from their father, the father of all lies.

I have a place prepared for you, to dwell with Me forever and ever.
My love for you you can’t comprehend.
Time is short and if you don’t repent and stay close to Me you will find yourself one day surrounded by dark clouds of lies.
You need to know My truth or else you will get deceived.
Listen to My word day after day, morning til evening and meditate about Me at night, when you sleep.
I will give you rest in midst chaos, trials and troubles.
In Me you will have peace that exceeds your understanding.

My bride, I am coming soon.
I will not leave you as orphans in this world.
The promises of the devil is worldly fame, riches and success but the price will be eternal unbearable pain and suffering beyond imagination.
My promises are Yes and Amen where I paid the price for you.
In the world you have trouble and will suffer.
You suffer for me, but if you remain in Me I will wipe every tear away and where I am there will be no more pain nor suffering in all eternity.
I am waiting for you to turn away from your idol worship and may you tear down the altars of Baal you hold in your hands or on the desks of your tables.

I will be there for you.
This world will pass away but My word will last forever.
Get down on your knees and I will kneel beside you.
If you need new knees to be able to kneel, ask Me and I will hear.
There is nothing too difficult for Me.

End of Prophecy

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