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Word 2023-09-14 People in high places: Repent NOW!

Prophetic Word 2023-09-14 7:00am during breakfast.

As always, before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy to give you full meaning and understanding.

Actually, interrupting me in midst breakfast I don’t like so much no matter from whom – that’s where my day begins.
At lunch or dinner I am fine with – but nevertheless, the word arrived and I wrote it down.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Oh people in high places, how long shall I watch your wickedness?
Do you not know I have many millstones prepared for you?
With them around your stiff necks, you will be cast into the deepest sea of destruction, if you do not repent and ask for forgiveness.

You eat the children, play games that even adults would not like to play.
In your hidden chambers you abuse them and laugh, thinking, no-one sees.
You fools:
I see your every move!

You force in many countries the children to be sent to places you name school.
But there you installed teachings of demons and doctrines of the devil.
You name it education, I call it indoctrination.

Many of these children who have been squeezed into your construct of an evil system labeled as schools (or education) could have became geniuses, if they would have been raised up in healthy families where they have been taught My ways.
But you have prevented it.
By that you have killed them and their callings by the perversion you allow and you promote heavily evil spirits to enter, to be taught in those buildings called school.

With many laws you prevented families to be able to keep My commandments to be fruitful and multiply.
The one fruit in the wombs you joyfully trample down with big smiles on your faces.
And those who make it out of the wombs you mutilate them right away with toxic injections.
Your diabolic liquid in their bodies prevent them from growing the way I have intended – and you know that.

You say, it’s mandatory and good for their health and the health of their neighbors.
But No, and you know it’s only for the benefit and profit for a few vultures in high places, companies who produce these toxic liquids.
Finally it’s a life time river from these children that flows into your greedy throats, that can never be satisfied.

If you don’t repent NOW, that river will bring you down and in all eternity you will be injected with toxins of hell’s fire.
It is a venom,mixed with burning sulfur and unbearable pain.

Billions of children and unborn cry out of the ground to Me.
I will not neglect their cry to have mercy.

You have cast Me out of school and I will not go back there anymore, regardless how much you might change the laws or if the parents even will ask Me to come into the classrooms.
Too far you have already gone with idols on every corner, blasphemy out of teachers mouths and the implementation of disgusting filthy doctrines.
Be happy in your fight yourselves against perverse demons, but don’t blame Me when something bad will happen there.

If you don’t repent and don’t take completely down the entire system of deceitful education and health, I will not fill these places with my presence of Glory and Love anymore.
Nor will I assign anymore My messengers (My angels) to guard these places.
Not from outside, not from inside.

Let children be children and don’t hinder them to come to Me because theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The price you will pay if you don’t repent.
Yes, You will realize the high price if you will be cast in the outer darkness with gnashing of teeth.
I paid the ultimate price, but you reject persistently My grace, love and mercy.

My father in heaven has not sent me to bring religion with a feel good message but to bring life and the sword.
I have sent my servant Yochanan before Me as a voice in the wilderness for all people to repent and turn to Me.

As in high places in government, institutions or anywhere else in this world, so at church.
You are not My church anymore, but buildings and constructs of men.
You have mostly left the narrow path that leads to life.

I was teaching crowds of people out of a boat on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) with living waters flowing out of My mouth.
But you, oh thieves, you stand on your boat and teach them how to fill your river of wealth so your boat will continue to float higher and higher.
The poor are increasing but you keep paddling the same message over and over again.
But you don’t realize, how your boat slowly drifts along the stream of the river.
One day, yes, one day if you don’t stop and get out of the boat and reverse the river, you will drop down with all of it’s wealth, down the high cliff like as a waterfall with your pride, selfishness and greed into the everlasting pit.
Your river flows in the middle of the wide road that leads to destruction.
So far have you gone, My former church.

I already don’t dwell in many churches anymore as I have similarly been expelled our of governments and public locations in most nations.
Slightly different laws and rules from country to country but all bought by bribery, sin and perversion.

The only way out is through Me.
I am the way, the life and the Truth and there is no other way.
No shortcuts can be made to heaven.

Repentance is step one, but that needs to come not only in words but also in your minds and actions.
Repentance without fruitful actions and works is like faith without deeds or clouds without rain.
Empty, void and in vain if you only confess with your mouth but don’t change your heart, mind and works.

If you are not willing to pay the price it costs to follow Me, you will pay the price one day in eternity on a place I don’t want anyone to go.
There you will realize how much I paid for you through My death and resurrection.
But once in that place called hell, a place of eternal torment, there is no way to repent anymore.
And indeed there you will mock and curse Me seven times more than you do now – with your words and actions of your entire life.

From the highest places where you have lifted up yourself by lies and cheat.
But from there you will be brought down to the lowest pit.
Remember that life on earth is but a vapor that disappears in a twinkling of an eye.
Repent NOW before you are gone.

End of Prophecy.

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