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Word 2023-09-06 One single word – Propaganda

Prophetic Word given on 2023-09-06 around 7:00pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word to give you wisdom and understanding in all the details and even the hidden metaphorical elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:

One single word you write down and then repeat it over and over an over again.
In BIG letters it appears on TV and on the screens of Internet connected devices.
What does it say?
Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda
All filled with lies and ties of lies and liars and thieves of deception.

Let us drink and eat and cheer today because tomorrow all other people will be dead, this is what they think in their heads.

Who are you oh wicked men that you think (and believe) you can escape from My wrath?
From morning til evening you laugh at the dropping flies and let the slaves do the work to slaughter their brothers and sisters.

I advice you to think about Pharaoh before you go to bed.
But no, you think about yourself and how you might accomplish your next plot to murder more and more and more and trample My creation to the ground.
While you work hard on it, your propaganda apparatus entertains the people with myriads of distractions.

And yes, you need an enemy to keep the population in fear.
You pray to the Father of all lies, he who was a murderer from the beginning.
You ask him for more advice how to accomplish his agenda – that you took as your agenda.

Not much time I will give you to repent – the end is near.
It will be the end of your propaganda, the end of your evil games, the end of your murder and finally the end of the well-being of your soul that constantly wallows in sin like a pig in the mud.
You would do much better to repent and to turn from your sin and fear Me in order to receive wisdom and understanding and eternal life.
I paid the price for your sin, but your refusal of everything I have for you will bring you to a place where you have to pay the price, the penalty for every wicked thing you have done.
And there in the eternal punishment you will cry and mourn but I will not hear you anymore.

My children, My bride, rejoice and do not fear those who can or want to destroy your bodies.
But afterwards they are not able to to anything anymore.
Your time has come in midst of all evil and darkness, that I will pour out My Glory upon you.
You will shine like the stars.
Unlike the so-called stars of Hollywood who shines in filth you will shine in Holiness.
The stars, these little dots in the sky some may ask?
Don’t say little or small or insignificant.
You are made a little lower than the angels, the stars in heaven but I will lift you up to greater Glory.
Once the stars will fall upon earth you will know their real size and their brightness.
Be ready for this!

End of prophecy.

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