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Word 2023-09-04 Man made laws and Gods commandments

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-04 around 10pm

This prophecy contains a lot of very controversial content, especially in Christian environment.
I heard many discussions about it and the stupid fights about who is right and wrong.
Some might disagree and throw theological arguments against it.
But it’s simply the words I heard and saw and I’ll leave it as it is.
Instead to discuss, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy for more wisdom and understanding and what to do with it.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Government write laws and laws and laws and laws.
Do they not realize with for how much nonsense they waste time, energy and resources?
No, they have no clue of what they are doing.
They are the same as the ones who were around when I was crucified.
I asked My father to forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.
Most of them reject My forgiveness and did not repent but continue walk in their wicked ways under man-made laws and rules.

All regulations governments made is to serve their own interests instead the peoples need.
They have turned their backs on me and away from My commandments.

Then also ″clever″ church hippies declare My laws as obsolete.
But no, they are not clever, but they are ignorant and deceived.
Because of so many false teachers, the people who run into these buildings called church, believe by their teachings that My laws have been taken away or even that they were nailed at the cross.
Have I told you that I will remove My fathers commandments when I obey them (and My Father) and sacrifice Myself at the cross for the remission of sin?
If I would have removed My fathers commandments I would have removed Himself from Me.

Further they teach, it is impossible to keep them but don’t dare to try.
Like the pharisees they know the laws but made their own rules so they don’t have to keep My commandments.
But then they go out and listen to the news from propaganda stations and come back to the pulpit.
There they teach the same people in order to keep all the laws their government have implemented.
But they don’t realize how much these laws contradicts themselves and more how much they are contrary to My commandments.

Have you never heard that the government is on My shoulder?
Criminals who claim themselves as government… what do they govern?
Yes, they govern their own interests, their idols made of silver and gold to fill their pockets.
If you follow their laws, you will follow their idols and their gods.
The majority of the population don’t understand hardly a tiny little bit what these laws are saying.
And indeed, they are written in a way that they can be twisted, turned and stretched in any direction without any benefit for ordinary people and less for the poor.

But then… yes, you want to keep them more than My few clear commandments.
Regardless how much man-made laws contradict My ordinances and statutes, you give all your energy and prefer to keep them.
The same people who nailed Me at the cross told you that My laws are no longer applicable.
You heard this since 2000 years and still believe it today.

Avraham did not fear these self appointed kings, yet they were afraid of Avraham because he feared Me.
And the fear of Me and his love for me let him keep My commandments, ordinances and statutes.
And gave him wisdom and understanding and knowledge above all the kings.

If you follow those who nailed Me on the cross and follow their orders, you will receive THEIR benefits that will slowly bring your soul down into destruction.
Turn to Me and I will show you a better way.
Obey Me and My commandments, fear Me and not men and then you don’t have to worry about any laws and commandments of men.

You can’t break their rules if you keep My commandments.
Yes, it can look like you will break some, or many of their laws – but I will keep and protect you if you stand on and in My divine order.

All human laws have been implemented little by little for the day, when the man of perdition comes on the scene.
When he comes, he don’t have to implement new laws, but only have to flip a switch and activate everything.
One simple law will give him all power to rule and reign and take control over all people and government for a little while.
If you keep His laws you will never be able to enter My kingdom.

My laws and My commandments were written for you to keep them and by keeping them you will benefit from it.
You are able to buckle your seat-belt in your car in order to be more protected.
This is as easy as that to keep My commandments.
You may never have an accident but when you have, you will surely know the difference.
Yes, sometimes you simply forget to buckle the seat-belt, but you will not find yourself every day in an accident.
So if you fail here and there to keep My commandments but it will not necessarily throw you right away into Gehenna.

If you would truly love Me you would love also to keep My commandments as I kept My Fathers commandments.
They are not made to be a burden like many or most man-made laws but are there to be as guard rails on your daily walk through your life and as a blessing.

In the days of Noach, everybody was doing what was right in their own sight.
Everyone made his own laws and rules for their own benefit.
But you know how all of this ended.

So, nothing new today.
Laws for me but not for you and laws for you but not for me is the joy and announcement of wicked governments.
All the puppets in high places claimed as leaders play the same game.
Synchronized they construct the laws for the world to drive it into eternal destruction.
It is a very wide road, full with ludicrous regulations.
Most people walk and many even dance in joy on it but don’t realize where that road leads to and ends and where it finishes.

When in the days today like in the days of Noach they establish many so-called green laws.
All those who bow down before them are so blinded and deceived that they don’t realize all the destructive elements in these laws.

These people think they are smart but don’t realize, one day they will find themselves in places called SMART.
Once there, it will be too late for them.
Trapped like a fly in a spiders web they will be slowly wrapped up and eaten one day.
Reduced to slaves in the pocket for a few.

Look towards Israel.
They are sadly a forerunner of wicked human laws when I have called them instead to be a set apart people.
They designed all the laws to prepare the way for the man of sin to sit in the holy place, declaring the world as his own and he himself as god.
It shall be only but for a short while.

And America, you are almost ready to receive a female dark president before a dark peace keeper president will take over everything.
The woman will be only in leadership for a very short time and then no more.

The fights in Israel are indeed not over yet.
Yet your enemies rejoice as you become more and more divided.

Though your enemies don’t keep My commandments and even hate Me, they know My word, and they will use it against My people to tempt them into believing in what I have not said.

One religion for all is the goal.
If you don’t know My word, deception will take over you and bring you down, down to the pit.
Repent now and listen to Me!
I have sent a teacher, the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth.
But you must listen to My word and believe what I have said.

Don’t listen so much to preachers, teachers and pastors, what they have to say about Me and My word, but sit at My feet and listen to My words out of My mouth.

As long My word is available, read or listen to it.
Pick with My wisdom the right translation because there are already many out there with words so twisted and turned and watered down that there is not much left of what I originally have said.
They are rather opinions of men decorated with some truth than My pure words of truth.
But all in all more deceptive words instead life.

I will be there for you and willing to give you My truth beyond your knowledge and understanding.
By that you will be able to stand firm, when laws will be established that will outlaw My laws and My truth.
The day is near when truth will be prohibited and My holy name banned.
For those who invite Me into their hearts and confess it publicly it will become their death sentence.
Yes, they will be given an opportunity a chance to deny Me.
But if they do so, I will deny them before My Father and their names will be blotted out from the book of life.
And if anyone follows the law of laws from the man of sin, they will never anymore be able to enter My kingdom.
It will be like a signature upon their hearts and foreheads.

Don’t think or believe all of this will be far in the future, or decades away.
No, it will come sooner than most wish.
It will come like a flood, a whirlwind and a tsunami of evil, suddenly without warning (without pre-warning).

For those who abide in Me, love Me and keep My commandments I will also keep them from men’s commandments when hordes of soldiers will be roaming the streets and follow law and order of wicked rulers.
Don’t fear them.
Fear Me, I am your shield and refuge in times of troubles.
The wicked will fall by their own laws and rules, but those who stand on My rock under the shelter of My wings will abide forever.

End of prophecy.

I know, many have difficulties with Gods commandments, but read Deuteronomy 5:10, 7:9, Nehemiah 1:5, Daniel 9:4, John 14:15 and John 15:10
Read these verses and let it be a matter between you and Adonai.

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