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Word 2023-09-03 Our senses in heaven and hell

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-03 around 5:30pm

Pay attention that this word can’t really confirmed with scripture because it catches something that is beyond our human life – so there is also no proof if this might be wrong.
So please don’t shoot the messenger with the claim to be a false prophecy (or prophet).
I’ll leave it as it is and you can take it for encouragement or as a warning or dump it.
But definitely I advice to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word for more wisdom and understanding and let Him speak to you about it.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Have you seen the green pastures of heaven?
You know the green grass that grows in this world.
Regardless how saturated it appears, the green in heaven is very different.
Your eyes are even not capable to capture it.
As long you are in this fallen state, everything I have prepared for you is only blurry for your senses and minds.

This world has numbed you down into a pit of illusions.
Hazy misty all the time humanity walks in the fog of delusions.

Once you stand before Me at the throne you will see.
Yes, you will see as I see.
The moment after your body got transformed, your vision will be clear.

The ones who will be transfigured into glory as well as the ones who will be transfigured into shame.
All senses shall be restored.
Then you will see, hear, smell, taste and feel the was I originally created men.

7 times intensified, 7 times increase, 7 times sharper, amplified and enhanced.
(In heaven) you will hear things never heard before in a way it will make your heart rejoice.
You will see things that makes you stand in awe and wonder.
The most beautiful smell on earth is not more than a bland odorless nothing.

And on the other side, those who reject My salvation in their life time, those who don’t repent and turn away from their sins, all their senses also will be amplified 7 times.
Rotten flesh they will smell that would make them vomit if they could.
Though there is no light in hell, by their increased eyesight, the flames will let them see everything much brighter than it would be with the worldly eyesight.
But not only that, they will see things where the worst Hollywood horror movies is in comparison a Punch and Judy show.
Their ears will hear all the screams of those who suffer unbearable pain.
But for some it will include also the screams they will hear in their minds of those whom they have raped and abused in their lifetime.
They will hear it in all eternity for them to remember how they have begged them for mercy – mercy they never knew and had.
Above all that, though their ″flesh″constantly burns down to the bones, their senses will be complete and even increased as if they have flesh.

Every burning coal they will feel and they wish they have asked Me for forgiveness and cleansed their lying tongue with a holy coal from My altar.
In pain and agony all liars have to swallow fire and burning sulfur all the time.
I could have cleansed their tongues but they refused to stop lying.
So their torment and judgment will be on their tongues forever and ever.

There is not a lot of time to repent.
The door is still open but it’s closing.

End of prophecy.

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