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Word 2023-08-29 The calm before the storm – REPENT!

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-08-29 21:30

As I was writing the word I fell asleep (not the first time), but the pen woke me up
A bit uncomfortable to sleep on the pen.
This time I did not made a note when this happened, not to distract too much.

It is a relative long and tough one, but I think a bit less metaphorical as many others.
But anyway, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word for wisdom and insight in what He wants to say and preparation of what will come.

Beginning of Prophecy

The calm before the storm.
It’s almost over – the silence is about to fade soon – in an unexpected moment.
You have experienced storms of wickedness already since centuries, since the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil got picked.
And knowledge still increase til this day, now in an accelerating pace – faster and faster and faster.

You may wonder: good and evil?
You question and look around and ask: Where is the knowledge of good in all of this – in this world?
Seems like only evil is around.
And this seem to grow indeed exponentially.
Oh yes, you have seen right, correctly!

Knowledge of evil has become excessively rampant.
People became idolaters, slanderers greedy, disobedient to parents, ruthless, fornicators and lovers of themselves.
Whether you name it a lawless generation of ″selfie″ socialism presenters it doesn’t matter.
Evil increase and the knowledge of technology use it’s increasing knowledge to support lawlessness and wickedness.

But the further the people pushed Me away (since a long time) the more evil could take over these spaces they had for me in times past.
You have kicked Me out of your schools, governments, neighborhoods, all society and even out of many churches, and replaced Me with corruption, AI, perversion, idol worship, fame and prosperity.

Now I will leave you alone, so you will have to deal yourself with the devils evil forces.
I no longer send My messengers to protect you.
You can try to keep your doors of your house and hearts secure with guns and bullets – but don’t expect Me to help you.
If you don’t repent with your whole heart you will reap what you have sown and if the enemies bullets are faster than yours, make yourself ready for much worse, when you, one day stand before Me.

May you repeated a sentence after a pastors mouth like a parrot, the thing you claim to be the sinners prayer… it will not save you from eternal damnation if your repentance is not honest and with your whole heart, or if you don’t turn from your sinful lifestyle.
You may lose all your friends if you turn away and repent but calculate the cost.

Over and over I said, be holy for I am holy, regardless of how many times preachers try to convince you, oh, that the old is done away and you can bathe now in eternal grace.
Without consequences if you don’t change?
Yes, My grace and love is eternal, but My commandments are also eternal.
Not one letter and serif will pass away from My Torah.

Make sure, you repent as long it is (relatively) calm.
The storm is near and if it hits, brace yourself… and run.

When hordes of blue helmets come running along the streets, you may remember what I have told you.
At that moment, if you have time to breathe, ask quickly for forgiveness.
I might hear it.

When these robotic swats with their fake badges ask certain questions you can decide if you want to stand on My side, eventually lose your head or comply with the ones WHO have no authority, given By Me.
It will be your choice either death or hell.

When the storm arrives, it does not only bring a strong wind, but it also carries hail, brimstone’s and all the other plagues of Egypt.
One will come quickly after the other.
Not decades or years in between each of them.
The seasons will be cut shorter and shorter until the level where there will be literally not a minute between each plague.
And finally several severe plagues will come all at once.

Yet My faithful servants will not face all of them.
Yes, they will be confronted with some of the winds and the rain to finalize their purification – some a bit more, others less.
But then I will keep them from the hour of trial that will flood over the entire world.

Remember I am faithful and true as My words have declared righteousness.
I will come for My bride and I will also come against the wicked and bring them to a place where I will give them but only one more chance to repent.
If they refuse again their hearts will be like the one of Pharaoh and their fate will be sealed for all eternity.

The works and games of evil will be revealed for what it is, as there is nothing concealed and hidden that will not be made known.
The news, some call them mainstream and all the organizations and individuals behind it, from the top managers down to the ones who clean the bathrooms will not be able to escape My truth, My hand and outstretched arm.
So, all the others of the false prophets who whore with Jezebel and eat of the table with Ahab and Balaam will know Me.
The lesson I gave to Pharaoh was a picnic in the park compared to the judgment that will fall upon them.

Not only since a few years, but since decades they deceived and lied to the whole world.
And this is now at a level where the little truth that was in it is now completely obliterated.
Their truth is now at the same level as the truth of the devil.
And so are their moral values and viewpoints they present the public as good when it is evil.
All good turned to evil and evil to good.
I have enough of your insulting lies.

Doctors and nurses, listen to Me.
Your judgment is at the door.
So many of you have murdered and bribery has entered every single room in your courts.
Repent now or you will face My wrath at a level you wish you’ve never been born.
Millstones are waiting for you to be put around your necks because of what you have done against the little children and even the unborn.
You have killed even some of My prophets, evangelists, shepherds, teachers and apostles.

Pharisees in white coats, oh you fake scientists who pretend to know so much.
All you learned is but hogwash and nonsense.
In truth you know nothing.
You lie about how earth was born and where I places sun, moon and the stars.
Or have you been there when I created it all?
You gave them titles and names after blind idols, gods that cannot speak, hear, listen, smell and feel.
And above all that you worship them day and night and taught other do to the same.

Yes, the night comes with the storm, and it will wash all your ideologies away together with all the houses that are built on sand.
When the stars will fall from heavens and the powers thereof will be shaken, you will also shake in your boots.
You will realize in that moment, judgment is here and My word is the truth.
Now, cast away your coats of deceit and replace them with white garments of holiness through repentance.
When judgment is here, it’s too late, so repent NOW.

Change your ways by renewing of your minds through My word.
Also turn away from your worship of the tree of knowledge because that tree and your knowledge can’t save you, only in Me you can find salvation.
So, turn to Me, I am the tree of life.

Time is about to end and My grace you will not find much longer as truth and even common sense got trampled down.
I still wait for you to receive you in pure love with open arms.
But as soon the storm has arrived your voice might be drown in the roaring noise of the storm of death it will carry.

My beloved, your time has arrived to receive a new level of My light and glory.
It will be for just a brief moment, but I am ready to pour it out.
Prepare your hearts in holiness and purity.
You will not be able to hide even the smallest sin before Me.
Not one!

If temptations to sin arrive at the doors of your ears, eyes, hearts and minds, bring them to Me.
Temptations are not counted as sin as long you don’t start to play with them.
I have been tempted in everything by the accuser the devil, yet only a very few have been recorded in the memories of My disciples and written down.
It was for you to know what to do when they come.
And they hit almost daily regardless of how often you kick them away.

Try not to play the hero to teach anyone to cast them away by your own effort and strength.
This is impossible.
You may knock off a few symptoms like weeds in the garden when you chop them off.
But the root is much deeper – and the root will remain.
I know how to uproot them.

My fathers commandments is all I needed to beat each and every single temptation to nothing.
My word, My Torah is also for you the source to fight temptations.
Whether big or small temptations or sins according to human definition does not exist in My vocabulary.
Sin is sin and not one will ever enter My kingdom and the ones who carries it and tries to enter MY kingdom it, will not be able to enter it.

Stay humble.
Trust and obey My commandments.
I have sent you an advocate to be with you, and He will lead and guide and teach you in all truth.
All truth means all, not what men tries to claim as truth or all.
My truth is all you need.
In Me is all truth as I am the way, the truth and the life that is eternal.

If you stay in Me, you will partake in everything I am.
I do not change like men and I am not mocked.
Men will reap what they have sown.
Some have sown into eternal life, others into eternal death.
Black and white, nothing between?
Yes, nothing between!
Either life or death but both is eternally.

If you stay in Me and I in you, which is only possible if you are constantly living humbly in forgiveness, repentance and holiness.
But then I promise you a lot of fruit with great rewards in heaven.
And this is My yes and Amen.

I wait for you and long to see you here with Me in all eternity.
There will be no more sorrow and pain.
And I will wipe away every tear from your eyes.

End of Prophecy

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