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Word 2023-07-20 Philosophy, Putin, NATO and Truth

Prophetic Word 2023-07-20 ~7:00pm/ 8:00pm

When I received the word, I didn’t write it down immediately, but it came back about an hour later (then I wrote it down).
The reason I didn’t wrote it down right away was because everything was not good organized on the boat or some things even impossible to organize well.
By that, sometimes I put the notebook not always at the same place and often couldn’t find it right away.
Due to the lack of useful space and lockers I permanently had to shift things back and forth in that tiny vessel.

The word might be directed to the majority of the population or a certain group of people.
Don’t be offended by some wordings but be humble and reflect things inside you and more of it, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for more understanding and wisdom.

Beginning of Prophecy:

You dream about philosophy but don’t now what real life is.
You wait for Putin to call for war or peace but don’t know who gives him permission.
Whether you stand and cry for NATO or Putin, east or west, tall or short, old or young to solve problems – it doesn’t matter.

If you think about green, blue, red, black and white, pink or purple…
You as a colorblind are not able to distinguish anything at all.

Is one good and the other evil?
No, not one is good!
But you, oh foolish men without oil in your big think tanks, think, you know everything.
But in truth you know nothing and like Pilate you (one day will) stand before Me asking, ″what is truth″?

As long you stand on the house that is built on sand, the next little storm will blow your house of cards away.
In a twinkling of an eye all your dreams will vanish right before your face.

How many times have I warned you?
Have you ever listened?
When will you listen?

Like the people in Noachs days did not stop with all their evil until the flood washed them all away.
Day and night they ate their children or cast them into the fire with joyful triumphant shout and singing.

Do you not know that I could change (reverse) day and night?
If you would have a little faith like Joshua in holy fear of Me, you could do the same what he did to stop sun and moon from moving.

You have only a few, a very few words in your vocabulary.
Hate, war, corruption and death, greed and profit at any cost.
Love and life, compassion and peace you don’t know.
And if you speak about love it is perverted to the excess.
Soon you will reap the fruit of the seed you have sown.

It’s not about America, Russia, China or Europe, No, it’s all about Israel.
You play as if you are against each other.
But you, oh leaders of this world in almost all nations, in truth you come together as a united nation against Israel, as you come together against Me and My anointed.

It’s not about this tiny piece of land called modern Israel, created artificially yet by My permission and perfect plan.
Look at the fig tree
You see the fruit?
Yes, it’s there!
Time for the last and final harvest.
This last generation now will not pass away until you see things happen never seen before but foretold long ago through my prophets.
Time is soon to reach the finishing line.

There will be eating and drinking, marrying and given into marriage as life is ″normal″.
But like a woman in labor pain, suddenly the baby comes…
As much she don’t know the day and the hour in the beginning of her pregnancy, the closer it comes to the end, the more she will know the season and time of the delivery.
She may not know the day and even less the hour, but she will know how close it is when the birth pangs are going to start.

So my faithful servants already know the season and the closer it comes to My return the more clear they will recognize it will be only a matter of a few weeks or days.
These are the wise with oil in their lamps and they will not be surprised when their deliverer will arrive.
With great joy and expectation they will be ready in time for My return.

The ones who are not ready will be like someone who never wanted to have a baby.
But by surprise it will be there – one day.
In the last moments they will even not be able to deny it anymore, but their hardened hearts will reject the fact that the time is here.
Sodom and Gomorrah was more prepared for their destruction as most people today are ready for My return.

End of prophecy.

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