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Word 2023-07-16 – Many tombs will be filled

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-07-16 13:30

The title might sound a bit bizarre, but so it is…

If you listen, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy
The word might be partially personal, but I think it might encourage others as well.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The tomb is empty where they laid My (earthly) body.
Many tombs will be filled in the coming days.
Tombs not filled with just one person (per tomb) but many.

Plagues, pestilences, war and hunger will fill all the capacity of tombs – graves all over the land.
No, it’s not My desire that so many people will go from the grave to the pit, where their rotten flesh will stink for all eternity.
I gave them time to repent and still give time.
I gave every person the opportunity to hear My word, hear My voice to receive salvation.

There is no excuse as the sun and moon and the stars declare My glory.
All the work that is necessary to redeem each soul was done and is done – once and forever.

Men try to add with their obligations, told by other men of religious authority.
Yet the authority they have is not of Me.
It’s a title, a label earned in different ways which are not My ways.
I have not put any label on them something that they might boast.
If I call someone I don’t need any doctrines, teachings or diploma.

I called 12, hand picked by My eternal knowledge and perfect plan.
It’s not documents that made them able to to all the things I called them to do, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Books are filling you with knowledge of man-made doctrines.
But My word fills you with wisdom and understanding of true and divine knowledge.

Until this very day I have called and anointed many more beside the 12.
Some have walked in the fullness of My calling, some have missed a portion, and others went away and followed the calling of men and money that appeared more pleasant for them than My calling.
Suffering for My sake is not very attractive.
So men’s ways are filled with many people, that I have called to walk My way in righteousness.
A narrow path but the only way that leads to life.

Where will you go, oh men when this world falls apart?
Will you chose the narrow path or the broad road that leads to destruction?

I don’t force you into your (eternal) decision.
But remember, one day you will stand before Me.
And I will look at/into your heart and not upon any documents, certificates and achievements.
There is nothing you can hide from Me.
And before My throne everything will be measured.

If the weight of your heart is the the world, you will earn rewards of corruption.
If the weight of your heart is My love, then, any crown known in this world will be a dark filthy spot compared to the riches and glory of your reward(s) in heaven.

If you still don’t know your calling, wait, as the disciples in the upper room for My Holy Spirit to fill you with fire, eternal revelation and power from above.
Wait, until it’s done and don’t run after men, even if they come up with good intentions or attractive offers.
The hour for you will come if you ask My Father in heaven, who will give you your hearts desire if you ask Him in My Holy Name.

My promises are yes and Amen.
The world promise a lot of things – shiny glittering success that will fade away like a flower or grass that withers and one day will be no more.
Success in this world means nothing in My presence.
I know your needs and I take care of all and everything in your life if you surrender your everything into My hands.

Watch your soul and heart, and guard it more than everything, because it’s (your) life, that’s in it.
Life and death is closer together than most people realize.
One moment they are in full bloom of life and the next second they stand before Me.

And the coming season will wipe many away.
In midst of pestilences, plagues, sword and hunger, there is still My life that is eternal.
Built your house on rock.
When the storm approaches, which is guaranteed, it will wash away all those who have their houses built on sand of worthless worldly illusions.
Yes, and there are many houses that will be washed away into the darkness forever.

End of Prophecy

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