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Word 2023-07-10 The hands of Adonai (YHWH / Yeshua)

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-07-10 12:20 (noon)
while sailing somewhere south of Greece

I started writing a part of it but then after a little while the sea became very choppy with strong winds that I could not continue anymore.
But later when the wind and waters calmed down Adonai continued speaking on the same subject.
He surely know that sailing alone under rough conditions makes writing more or less impossible on a small boat.

However, please ask as always on every prophecy as we prophecy in part the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding when you read this word, especially because there are some metaphorical elements in this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of Adonai (YHWH).
If you find yourself in a place to fall into Those hands, then, stay away from this hands.
But sit at His feet and listen (to) what He have to say.
Maryam gave an example how precious it is to listen to the words of the creator of all things.

Love, passion, compassion, life, healing, deliverance, goodness (with authority), all out of the same mouth at the same time.
Look into My eyes and see your future in Me.
You can look at My hands, but don’t look at them in a way of (wrong) fear.
Remember what these hands have done, from the beginning of time through the cross with the nails and til the end of human time.
See where the nails have been driven through these hands.
Those hole from the nails were not aimed to condemn you.
They show the price I paid for you.

These hands from the one who has the absolute authority above all things touch little innocent children with pure love, unlike the leaders of this world who have a tiny little yet no divine authority .
Though they use it and abuse it, yet without My permission they are nothing.
But they touch children in a disgusting disgrace.
Perversion on every fingernail, sinful dark black and bloody red.
They are similar nails as the ones who were driven through my hands and feet.

There is a difference to fall into My hands or to look at My hands.
The one in terrible fear, the other in holy fear, the reverence of My salvation.

When you sit at My feet you can see also where the nails have been driven through, that shows you how I will bring you through your life.
Your walk in Me is the only direction where you are able to survive – and this eternally.

The world hates you because it hated Me from the very beginning.
The prince of this world who deceives all inhabitants knows his days are numbered and soon will come to an end.
He knows his final destination, which will be forever in all eternity (in the lake of fire).

Make sure you don’t follow his footsteps or fall into his hands, not even reach out to touch one of his fingers or fingernails that are full of darkness.
Because if you do so, he will grab your whole hand and then your soul.
His ways are full of deception, lies, blasphemy and hate.
He is nothing but a murderer and a thief.

Follow My footsteps wherever you go.
May it be a difficult or a pleasant walk at times, but they are light and life.
Soon, no longer you will have pain and misery.

In My home there are many mansions and a vast place for you to dwell.
I wish all men will fall into My arms that are wide open to receive everything I have prepared who ask me for forgiveness.
No sin is too big, no sin too small.
The day will come and it will be very soon when I will close My open arms and take the scepter, the iron rod into My hand.

Your prayers are not forgotten, not one of them.
Though you wonder why so many prayers have not been answered?
The reason is simple:
Some of your prayers are contrary to others and contradict each other.
If I would hear all of them and answer as you requested, your life will become a great mess as answers will clash like titans.
If you wonder why, try to walk east and west at the same time and then you will understand.

Yet I know all your prayers and I know which one to fulfill for your best.
I know which of your prayers are good for you and which ones less because I can see the end of your prayers and the end of your life – even before you were born.
And I know them all, even before they came out of your mouth.

So, stay close to Me and listen to My words.
My word is life and light, truth and the way to eternal life.

*** Note: here at this point the sea became too rough to continue writing………
But a couple of hours later the Holy Spirit spoke again things to write down.

Wake up, wake up My bride, it’s time to hear the cry.
The cry of the rooster (once more) before the king, the bridegroom will arrive.

A time to decide where you will stay – out at the door in the cold of this world or at the wedding banquet.
A time to deny or stand on My (your) declaration of faith.
A time to betray or to lift up your sword.
A time to run away naked in the dark or to reveal the nakedness of your enemy.

My beloved Bride, I am not delayed.
I will not leave you as an orphan out on the streets of doom and gloom.
I am the door, and you, who are sitting at My feet heard it over and over again.

The enemy comes and tries to steal your soul with lies and deception.
Nothing else is in his mind but to kill, steal and destroy.
His servants and handmaiden are in darkness, blinded by himself even when he appears to them as an angel of light.
One day they will realize how deceived they have been.
Too late, to late when they will finally fall into My hands.

My beloved, if you get deceived every now and then, it’s not for your destruction.
I let it happen so each time you learn more and I will lift you up as your faith grows with every trial (you overcome).
But the big final trial you will not face, because I promised you to keep you from it.
Stay in Me and My word, because apart from Me you can do nothing – not one little thing.
My hands are there for you

End of prophecy.

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