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Word 2023-02-24 22:30 Does it matter?

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-02-24 around 10:30pm

There was an interruption somewhere in the middle of the writing when I fell asleep:
– possibly for an hour or so – the indication is, because it was already past midnight.
I could not continue and took a real deep sleep for the rest of the night though I felt strongly by the Holy Spirit the word is not yet finished.
However, When I woke up around 6:00am on the 25th, Yeshua through the Holy Spirit continued speaking in the same style as in the evening before.
Seems like He may have used my sleep as a jumping platform for the continuation – I will mention it briefly.

Note also:
Sometimes this prophecy is like written from a perspective of a third person – if this is the correct way how to describe it.
Then, some of it is also metaphorical, symbolic or figurative.
And as with all words, we prophecy in parts, so the more please ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through this word for wisdom and understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Does it matter?
Does it matter if you are a big or a small criminal?
A big liar or a liar with (the so-called) ″white lies″?
A lawless sinner or a ″righteous″ sinner? (1 Corinthians 6:9, Galatians 5:19-21)

Hell don’t care, it doesn’t matter for the eternal pit of destruction.
Time for grace or relief does not exist in that place.
It doesn’t matter for hell of who you are or what you have done.

Wicked leaders of this world see the people of their nation only mostly as useless eaters, animals or maximum as numbers.
No respect for humans, no compassion, only passion for their own benefit and selfish well being.

But hell… hell… in hell, people are counted even less than numbers or animals in this world – even less than bugs.
All people who end up there are counted as less than nothing.
Though there are different levels of torment that relates to the sinful deeds one has done here on earth in the body of flesh with it’s fleshly desires – but they’re worthy, nothing.
But that doesn’t matter of the eternal torment.

You have no name, no title, no authority, no power, no free will, no love, no peace in hell.
So, does it matter of what you do, while you still walk here on earth in a human body?
If you don’t (want willfully to) repent and turn away from lawlessness and sin, it doesn’t matter very much.
Torment is torment and regardless the level you will end up, it is merciless, hopeless and endless (and beyond what anyone can bear).

If you repent and turn from your evil ways and do good deeds, yes, it does matter to some extend.
It does not matter so much of what you will do (even for Me and My kingdom) but the most it matters of who you are in Me.
If you are/ become born again by My grace and a drop of My blood is flowing through your heart and mind it does matter a lot (John 3:1-8).

In heaven people are not counted as animals or a number that doesn’t count, or less than that.
In heaven you have not a title as on earth but a (new) name will be given, that will identify you as who you truly are (Revelation 2:17).
You will be the one I called and created you to be, long before you were conceived in your mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:15, Luke 2:21).
Wonderfully made, perfect, beautiful and precious beyond measure.

I will care for you in every aspect.
It does matter to Me to see you truly free, joyful, happy and loved beyond your wildest dreams.
Not in a supposed freedom the world is offering, or a joy of flesh or a love that Hollywood presents, In My kingdom is nothing that can be compared to the love I have for you.

May your earthly life was or is still a nightmare or a mess, it might be an ordinary nobody-style or you felt like being played in the wrong movie with Mister madman as your neighbor.

Your repentance and requests for forgiveness matters to Me more than you are able to imagine.
It matters to the angels and all heavens more if the one sinner who repents than the 99 righteous who have no need for repentance (Matthew 18:12-14, Luke 15:3-7) .
Every single soul matters to Me.
My heart breaks when I see the highway to hell flooded with crowds of souls running along in excitement, not knowing that they run straight into their own eternal destruction.

For the destructive fire it doesn’t matter if the ″food″ is called wood, petrol, plastic, leather, human skin, iron or clay.
Hell’s fire is hungry for souls and consumes everything and everyone who enters through it gates.

My holy fire is also a consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:24, Isaiah 29:6, 30:27, Hebrews 12:29).
But it’s also a refining fire that will purify all those who drink My blood and cast their iniquity before My feet (Isaiah 48:10, Zecharaiah 13:9, 1 Peter 1:7).
For hell’s fire it doesn’t matter what people will bring at it’s feet.
The fire of Moloch already swallowed up so many lives, those that have not yet seen the light outside the mothers womb.
Hope does not exist in hell, nor love.
It’s only language there is hate…

*** and right here I fell asleep on my chair as mentioned and the continuation was around 6am on the 25th

Now the rest:

Does it matter if you fall asleep?
If your body falls asleep… no, and I know it – I know how hard it can be sometimes as My disciples found Me sleeping in a storm (in their boat) (Matthew 8:23-25, Mark 4:37-40).
But they, three of them in the garden were not able to stay awake for even one hour in my final pleading in my prayers to My Father in Heaven.
Not once they fell asleep, not twice…. but three times (Matthew 26:40-46, Mark 14:37-42).
Only the betrayer was not tired to come and find me in the middle of the night and kiss me (Matthew 26:46-49, Mark 14:42-45).

The concerns of this world have made them so tired because My Holy Spirit have not yet refreshed them yet with understanding.
But the day came when they woke up and stayed awake til the end until their tents have been taken up to heaven.

If My Holy Spirit wakes you up but you let your spirit go to sleep, it’s a real serious matter.
You will realize the trouble, when you wake up, that you have better repented (before) instead.
I created your spirit and soul in a way that is does not need any sleep at all.
Only you yourself by your own will can put them to sleep like a little baby in a manger, if you refuse the eternal savior who came in the flesh as a baby in a manger to meet you (Luke 2:6-17).
And it also matters, if you let that baby remain in the manger or if you let him grow and become your Master.

Too many people in their religious blindness kiss his earthly mother who weeps in heaven because of it, but the baby never grew for them – but stayed as a little toddler in the mothers arms.
It will matter for you, if you do that.
You need to realize, the baby became a man, carried you sins all the way to the cross (1 Peter 2:24).
The veil of your blindness was torn as the veil in the temple if you look inside your heart for those who have eyes to see (Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38, Luke 23:45).

I have the keys of life and death (Revelation 1:18).
Does it matter if you live in blindness or in My truth, and if your future will be eternal life or death?
Oh yes, it matters a lot and My heart breaks in tears for so many people who don’t care about their eternal destination.
Distractive lies of this world is all they are focused on.

I will not come again to die for your sins.
I don’t need to take away the sins of this world again.
I don’t come again as a baby in a manger.
I Am who I Am and I never change, so the power of My blood (Exodus 3:14, James 1:17).
The victory is Mine and so your victory can only be found in Me.

It matters truly, which way you chose.
Either you follow Me or the world.
Either you live in repentance or in rebellion.
You can’t walk on two different roads towards two contrary directions at the same time.
Only one master you can serve (Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13).

The narrow path, paved in repentance and decorated with forgiveness leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14).
It doesn’t matter to Me how often you stumble and fall or fall asleep on that path.
In righteousness with a humble heart you will… yes, you will, one day, stand before Me and be with Me forever and ever.
There you will never again stumble and fall or fall asleep anymore.

When I come for My bride, there I will find some people with oil in their lamps.
But it doesn’t matter to me if I will find them asleep, as they have been waiting patiently for such a long time.
But those many people, who don’t expect Me to come suddenly will be left behind when the door is being closed.
These are the ones without oil (Matthew 25:1-13).
Make sure your heart is ready and washed in My blood to expect Me to come at any moment.
Any moment now as the time is running out.

My disciples 2000 years ago lived in that expectation.
How foolish are you to discuss and quarrel about the time, season, day and hour.
It doesn’t matter to Me what theology you follow.
As soon My Father gives the “green light”… in a twinkling of an eye I will be out to meet My beloved ones.
If you have a hard time to wait and get tired, I am not getting tired, and My desire to take you home where I am is far greater than anyone can imagine.
Or would you hesitate, listening to teachers, preachers and philosophers before to go to your wedding, especially if your love for your beloved is far greater than the greatest love you’ve ever heard of?

If you hang on to your theology and theory you will soon enough know if it matters where your heart is.
If your heart is focused on Me alone like My early disciples or if you walk with Me like Chanoch every day, it does not matter if I come today or tomorrow, but you would desire Me to come back now – immediately! (Genesis 5:24)

If you live in rebellion or unforgiveness it doesn’t matter when I come.
By no means you will meet Me in peace when I arrive in front of your face.
I might take a few like Lot by force out of this world of sodomites, pedophiles and gomorrites – but a very few (Genesis 19:1-29).

The rest, the majority have to go through the final fire.
Some will come out refined, yet the most will come out as ashes without any garland of beauty.
Wait just a tiny bit and you will see.

Disasters, tumults, death, crime and corruption will rise like never before until it’s peak.
The earth will shake the same way and spill out old ashes with molten rocks from it’s mouth.
The beginning of the end is about to begin (Matthew 24:4-8, Mark 13:5-8).
Not in a way you have been told or predict but by deceptive deceptions, far beyond anything you’ve ever heard or taught of.

As Covid hit the world synchronized by diabolic powers, nobody was really prepared, except those who planned and orchestrated it.
And the next deception will arrive suddenly again with most people unaware until it’s too late to wake up – and then the curtain will close, and the door to the ark – and the waters will rise.

The lies of the devil have almost no limits except My permission.
So now, as the world is corrupt like in the days of Noach you will know what to do (Matthew 24:37-38, Luke 17:26-27).
The ark is waiting to take you home (1 Peter 3:20).
Stand ready at the door prepared with the lamp burning and oil before the rain will hit the ground to enter.

This is the last generation and they will see all these things that are written in My Holy scrolls.
The woman is about to give birth (Revelation 12:1-6).
The last contractions are coming.
And it will matter for you and for Me where your heart and eternity will be.

End of prophecy.

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