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Word 2023-02-10 Earthquake 7, signs and wonders

Prophetic word, given 2023-02-10 around 17:00Hrs

This prophecy relates to the video I posted about the Earthquake in Turkey on 2023-02-10 around 5pm
There while posting it, Yeshua guided my eyes to the earthquake into a different perspective and showed me something before He started to give more.

Please, ask the Holy Spirit for yourself to lead and guide you through this word and give you understanding, wisdom and knowledge, and to get the deeper level of the meaning.
Also read carefully as there are some conversations taking place in this prophecy.
The timeline in this word contains, past, present and future.
As bounces back and forth in time which can easily led to a misinterpretation of the word.
Related scriptures I drop right into this transcript.
There might be more, but I’ll leave it up to you to search more in scripture.

Two images are here to display what He showed me before He started to speak.

Turkey 1
Turkey 2
Turkey 3

Start of Prophecy:

Take a look: You see the number 7 engraved!
Signs on earth and in the sky – coming, it’s coming, more and more it will be shown.
Subtle still but clearer with each passing time.

7 Thunders, 7 seals, 7 stars, 7 Menorahs (lampstand), 7 Spirits, 7 bowls, 7 years, 7 plagues out of Ten. (Revelation diverse) (Exodus 7-11)
Pharaoh had the opportunity after each plague to repent but he did not, even not after the last (when the firstborn died), yet he had to let the children of Israel go out. (Exodus 12-13)
The sea was the end of his kingdom and Egypt never became an empire again. (Exodus 14-15)
His name was blotted out of the lambs book of life.

You will hear 7 thunder with signs on earth and in the sky. (Revelation 10:3-4)
You see the 7 seals being broken, one by one. (Revelation 5-6)
You shall see 7 bowls of My wrath been poured out upon the earth. (Revelation 15:7)
It’s time to repent – it’s time to repent,it’s time to come to Me.

7 wonders will be performed.
7 for My children by the hand of My Father.
7 of the sheep in wolf’s clothing that will lead many onto the road of destruction through deception.
Signs of healing and deliverance, yet from both these two different sources.
Some of it already happened as I gave certain people a great gift to stretch out their hands for healing and deliverance – by My power, by My blood.
Sadly almost all of them did not gave glory to Me but kept on building their own empires by all the generous thanksgivings coming in.
Prosperous kingdoms of wealth and pleasure yet My glory does not abide with them anymore.
Still to this day many continue their show with deceptive spirits.
If they don’t repent before it’s too late they will recognize what it means to be under the 7 bowls of My wrath. (Revelation 15:7)

More signs will be shown in the sky with darkness beyond measure.
Scientists will be baffled, media will sweep it under the rug of lies.
The backstage players will laugh and tap themselves on their shoulders for their great successful deceptions.
It will continue until that day when the darkness they created in their deep underground chambers will artificially start to chase them.
In fear they will run and run and run, yet no way to be found to escape because I will block every entry they try to escape.

Then they will say to one another: ″How could that have happened?
We’ve spent so much time and effort in programming our entities with God’s enmities.
We spent centuries of testing, even testing live on millions of humans and everything went well until that very day when the 7 appeared to us in the sky.
How can only 2 old men in funny dress interrupt our plans for our lord? (Revelation 11:1-6)
We served him faithfully for ages, bringing all his desired sacrificed children before him and now this disaster…″

On the cross I said: ″Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing!″ (Luke 23:34)
But now, they know what they are doing.
And not only that, they are aware why and for whom they are doing these things.
Forgiveness will slip away from all those who know exactly what they are doing.

7 Seals will break like 7 seals of a water pump or even a gigantic hydraulic press (cylinder).
When the first breaks, the remaining 6 have to hold all the pressure.
When the second breaks, 5 seals need to hold all the weight.
The pressure on the side of the source will even increase at the same rate as sin increases.
When the 6th seal is broken, there is so much pressure left on the last remaining seal that the angels are getting ready to hold their breath in expectation for the greatest explosion ever happened when the 7th seal will be broken – will be opened by My hand. (Revelation 8:1)

The breaking of the last seal will shake the entire world.
That vibration will reach up to heaven where it will knock down the 7 bowls of My wrath that are standing there, filled with all the iniquity of all time to be poured out upon the earth.

Oh earth and people who live there…
What have I done that you are so angry with me?
Is a wooden cross so offensive that you reject Me? (1 Corinthians 1:18)
Is My grace too much that you don’t want Me to save you from eternal damnation and horrible torture of hell and it’s fire?
Is my commandment to love your neighbor to hard that you have to kill them?
Is My love too strong that you hate Me beyond measure?
Is My light to bright because it reveals too much of all the disgusting abominations you are doing in the dark?
Yes it is.
You love darkness more than anything – and you hate My light. (John 3:19)

I have given Adam the instruction to till the ground and take care of it. (Genesis 2:15)
Even outside Eden (the garden) it was so beautiful and fruitful to be able for a great multiplication by the seeds I have put in every fruitful thing. (Genesis 1:28-29)
What have you done, oh men?
Why you don’t care as Adam did?
You speak about sustainable green development but deny my creation and My commandments.
What you are doing is exactly the opposite.
Your goal is only for greed, selfishness, profit and gain of wealth.
You abuse my creation from the lowest to the highest, from the greatest to the smallest.
You took the seeds out of the fruits to make the fruit completely worthless but sold it, and sell it as the most valuable and beneficial fruit available to boost your interest rates.

You snatch the fruit out of the mothers wombs and sell it to Moloch who sell it back to these women as the best choices for life that can ever be made. (Leviticus 18:21)
Never satisfied with the amount of evil to kill, steal and destroy – this is how you fulfill the commandment of your father the devil. (John 10:10)

You designed cures for diseases you intentionally created – all only for your own pleasure and benefit.
Have I commended you to do this?
But then, why you blame Me when all of this goes wrong? (Revelation 9:21, 16:9-11)
Yes, because your hunger for power that is never satisfied hates Me.

Now I wrote the 7 on the ground to let you know, it is complete, it is finished.
The time is fulfilled, the destruction complete.
Time of human history is coming to an end including the fulfillment of the prophecies written from ancient times.
All the missing prophecies you’re looking for will come to pass very speedily, one after the other and many at the same time.

For as in the day of Noach it will be and is now. (Matthew 24:37-38)
Eating, drinking, marrying, given into marriage, corruption, life and death until Noach entered the ark.

Rejoice My bride, My children, My beloved, your time is here, your time is now!
I prepared a table before you as your enemy stares furiously into your face, knowing he no longer can’t reach those of Mine. (Psalm 23:5)
Your cup will overflow.
A cup of righteousness and love.

Walk in My ways like Avraham (Genesis 48:15)
Walk with Me like Chanoch and the enemy won’t see you much longer, for as I took Chanoch I will do the same for you. (Genesis 5:22-24)

You heard of the so-called 7 wonders of this world.
These supposed majestic architectural structures made by man.
What is left of them?
Ruins, rubble, rust, legends…?

Listen My beloved, I will show you a wonder!
There is one wonder of creation from which I rested on the 7th day. (Exodus 20:11, 31:17)
Man, created as male and female on the 6th day, wonderfully made in My image. (Genesis 1:26-27)
The wonder is, that mankind still exists regardless of all the countless attempts of the devil to erase it.
Without My grace they would be no more.
Long ago if Noach would not be Tamim (perfect/ undefiled) and willing to built the ark it would not anymore. (Genesis 6:8)

And the greatest wonder is the wonder of the cross.
A wonder so great where no one is able to understand it’s fullness nor be able to comprehend.
All mysteries are pointing to the cross, the place where heaven cross with earth and connect with each other.

Most people today running to and fro, from east to west, from north to south.
Only a few look up to heaven from where they expect to meet their redeemer.
They look up, angels ascending and descending in the way as like Yaacov saw in the dream – on the ladder. (Genesis 28:12-13)
Messengers who bring news and prayers up and down.
There in the center of the crossroad of sin is My heart, broken for those who humble themselves and ask for forgiveness, so I can connect them to My Father through My grace where they cross the green pastures of life.

More 7’s you will see until the day all will be made new with the 8 of the new beginning.
Wait My beloved, MY children, wait in My light.
The 7 Menorot (lampstands) will give you light in this coming darkness.
When the earth will be covered like in a thick blanket of darkness you will be the remaining light for a very brief moment. (Zephania 1:14-15, Revelation 8:12)
You are the ones, chosen for this hour to live, so people in their deep desperation can be drawn to My light that shines within you.

The day will come when there will be no more light anymore and no-one will be able to work. (John 9:4)
Do the good work I have commanded you do to as long there is light.
One day all these lights will fly home and be with Me in the place where there will be no more darkness forever.
But before I take you out, you need to see the devastation taking place.
A devastation that makes your stomach bitter and turn around.

Wait another 7 days and 7 days and 7 weeks to see the days coming for the final 7 weeks of the last 7 weeks and the 7 years to be fulfilled with the 7th Shofar to sound. (Daniel 9, Revelation 10:7, 11:15)

Awake, awake, arise My people for this is the season for you to arise and shine.
Look at the 7 Assemblies and connect the region of the 7 of the earthquake on Turkish soil. (Revelation 1:11)
The stars, the 7 angels cast their witness of them in front of the throne.
The separation is here.
I have examined the hearts and minds of those who attend these assemblies and marked the sheep and the goats. (Psalm 7:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:4)
In My Fathers house there shall be no more goats.
Whether the sheep appear on the outside striped, spotted or speckled doesn’t matter.
Unique like Yaacov’s sheep,  they are the ones who are born of My spirit and drank and drink from the living waters I gave them – and I still give them. (Genesis 31:4-12)
These are the ones who know the voice of the good shepherd and follow Him wherever He goes.
These are Mine and no-one is able to snatch them out of My and My Fathers hand. (John 10:28-29).
The goats in their midst, abominations and the wolfs who pretend to be sheep I will remove from My Fathers house.
Holy, I say Holy, Holy Holy they shall be as My temple (1 Corinthians 3:17).

My words are true and will remain true for all eternity. (Revelation 21:5, 22:6)
I am coming and I am coming quickly and soon and will not delay.
Heaven and earth will pass away but My word will never pass away. (Matthew 24:35/ Mark 13:31)
So My truth will never pass away.

End of Prophecy

I want to mention a word on the 7 assemblies, better known as the 7 churches – actually some thoughts about – see the map.

The earthquakes are more towards the east, technically actually in the middle of Turkey while the 7 Assemblies mentioned in the book of Revelation are all very much in the west.
Marked in image
Yes, there are small variations about the exact locations, but I picked a more famous version.

The image below shows the 7’s over the earthquakes and over the Assemblies (churches)

I don’t know exactly how Adonai looked at the connection of the earthquakes and the 7 Assemblies.

Or as he spoke right after it about the separation
One version: You might cut the source of faith, coming from Jerusalem with the 7 by the earthquake.
The churches in the east and west went obviously into different direction
The church to the east went with Aramaic while the church to the west went with the Greek.

Turkey 4
Turkey 5
Turkey 6
Turkey 7
Turkey 8

Ask the Holy Spirit for more insight and understanding.

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