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Word 2023-01-23 The Third Gates Experiment

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-01-23, 6:00am

Though it is a very short word please ask the Holy Spirit for deeper understanding and wisdom how …short, but it was clear as a bell.

Beginning of Prophecy:

″And the third Gates experiment is getting launched in March″.

End of Prophecy

Important Info!
Some explanations:
There are some variables in this prophecy.
There are two words in the sentence that can be written either in capital or small letters.

It appears on this sentence relative obvious but anyway I just want to paint this variables:

Gates in capital letters may point very likely to the well known person with the name Gates.

As it speaks about the third experiment I don’t have enough insight or information what can be counted as his “experiment” number one and two.
He surely made hundreds of experiments as I do on different projects.
If it speaks only about the third experiment it might be the major ones and not small ones.

Gates in small letters can also be some sort of gate to somewhere or something.
In context it might be harder to figure out what it could mean.

Though referring it to the gates of hell… that might be from the result not far away from the person Gates.

However, the word march in small letters:

Some possible definitions:
1. A formal, rhythmic way of walking, used especially by soldiers, bands and in ceremonies.
2. A political rally or parade
3. A genre of music written for marching (in context that surely does not match)
4. Steady forward movement or progression.
5. (euchre) The feat of taking all the tricks of a hand.
6. To cause someone to walk somewhere.
7. To go to war, to make military advances.
Guess that’s enough to get some variations to put in.

March in capital letters points to the month of March
And if this is the March of the year 2023, we only have to wait another 2 months to know more.
If it is for 2024 or later, then it will be a bit to wait on.

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