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Word 2023-01-06 Fifty Days

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-01-06 ~5:00pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you deeper understanding and also interpretation for the things that are metaphorical, especially since it is partially in a form of a poem – and also see to whom Yeshua is pointing to.
There is something personal in this word, but as I think everyone can relate to that I included it.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Fifty days

Count Fifty day
and walk in My ways

Days will be numbered for more than a few
Much more than you and most people can chew

Things will turn, out of the blue
Remember what I said: My word is true

It was, it is and it will remain
in all eternity the one thing that will sustain

Watch, how the devil is about to cause a lot of signs
Pretend to be an angel, majestic colorful he shines

Jerusalem he’s looking to defeat
And sit there on a wobbly rulers seat

To announce another season
Don’t be deceived about the reason

Who wants to know the truth?
Not many anymore
People rather seek sensationalism and spectacular news.
The next horrifying report is the most interesting (for them).
There are news that leads to life and news that leads to a change of hearts, which leads finally to death.
My son, stay away from all things that turns the heart away from Me.

Now you have the year 2023
Where people decide of the one or other tree

Good and evil of these two is one
The other is the life that comes from the son

Both standing side by side fruits or leaves
Where the fruit is more appealing to all the thieves

The one with leaves for them, not so much
It’s the one where most people don’t want to touch

Sheep and goats are two different kinds
Like day and night inside their minds

The separation now is almost done
Be sure you are with Me My son

The goats will surely not have fun
The sheep with Me the only One

The One who came to seek and save
That you be free and not a slave

The New World Order wants to enslave you all
But their day will come when they will fall

Deep into the pit of eternal pain
As they all took My Holy Name in vain

Not only this but did not any good
Because lawlessness is under their hood

My Sheep be glad, rejoice in midst the trouble
As Damascus soon be called a heap of rubble

Count the days when you will see
The temple in Jerusalem will be

To be one day defiled by the one
who hates My Love, My beloved son

Do not fear and before him don’t bow down
In front of Me he’s just a silly clown

But rather look upon my Holy face
At the cross, salvation is by grace

One day soon I’ll take you home
Away from madness from under the dome

Wait for Me, wait 50 days
And seek My kingdom, all My higher ways

Wait as my disciples waited 50 days
And believe there will be no delays

Trust and obey what I commanded you
I Am and will not change, My word is true

End of Prophetic Word.

What will be in 50 days… time will tell
Whether it will be something personal or whatever… big or small

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