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Word 2023-01-02: 17, 21, 23 and Shabat

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-01-02 at 17:17hrs

First of all, make sure you read or listen with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to get the full understanding in all metaphorical or symbolic elements

This word actually came very unusual.
I finished work and was on the way to cook something (or at least trying to).
Then I switched on the phone to look at the time.
It showed 17:17
Then the Lord Yeshua started speaking:

Beginning of Prophecy:

Yes, 17 was 17 and 21 was 21
23 will be 23

A man made calendar, that is far off as the west is from the east. (double metaphor, explanation at the end)
Far off… related to what?
My birth?

You celebrate things I have not commanded and don’t celebrate what I have commanded you to do.
You even don’t remember My Shabat and… less, keep it holy.
″Why shall we keep it holy?″ you say
″Why shall we not steal, why shall we not lie, why shall we not murder?″ you can ask in the same question.

You want me to bless you day after day but how can I bless you with the blessing of the day I have blessed when you don’t remember why I have made Shabat for men.
You think, because it’s made for men that’s why you can work more than any other day.
While I rested on that day from all My work you think it is good for you to work.

Keep it holy and rest from all your daily work, sit at My feet and learn from Me.
Then I can give you the rest to become Holy as I am Holy.

But don’t invent another 10,000 rules to enter into My rest – that will never work.
Keep it simple with the few instructions (the commandments) I have given you.
Some rabbis invented the law not to touch a light switch.
They fear that tiny spark inside the box will cause them to transgress against My commandments.
But they don’t realize how many sparks they trigger on their walk to their Synagogues.
And many more sparks with clothes, bed sheets and table cloths, but forget to put My light on the table.
No, they don’t put it even under the bushel.
The only light they kindle is the light of their own traditions.

And those who know Me, so many of them have some sort of light that shines only once or twice a week.
Like the sun and the moon, Sunday the bigger light and the other day during the week/ within the week, the lesser light.
The sanctimonious light.
Monday as the Sunday light dims over night, dark black smoke.
Yes, some of them have white smoke out of their mouths.

Do you not realize the times and seasons you are living in?
It’s not 17, it’s not even 21 anymore, if this was not bad enough, it is 23, and the wedding is so very close.
It’s closer than most people are aware of, or believe.

Yes, you may fall asleep here and there and I know it.
So many of My faithful servants are very tired from the spiritual daily battle.
But I see how they still have their lamps burning and enough oil aside.
Most of them have their lamps burning 24/7, but only a few of them remember My Shabat and look at the light on the 7th day in a different way.

No, I did not rest on the 7th day as you define rest because I was not exhausted.
I rested in joy and excitement.
But I also had tears in My eyes because I knew back then on the first Shabat, that men will break all My commandments and even most of those who claim to love Me don’t keep them.

Do you truly love Me?
Take that little light you have and look inside!
My beloved Yochanan remembered the words I spoke and wrote them down for you so you get reminded if you love Me, and if because of this love you keep all My commandments, as I kept My Fathers commandments.
Not one or two or five or 9…
No, you Will keep ALL of them!

17 plus 23 makes 40.
40 days and nights My servant Moshe was with Me on the mount to receive the 10 words and all the instructions.
40 Years the children of Israel walked through the wilderness.

And in 40 weeks you will see what will be.
You will see what will be if people repent.
or you will see what will be if they don’t repent.

And about 17;
Let there be 1 in 7 days, one day out of seven
To remember that I created the earth and also heaven

Is this not the place (in heaven) you want to go?
But why do you play in the worldly show

You decide where you want to be
S top eating from the twisted tree

Whether I come in 17, 21, 23 or in 40 days
Or a bit sooner or later by My Fathers higher ways

Noach knew when he had to enter the ark
So you shall remember not to take the mark

Remember Shabat but more remember the price
The price I paid at the cross for all your lies

23 will not pass by so easy as was 17
When kings get insane with the color green

Yet one day I will show them the color red
When all their sins unrepentant come back upon their own head

But 23 will be much better than 17
For My beloved I will lead to the pastures green

At the gate to the garden you will see My blood so red
The words, the way, the life and truth, All I said.

When the world will turn dark, keep your lamp burning.
It will be the only thing that will give you light.
So dark it will become, darker than ever before.
Days will come before My coming when everything will shake.
It will shake that even graves will lose their power in fear.

Let My glory shine in you little lamp inside your heart.
I will look at it on the day when the wedding ark will pass by and pick you up.
It will only pick up those with burning flames.

End of Prophecy:

When he spoke about 17, 21 and 23 it means the year 2017, 2021 and also a shadow of the coming 2023

Now, just for information about that sentence…
“…that is far off as the west is from the east.“

When Yeshua gave me this parable, I understood it as more than geographical locations.
It is also what the devil with his mainstream liars is doing, to separate.
Divide and conquer.
West against East (Russia), black against white, rich against poor, young against old and the list goes on and on.
Division on all levels.
As time is divided with many man-made calendars and the calendar according to scripture.

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