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Word 20223-07-22 Two menus to eat

Prophetic word, given on 2023-07-22 7:20am

Before you listen or read this word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for deeper understanding and wisdom, especially with the metaphorical elements.
And also consider that we prophecy in part and remember, when it speaks about Me, My, I and Mine it’s Yeshua speaking through His Holy Spirit and not the goofball on the couch.

Beginning of Prophecy:

My word is like the best menu you can imagine and even better than that.
Really great teachings of men is nothing more than grass.
Yes, you can eat it but unlike some animals you will never be truly satisfied.
Some of the teachings and words or men are a little bit green, but most of it is very, very dry.
And most words of men are like sand or pebbles without any nutrition (for your soul) or those with the appearance of grass is burned like ashes and sometimes completely rotten..
You find also some words that is like eating hairs.
And surprisingly most people prefer men’s words over Mine.

Words of life or words of death.
I gave mankind the ability to choose.
I have not created them as like robots, programmed to perform a routine.
But when I look at most of the people it looks like they are programmed (by someone else, but not by Me).
Yet, it’s not My will this way and never was.

Who wrote the script (to program them)?
Look at My word and compare it with the structured routines of this world, how everything is orchestrated,
from dark, deep dark sources.
And yes, there are men with darkened hearts, inspired by the liar’s plan to kill, steal and destroy.
He gave them inspirations in their hearts and ideas in their minds, of how to deceive others with perfection.
Their final goal, the final result is the same as their father, to drive them into his final burning destiny.
I never wanted to a single soul to end up in the outer darkness there the worm doesn’t die and the fire burns forever.

You have heard of people like Soros, Gates, Schwab with his Harari; Johnson, Macron, Trudeau and many others like them.
Including the rocky fellows from behind the triangle eye with the black rock that is dark than the outer darkness.
Their deep bunkers will not spare them from My wrath.
I know where they are, every single one of them.
I know their hearts, their minds and their location’ s.
There is no escape from the final judgment.

At the end of the days I will send demons and Nephilim into their chambers who will eat them like they eat your children and drink their blood.
Not much longer and the only children they will be able to find and eat and abuse, are their own designer babies created in their factories.

But these children, unredeemable are not in My image anymore though they look like so.
They have flesh, skin and bones.
Some sort of blood that is not real blood .
They look from the outside like real ordinary humans but have not My breath of a living soul in them.
Created only for the pleasure of evil men.
DNA, they have collected from billions of deceived humans, it gave them a huge database of information how to design their own species.

If I would let it go on, you would not be able to distinguish between My creation and their design anymore.
Noach with his family lived in a similar world like today.
They have been the only humans left who had pure blood.
And remember, life is in the blood.
And true life comes only from Me.

If a person marries an artificially created human looking being, his children and he himself even, will no longer be in My image.
Because if you marry someone, you become one with him or her.
And by this you are no longer redeemable.
In the days of Noach, all those who had relations with blue or black blooded Nephilim called the sons of God lost their status to be in My image.
Think about oh poor and needy men, before you marry your dog, other pets or animal (what you will become).
Consider also My definition of marriage which is not by a ceremony or a certificate written My men, it is much deeper.
It will affect your position as a human.

Slaves of the system, listen to Me.
For freedom I have called you and to walk in My ways of righteousness.
The only way to find the truth in righteousness is through Me and My word.
Whether you hear of read My word doesn’t matter.
It is the same menu, the same food, that gives you life.
It is not important if it enters your heart by your ear or eyes.
It is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and by either way you will be satisfied.
Your soul will be refreshed and your mind renewed.

The toxins of this world can only be removed through My blood.
Drink it and eat My bread.
My blood only has the power to wash away sins.
I poured it out for you and it is free, really truly free.
Free for you to be free from slavery.
I delivered the children Israel out from the slavery in Egypt and I can do the same for you today (to deliver you out of the system of this world).

Trust and obey My words and you will see miracles.
And the greatest miracle of all is, then someone turns away from the wide road that leads to destruction, passes the cross and steps into the narrow path that leads to life that is eternal.
Sadly not many find it or chose it.
But those who find it will never ever regret.

Yes, often the accuser of the brethren try to make their lives miserable, but at the end of the narrow path there is the door into My heart and to My Father in heaven.
After you enter that door, the devil and all his servants are not able to do anything at all anymore.
The work I have done at the cross is enough that I will remember your sins no more for all eternity.
And then you will be with Me in paradise where I have prepared a place for you.

No men can serve two masters, so at the end they will be sheep or goats.
And there, before My throne I will separate them whether they ate My delicious menu or if they wallowed and ate the filthy mud of this world.

End of Prophetic Word

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