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Word 2022-12-19 The ″show″ and the hearts of men

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-12-19 around 22:45 at the end of my personal worship

I came out of my personal worship with a bunch of questions, And with three of them I will ask this prophecy
They are not from the Lord Yeshua, but I will let them part of the prophecy to see the path of this word how it came from.

Start of Prophecy with these 3 Questions:

Do you not have enough pain and suffering?
Do you like to suffer when you see (so many) people, whom you love so much, running down the broad road that leads to the pit of destruction?
How can you let this thing continue and continue (with the thing I am talking about the world with all it’s corruption)?

Beginning of Prophetic Word from the Lord Yeshua:

I let it go, to show (the world) the hearts of men.
They hate Me without reason, and they mocked Me so much to bring Me to the cross where I laid down My live for you and many who have not been corrupted like the ones in the days of Noach.

Soon I will make space for those who walk in righteousness.
A small space (in terms of numbers) compared to the children of Sodom and Gomorrah, yet a large space (in terms of life/ freedom) for each one of them.
Darkness loves to spread all over the world.
Yet where there is light, darkness can’t abide.
To live in Me is the only way to remain shining.

The pressure from darkness will increase.
Only under the shelter of My wings you are able to bear/ sustain and survive that pressure.
The rulers of this world come together in consensus to destroy everything that is holy and righteous.
A new world-system-religion that has been signed will make it even worse.
It’s coming, it’s coming in deception, it’s here: Time for the implementation is at hand.
Human rights defined for those who follow the wolf in lambs clothing.

The next man-made year is already knocking at the door.
If you let me care for you, then you don’t need to care for the things that will come.
Do the work I have called you to do and I can do the work I have sent you to do.
My arm is not too short that I am not able to give you everything even beyond your needs.
But seek My kingdom first.

In this day and hour the rest is not important.
(To say) I need this or that and you pray for all kinds of things you think you need.
I know what you truly need and hear your prayers before you have even formed them in your mind and spoken with your mouth.
But not everything you ask for is necessary.

Ask for wisdom and plenty will be given to you.
What does it profit if you ask for a house or whatever which I can give you easily, but then the wicked government may take it away from you and beats you into their corrupted system?
Ask for souls and I will make sure to write their names in My book of life.

The devil and his servants in wicked governments might be able to take away their bodies, or season them with salt and pepper including all kinds of artificial intelligent spices to give it to their children and followers to eat.
But they can’t erase their names I have written in My book of life.

Instead the fire of eternal destruction will write their names in the book of death.
Even if leaders pretend to be good or implement laws that appear to be good and appealing.
Before the ink is dry, 10 other laws they have implemented and signed in secret to overrule the one that is good – that seem to be good.
The good only for themselves, the bad ones for the rest.

Before nice words slipped out of their tongue (of the wicked men), their hearts are laughing as they know, words don’t mean anything.
Their words and My Truth (My Word) are 100% contrary.

Let 2022 pass by, but don’t let My Word pass by without listening to it and to My Holy Spirit.
2023 will come and go, but My word will not go away.
Yes, many people will not make it til the end of 2023.
But those in Me who live a holy righteous life will pass by and pass on til all eternity in joy and peace.
And this will continue and continue forever and ever.

The wickedness of evil men will continue just a little longer to the point when My holy anger will burn them to dust.
And their soul goes where they desired to go to meet the one they worship since the beginning of time.

End of prophecy:

Surely 2022 is almost over
And 2023 will also be one day history.
How many people are gonna finish their race somehow or suddenly within the next 12 months is hard to say.
Time will tell…

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