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Word 2022-12-15 The gigantic chains of SIN

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-12-15 around 5am

There are a bunch of metaphorical elements in this word.
So please ask the Holy Spirit in prayer to lead and guide you through this word for proper understanding and interpretation.

Additionally there is a little piece of a personal message in this word, which is also somehow metaphorical.
With the guidance of the Holy Spirit it might be possible to translate it to the specification of your personal life to encourage and edify you.

Beginning of Prophecy:

How many captives are in this world?
Tell Me if you know!
Do you see their chains?
Look at the anchor chains of big ships.
They are way less than threadlike necklaces compared to the chains most people are bound.

The chains of the huge ships one day will break or eaten by rust.
You say, but the stainless steel chains don’t rust.
Wait a million years and come back, look how these chains look like, or trying to find the particles of that chain.

But the chains, of the people who have not repented of their sins and not been set free by the power of My blood will be chained for all eternity.
Chained in a place that I originally have prepared for the devil and his angels.

Noiseless the chains of My apostles fell to the ground and My angels opened the highly secured prison cells – and set them free.
So will I take care for My beloved children in the last days that are upon this world when their time has not yet come.

The chains of criminals in ancient days made a lot of noise, especially when they were publicly humiliated, and driven through the city streets.
In eternal damnation the chains of sin are relatively silent compared to the screams of pain from the eternal torment.
Billions of souls in midst and unbearable noise of agony, pain, horror and hopelessness.
No harmony will be found there, no sweet melody of My amazing grace and My immeasurable boundless love.

How much have I prayed for each and every soul to come to Me and pleaded for them by sending ambassadors of My kingdom who carry the good news of salvation to them.
But they refused over and over to accept My love.
And for those who are still alive in this world I continue to pray and pray and pray and pray.
How many will come?
Are the 8 people in Noachs ark not an example, especially when you know the times you are living (in) today?

I have not chained any person nor will I ever, but from the beginning I created them to be free.
Not free as the world defines freedom but really free in every way.
Free will, free choice, free life.

Chavah and Adam decided to use their freedom to eat from the tree where I said, you shall not eat from it because it will cause you to die.
By that free choice their freedom they had in the garden has been taken or else they may have eaten from the tree of life.
Outside in a cold dark world with many forms and sizes of chains I sent them.

Most people today would not eat the fruit from that tree of knowledge of good and evil, even if this part of the tree (the fruit) is the most desirable… lust for the eyes.
But today, they would eat the whole tree including the roots with all the dirt around, thinking this will satisfy their hunger for knowledge and make them able to achieve their plans with Techknowledge for a revolutionary new world order.

Down the tree, the root of all evil are big chains.
And sadly most people kiss this chains and hang on it like on an anchor of big ships.
Even when they drown in their sin when the ship sets the anchor they will not let go.
There are a lot of chains of sin and anchors of evil and wickedness on the broad road that leads to destruction.

When you see the left behind anchors and pieces of chains, there on that wide road… it is from the people who have not walked the fullness of days in their lives.
Suddenly, the powers of darkness pulled them down the cliff into the fire of eternal destruction.

I carried the cross, they carry anchors of sin.
I placed the cross of My salvation in the middle of that broad road, yet they decided to pass by in laughter while carrying their heavy anchors, thinking this will help them to be safe in the storm.
Though bound on the chains the anchors broke off and were left alone on the road.
Every now and then angels come along that road to clean them up and cast the anchors down the cliffs.

Most people don’t finish the days I numbered for them.
Only in Fear of Me with the wisdom thereof you will be able to walk in the fullness til the very end and finish the race fruitful and satisfied.

So many people use their free will I have given them to reject My Love and My commandments.

The days have been cut short by the sword for many – too many.
Don’t be a fool like them.
Even if you stumble and fall from time to time upon the seductive traps the enemy has laid before you on the narrow path of your dedicated life, that leads to life; I promised you and repeat it over and over that I will always lift you up if you stay humble and lowly.
I will never leave nor forsake you regardless of your weakness.

Walk with, in Me and keep My commandments.
My commandments are not chains, even not a fraction of threadlike necklaces.
My commandments are freedom and blessings with the greatest anchor of Love beyond the end of your earthly life.

Eternal life in Me you can’t imagine.
A place where there will be no more chains of wickedness and evil.
No traps of sin and deception.
No broken hearts and rust of pain and suffering.

No, you are not able to comprehend even if you think you might be able somehow or to some extend…
All human description of freedom fail to create suitable words for the beauty, glory and freedom you will receive because I WANT you to be truly free!
If all the best most articulated words in this world combined want to describe the freedom in MY eternal presence in heaven, they will only deliver a message with many miles of the short piece of chain you have for the anchor of your little boat that I have given you.

Enjoy the boat, but more, enjoy the freedom in Me that I have given you, paid in full at the cross where I poured out My blood, so all your chains can be broken.
And one day…
no more, never (ever) again″

End of prophecy.

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