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Word 2022-12-09 One day it will come, Who is my Neighbor?

Prophetic Word 2022-12-09, given around 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, in this season when it’s already dark outside.

Please ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully to lead and guide you through this prophecy.

Beginning of Prophecy:

One day it will come.
It will come upon you and every single person in this world.
You will stand before Me and I will ask you a simple question:
″Have you kept My commandments to love Me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength?″

And many will say: ″I didn’t know that (your commandments) – nobody told me anything about it.

Even if this would be true as an excuse, I will continue to ask if you have loved your neighbor as you love yourself?
And (in that) many will turn their hearts to themselves and respond: ″Who is my neighbor?″

Too many I will answer…
I would have mercy on you if you have been passed by on the opposite side at the ones who got beaten down.
But no, instead, when you have seen anyone wounded and downtrodden the one thing you have done, is that you have trampled upon them and mocked Me (by that) into My face.

Following orders is all you knew and still know.
But instead following My good commandments for your blessing to love all those who are created in My image… instead, you followed orders of wicked men.
Now you can follow them where I sent them.

And to many I will say that they loved money more than their neighbor.
Deeply rooted in their hearts, greed has grown so high that they can’t hear the human cries anymore.
Never satisfied with their desires for more and more and more.

My Torah is written into every persons heart.
And not only this you know from deep inside but all creation witness of My glory.
Look at the sky, the sun, moon, stars and the clouds.
They all speak about Me.
Day transfers the torch to the night, and in it’s given timing, Night will hand the torch back to the day for you to distinguish between light and darkness.
It will continue days, weeks, months and years until I will speak and finish the race of day and night.

Remember, you can only run forward (in time).
Run your race in expectation to win the (real) price.
Sadly many, too many run in a way with the desire to win the price of death.
Less and less people are zealous for My commandments.
The great commandment to love your neighbor has become a needle in the haystack of evil, wickedness and lawlessness.

One day it will come back to you.
The sheep and goats are being (currently) separated.
The day will come, when the door to the sheepfold will close after I have gathered them all in one moment from all 4 corners of the earth.

Think about a world where there is nobody else anymore who will do good to the least of their brethren.
Take your time and meditate upon it and imagine.
Is this a world you want to live in?
If yes, then continue to treat your neighbor as a piece of rubbish.
But then, don’t complain when someone else beats you down, leaves you half dead on your daily road, and there will be nobody who have pity with you and help you out of your desperation.
Neither will I have mercy upon you if you don’t repent NOW!

Not much time is left.
One day you will be hungry and thirsty.
Not for bread and water but for My words of truth and righteousness.
I am the truth, the way and the life and My love burns inside Me to save you from eternal destruction.
I don’t want anyone to perish, but everyone to have eternal life.

One day you will stand before My glorious throne and there you can’t hide anymore anything you have done and did not do for Me.
The day will come soon when I will come and you will look upon My face and see the things you have done and didn’t do.
One day.

End of prophecy

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