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Word 2022-11-30 The Stench of Sin – overflowing

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-11-30 around 10:00pm

Keep in mind, it is also full with metaphors, so just ask prayerfully the Holy Spirit and He will give you wisdom and understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The fart goes out and people say it stinks.
There is this guy, running up the hill and climbing up all kinds of trees, digging holes during a hot summer day soaking wet in sweat.
Those in the climate changed air conditioned offices who shift the pen in the hand back and forth, gazing into a screen while typing on a piece of oil made plastic some silly nonsense into bits and bytes say: he stinks.
Not to think about those in noble places who’s duty is only to spill hot air mingled with lies all day long, spells behind podiums, words scripted in dark chambers.
Watch those people when they visit the prostitutes or other places with innocent faces they love to go.

They think no-one sees.
They don’t know Me and don’t know how their hidden deeds is the real stench in My nose.
There is nothing more stinky than sin.
The whole world stinks.
Perversion, lawlessness and corruption is the stench that reached heaven and triggered the overflowing bowls of wrath to be poured out; Very soon, very soon, the full wrath.

The world with their wicked puppet players offers solutions with perfumes of deception to problems they designed and achieved.
But these are nothing more than chemical layers of toxic secrets to cover the truth and the cause.

Come out of her My people, come out of her.
The only solution against worldly stinky stench is holiness.
Let your natural personal odor be a sweet aroma in My nose when you stay away from transgressions against all My commandments.
Yes, My commandments are good for you and your neighbor.

Some man-made commandments have a relative neutral smell but most of them even the religious rules are a disgusting stench in My nose.

Not one of the religious designed laws brings you closer to Me – even not the few ones with good intentions.
Trust and obey what I have spoken, so your whole life will be a sweet fragrance to Me.

End of prophecy.

How does sin stink?
How distinguish it?
…depends on your nose.
Sometimes it works just with the physical nose, but sometimes you may need the common sense nose or a holy spiritual nose.

Revelation 18:4
Romans 7:12
Leviticus 11:44-45, 20:26

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